As your little ones progress on their reading journey, or if they are starting, it is important to retain their interest by getting books about things they love to enhance their experience.

When the child starts reading chapter books, parents are always searching to find the books they will love to read and finish them! Middle schoolers are usually interested in dinosaurs, sports, or Disney characters.

If your 3rd grader has started reading chapter books and is interested in sports, you can get him all kinds of sports chapter books; they are informative and quite insightful, and above all, your kid will love them.

So, If you have no idea how to find good chapter books for 3rd graders, here is a guide to help you.

How to Find Sports Chapter Books for 3rd Graders?

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1. Explore Local Libraries

The best idea is to start with local libraries near you when you start the endeavor of finding sports chapter books for your third grader. Libraries often have various collections of chapter books for kids.

They have sections dedicated to the genre; you may find sports sections of chapter books. You can always take the help of the librarian to recommend a book based on your child’s reading proficiency.

2. Visit BookStore

You can visit a small local bookstore or a chain store. They have the most interesting collection of books for children. You will find many books for the sports enthusiast in their kid’s section.

You can browse shelves and pick some well-known classic sports series by your choice, or you can pick something recently on top of bestselling charts, which is ideal for a third grader.

3. Check Online Websites

In today’s times, there is nothing that you cannot find online. There are various platforms to buy and rent books online, and they have an extensive collection of all kinds of children’s books; various websites exclusively sell books.

There are detailed reviews and summaries of books on websites like Amazon, which you can refer to with your third grader and buy the one he finds interesting.

4. Explore Popular Authors

Some popular authors specialize in writing books for young readers; Mike Lupica and Tim Green are some classic examples. They have written various chapter books on sports with compelling narratives to keep your third grader hooked.

If your child loved a specific book by an author, you can go through all their writings to find more similar books that may suit the taste of a young reader.

5. Check Reviews and Recommendations

Various social media accounts and websites are specially created for book enthusiasts. You can find insights into the quality and appropriateness of books for your child through reviews and recommendations from parents, teachers, or educational experts.

You can go there to find some good sports chapter books or read reviews of a book you are considering buying for your third grader.

6. Consider Your Child’s Reading Proficiency

Look for books that align with your child’s reading proficiency and are age-appropriate. Look at the book labels to check for reading levels or online websites to check reading level information of specific titles.

Choosing books of the right difficulty level for your child will ensure an enjoyable and rewarding reading experience because a book that is too difficult or too easy to read for your child cannot hold the child’s attention for long.

7. Engage in The School Reading Programme

Many schools have a reading program that regularly recommends and provides books to your child based on their interest.

Participating in these programs will let the third grader interact with other readers of similar age or other children who may also share an interest in sports chapter books.

This way, you can get books or recommendations from fellow students and teachers.

8. Join a Book Club with Your Child

A reader community with other fellow children can make the book reading experience much more exciting and enjoyable for a third grader. You can also consider making one club on your own where children interested in sports can come together and share their reading experiences.

The children can exchange books and share reviews on their current reads with excitement, fostering a sense of social belongingness in your third grader.

Sports Chapter Book Recommendations for Third Graders

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  • Ballpark Mysteries- Series by David A Kelly
  • Sports series by Jake Maddox
  • Blacktop Justin – Series By LJ.Alonge
  • The Big Game – Tim Green
  • Lost Boy – Tim Green
  • The Million Dollar Kick- Dan Gutman
  • End Zone- Tiki and Ronde Barber
  • Wild Card- Tiki and Ronde Barber
  • STAT Basketball series- Amar’e Stoudemire
  • Soccer duel- Matt Christopher


All in all, you will find a huge collection of sports chapter books for your third grader. You can explore online platforms, local resources, and community groups to discover hidden gems.

You need to put yourself out there about the kind of books you are looking for, and we are sure there will be recommendations pouring in from everywhere.

You may think that finding books of a specific genre and taste is difficult, but it is not; it’s ok if your third-grader child is only interested in sports books.

By being mindful of your child’s reading proficiency and interest, you, as a parent, can nurture young sports enthusiasts’ love for reading.

We hope this guide helps you find perfect sports chapter books to encourage your third grader to dive into the world of sports literature.

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