Wouldn’t it be great to find your 7-year-old reading books all the time? For any parent, it gives a sense of achievement when they find their kids reading books and caricatures. Good books can enrich your kid’s vocabulary and help them get inspiring ideas after all.

When you allow your third graders to read books that are written by renowned characters, you allow your kids to relive the characters that were mentioned in novels, comics, or short fairy tale books. And this way, the kids develop a heightened sense of creativity at a very young age indeed.

And again, you don’t have to restrict your kid to read one particular genre necessarily. Your kids can read novels, comics, story books, and pictorial prints, and you must allow the kids to read books according to their fascination.

Let us unveil some of the best collections of books for 3rd graders.

1. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as written by Ronald Bahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake, is a wonderful addition to your kid’s teeny-weeny library. The characters are brought to life in such a beautifully illustrated manner. Not to forget the fact that the book was made into a movie too. In this story, you explore Willi Wonka’s chocolate factory to the fullest, and you are not alone on your journey here.

Here, you ride down the roller-coaster ride with five adorable characters Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Mike Teavee, Violet Beauregarde, and the sweet cum adorable chocolate boy, Charlie Bucket. In this book, you and your kid are surely in for a treat with your gaze on chocolates and candy collections at the factory like none other.

2. The Creature of Pines

The Creature of Pines

The ‘Creature of the Pines belongs to the ‘Unicorn Rescue Society series. This is an award-winning book that is written by the Newbury author Adam Gidwitz and illustrated by Hatem Aly. Apparently, this is how the storyline goes. As you have a sacred creature that needs rescuing from a Pine forest, mystical adventures take place between the story’s main characters, namely Elliot and Uchenna.

On a similar note, seeing the main characters of the story unveil the mysteries of the forest, you are in for thrill and excitement. The supporting characters also do their best to save their enchanting pine forest. Therefore, you have one of the most delectable books for 3rd graders your kid will love to have in his/her kitty.

3. Jake the Fake Keeps It Real

Jake the Fake Keeps It Real

Jake the Fake- Keeps ItReal is yet another fun edition you can add to your third grader’s little library. This book has been written and illustrated by wonderful authors, namely Craig Robinson and Adam Mansback, to lend the book a magical touch. The art has been by Keith Knight with those fabulous illustrations, as you can witness throughout the story. As you can clearly see here, the main line character for the story is Jake.

While you find Jake making his fake entry through a talented group of musicians and artists out there, it remains the fact that Jake has to come up with an innovative and easy solution finally. Here is one of the most hilarious books for 3rd graders you would love to add to your children’s library.

4. Henry Huggins

Henry Huggins

Henry Huggins is a witty and funny story that has been well-illustrated by the talented author- Beverly Cleary. The plot involves a frustrated Henry Huggins feeling a lack of excitement in his life while he suddenly develops an emotional bond with his furry friend, and this is a cute little doggie.

The story revolves around what happens when the owner tries to take charge of the dog himself. The exciting storyline can keep your third graders on their edge, and this book is yet a stunning collection of books for 3rd graders.

5. Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel

Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel

Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel is a fascinating book written by New York Times best-selling author Nikki Grimes. At the same time, R Gregory Christie has beautifully illustrated the paperback edition. The story revolves around the character of a young and confident Dyamonde who instantly makes herself at home in her new school.

Apparently, she then happens to encounter a shy and timid fellow classmate. How things trigger between the two of them is what the story is all about. On a roller coaster ride, this is one of the super-cool books for 3rd graders.

6. The Cricket in Times Square

The Cricket in Times Square

The ‘Cricket in the Times Square’ is a lovely book that has been caricatured by a renowned author, namely George Selden, while you have the illustrated drawings done by Garth Williams. The plot revolves around Tucker that is the street mouse who joins Harry, the cat, and the two of them decide to play cricket in their neighborhood.

Funny and hilarious as the wonderfully illustrated story can be, this would be a treat for your third-grade kids. No wonder this book finds its place on our limited edition books for 3rd graders.

7. The Tale of Despereaux

The Tale of Despereaux

<a ” href=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/0763680893/?tag=illustratedteacup-20″>The Tale of Despereaux is a hilarious and cute storybook that has been written by the New York Times best-selling author Kate DiCamillo and illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering. The storyline revolves around a mouse trying to fall in love with Princess Pea, and you witness all the cutesy moments between the two of them. And the brave young mouse is going to explore the walls of the Despereaux Castle tilling.

Join us in this wonderful adventure between your kids and the characters that revolve around the story. Your 7-year-olds are going to love the story and re-live the characters in all their spirits. This is yet another stellar collection of books for 3rd graders you surely don’t wanna miss adding onto.

8. The Little House in the Big Woods

The Little House in the Big Woods

The ‘Little House in the Big Woods’ is a wonderful creation of Laura Ingalls Wilder and has been illustrated by Garth Williams. The plot revolves around how the Ingalls family celebrates their triumphs and achievements and takes their worries with a pinch of salt to live their pioneer life in the still woods.

Captivating emotional, happy, and sad moments, your third grader is going to live the emotions as he reads this fabulous illustration. This is again a must-have when it comes to curating exotic books for 3rd graders.

9. The Lemonade War

The Lemonade War

The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies is a fabulous illustration that portrays sibling rivalry in a fun and engaging manner. The illustration depicts a fiesta when two siblings, namely Jessie and Evan Treski, fight over a tall glass of lemonade by placing several bets between the two of them.

The rivals fight, and what happens at the end is the thriller the plot basically revolves around. This is a lovely paperback edition book for your 3rd grader, and your child is going to love you for this.

10. How to Be Cool in The Third Grade

How to Be Cool in The Third Grade

How to be Cool in the third grade is an interesting book that is written by author Betsy Duffey, and Janet Wilson well illustrates the paperback edition. Here is how the plot of the story goes! You find Robbie York having uncanny thoughts about being uncool in school, and so he devises a plan to make his third grade the most fulfilling year he has ever seen.

With a mix of humor, thrill, and anecdotes, you cannot ask more of it. Choose the fabulous edition of your library comprising books for 3rd graders.

11. The Charlotte’s Web

The Charlotte’s Web

The Charlotte’s Webb is a fabulous paper-back edition that is written by the author E B White, and you have Garth Williams, who has illustrated the pictures for the wonderful work that we bring to you for your 3rd graders. In the story, you find a unique bonding between Wilbur, the pig, and Charlotte, the spider.

The characters have been brought to life using the author’s imagination and the illustrator’s picturization. The book is going to be a golden pick when you scout books for 3rd graders.

12. I was a Third-Grade Spy

I was a Third-Grade Spy

‘I Was a third-grade Spy’ is a superb book that was written by Mary Jane Auch and illustrated by Herm Auch. Here, the plot revolves around the mainstream character Arful, the dog. And he acts as a spy for his owner Josh. Arful’s powerful spying skills come to good use when the boys want to know what the girls do for the school contest, while the intention here is to outdo them.

Filled with exciting moments of roller coaster rides, your child is going to love reading the book over and over again. In a nutshell, the paper-back edition is going to get into the kitty that labels ‘books for 3rd graders’.

13. The Wild Robot

The Wild Robot

The New York Times Best Seller Peter Brown writes the Wild Robot. The picturesque story revolves around a theme wherein Roz, the robot, wakes up in the middle of nowhere. The entire story plots whether the Robot will be able to thrive and survive in the dark wild. Using caricatures and brilliant illustrations, the character has been brought to life.

Apparently, your 3rd graders traverse through those never-ending moments, flipping through the pages of this wonderfully illustrated paper-back edition, because of which this copy makes it to our list of best books for 3rd graders.

14. The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan

The ‘One and Only Ivan’ is a story that is truly one-of-its-kind and is written by New York Times Bestseller author namely Katherine Applegate. The story was remade into a Hollywood blockbuster too. The tale revolves around an unforgettable friendship that translates into an irresistible bonding between Ivan-the gorilla, and Ruby- the baby elephant.

And it is Ruby that introduces Ivan to the wild after poor Ivan was held in captivity for almost 27 years. Here, you get an emotional spree looking at both the characters tending for each other, and the story can bring you to tears at the end of it. A must-read fairy tale, and no wonder it makes its rounds as one of the top-notch books for 3rd graders.

15. Just Grace

Just Grace

Just Grace is a collection of three books, including Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, and the illustration was written by the well-known author Charice Mericle Harper. The plot revolves around the story of Miss Grace, who decides to live her life on her own terms. This is a fun read-along book the girls are going to love.

The story character has spun itself to enjoying delicate moments, splendid outings, the camaraderie instances when she hits upon guys, and lot many emotions. The realistic character portrayed in the series is what allows its entry into our renowned list of books for 3rd graders.

16. The Clue of The Left-Handed Envelope

The Clue of The Left-Handed Envelope

The Clue of the Left-handed Envelope is an exclusive book written for kids belonging to the 3rd grade. The cool detective-based illustration is the one written by the renowned author George E Stanley. The story plot revolves around thrillers and mysteries connected with finding out who is the person behind sending Amber those anonymous letters.

The fabulous paperback edition can keep your kids on their edge for hours together. In a nutshell, this copy is making its way into our books for 3rd graders.

17. Frankie Sparks and The Class Pet

Frankie Sparks and The Class Pet

Frankie Sparks and the Class Pet is a superb illustration that is done by the renowned author Megan Frazer Blakemore and has been illustrated by Nadja Sarell. The story revolves around the story of Frankie Sparks, who is the mainline character for the tale, while she is on her very own mission to convince her class teacher they would get a rat and make it their class pet.

Will she be successful in her endeavor to convince the teacher? Well then, you will have to read the novel from start to finish. The wonderfully illustrated novel makes its way through the renowned edition books for 3rd graders.

18. The Snazzy Cat Capers

The Snazzy Cat Capers

The Snazzy Cat Capers is a lovely paperback edition that is written by the author Deanna Kent and is illustrated by Neil Hooson. Here, the plot revolves around the theme wherein Ophelia Von Hairball V is the mainline cat burglar, and she loves stealing diamonds and jewels.

Apparently, the FEBI decides to give her an opportunity to work with her team, provided Ophelia does a sidekick like she has never done before. A thrilling and hilarious storyline that can keep your young children on to their seats. The ravishing copy enters our list of books for 3rd graders.

19. Stay


Stay, written by Bobbie Pyron, is an excellent paperback edition you need to know about. The story is about the main character Piper the dog, who is all set on his mission to help Baby to locate her owner. Set on a thrilling and mind-captivating note, the book is all set to impress the minds of the readers.

Allow your 3rd-grade kids to read along as they discover different facets of adventure tales that unfold throughout the story.

20. Mindy Kim and The Lunar New Year Parade

Mindy Kim and The Lunar New Year Parade

Mindy Kim and the Lunar New Year Parade is a colorful illustration that has been written by the author Lyla Lee. Dung Ho has illustrated the caricatures, and this is a paperback edition your young ones will love.

The story revolves around how life is celebrated out there in Korea and what are the traditional dishes people come up with for the onset of the Lunar New Year. Do you want your 3rd graders to learn them? Then collect the copy as your wanna-be covering books for 3rd graders.

21. The Chicken Squad – The First Misadventure

The Chicken Squad - The First Misadventure

The Chicken Squad- the first misadventure as written by Doreen Cronin and illustrated by Kevin Cornell can be a smashing hit amongst your young kids. Typically, the story revolves around a feisty squad of chickens who are endowed with better IQ levels than regular barnyard chickens.

The squad resolves crime mysteries and has adventure-filled moments every single day. Is the UFA too overrated for this bunch of energetic hens to handle? Well, we will just have to watch and see how the story moves forward. A must-read on the series books for 3rd graders indeed!

22. The Guinea Dog

The Guinea Dog

The Guinea Dog, as written by Patrick Jennings, is a paperback edition your third graders can never say no to. Here, you can see the excitement of your 7 YO pop up right in front of you. In the story, you have Rufus, who wants to bring home a pet dog while his mom gets him a guinea pig instead.

However, the kid loves playing with the Guinea pig, who acts just the way he wants his pet dog to be. Hilarious as well as emotional, this story is a definite read for your little ones.

23. Bernice Buttman, Model Citizen

Bernice Buttman, Model Citizen

Bernice Buttman, Model Citizen, is a thrilling and exciting storybook as has been written by Niki Lenz. The main character of the story is Bernice Buttman, as the title already suggests to us, and the plot is about Burnice, who decides to leave her bullying days behind and tunes herself into becoming a model citizen in order to inspire her community.

This way, she brings prominence and importance to her neighborhood itself. The exciting storyline can keep your third graders in their beds without them batting an eyelid. The storybook can be a wonderful collectible under the category- books for 3rd graders.

24. Shine


Shine, as written by JJ and Chris Grabenstein, is a New York Times best-selling author for all that you know, and he has also written ‘Escape from Mr. Limoncello’s Library.’ The paperback edition revolves around a storyline wherein the main character- Shine, is portrayed as an inspiring one. She reminisces her experiences and therefore inspires young readers to become what they dream or aspire to be.

In the story, the author shows how the younger generation can dream big to achieve whatever they want in life. Quite a bit of an inspiring camaraderie, this copy is one of its best books for 3rd graders you would want to latch on to.

25. The Story of Diva and The Flea

The Story of Diva and The Flea

The story of Diva and the Flea, as told and shown by Mo Willems and Tony Diterlizze, is quite an offbeat choice against regular fairy tales like Snowhite and Cindrella. These are unexpected pals who are named Diva and Flea.

They go on their mission to discover the streets of France and Paris to explore the lifestyle of people out there. In the endeavor, they become the best of pals who are unsuspecting buddies enough to cover each other’s back every single time. The action, thriller, and mischief are what keep the book hooked for both adults as well as children. So, get your copy of the exotic one to the title ‘books for 3rd graders’.

Summing It Up

All in all, these are the top 25 books for 3rd graders we have lined up for you as such. The stories revolve around thriller, humor, mystery, adventure, and several other emotions your kids encounter as they read along.

Books can be wonderful companions to shape up your character and build your identity in a way people would love you and appreciate you for. And, when you give these books to your kids, they build their persona and attitude at a very young age.

Not only do you want your kids to stay away from mobile or electronic gadgets, but you would also like your children to develop a good vocab, body language and build their character. So, reading books aloud with your children can be a fulfilling activity for you and for your kids on the whole.

Which is going to be the set of books you are going to collect right away? Do let us know!

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