In the age of a hectic lifestyle, this easy and effective way of creating a movable storage space can be a game changer.

You will remove clutter from your home and teach your precious little ones the power of keeping things clean and organized.

By the end of this article, you will get a dedicated way to create hidden toy storage ideas that will make playtime enjoyable.

The play area is critical for children. If the toy storage space doesn’t have easy movement, you need some free movement tips and tricks.

This article has detailed a comprehensive guide on making mobile toy storage for your kids, so, let’s get started without any further ado.

Essential Materials Required for Making Rolling Cart

There are a few materials that you would need to form a flexible play space.

In the following segment, we have detailed the requirements of these elements.

For more creative ways to keep the play area tidy, check out our article on hidden toy storage ideas, offering smart solutions to manage your child’s favorite toys.

1. Utility Cart

A utility cart filled with adorable stuffed animals for sale

When you put wheels on a mobility cart, a utility cart can be made.

Ensure the mobility cart you create has multiple storage areas so your child can keep multiple toys in it. Your children would love this DIY idea.

2. Storage Baskets

Storage basket with a cute bear face design, perfect for organizing and adding a touch of whimsy to any space

Storage baskets with labels can create wonders. This will help you and your child organize every toy according to its shape and size.

This will also help your children get the toys organized in a place and have them within reach whenever they require them.

3. MDF board

MDF board: A medium-density fiberboard with a smooth surface, used for furniture, cabinetry, and construction

Sometimes, the weight of a toy can be super heavy. The MDF board or plywood would help to keep support and reduce share the load of the toy.

Once the weight of the heavy toy is distributed, the rolling cart will have easy movement.

4. Stability Wheels

Black wheels and pads for stability

One of the major mistakes parents make is attaching wheels with no stability and great movement.

The wheels are not locked for stability; using a durable caster is highly advisable to keep the wheels safe and steady.

5. Pegs

Colorful plastic toy set with various shapes and pegs

When you attach pegs or small hooks to your rolling cart, materials such as costumes, loops, and smaller toys are used.

Using this trick, you can maximize the overall storage space, ensuring that every toy is well under your reach.

6. Velcro Straps

A black and blue Velcro wrist strap with a blue buckle for secure fastening

Velcro straps are meant for extra protection. When you put too many toys in the compartment, it has the risk of falling out.

The Velcroo steps will ensure that it will not fall out when your child moves the cart fast.

Steps To Create The Toy Storage

Step 1: First, you need to purchase a rolling cart and assemble them according to the manual given. Check the cart carefully after assembly so that you can be sure it can support the weight of the toys.

Step 2: The next step is to take care of the MDF board. Make sure the MDF board matches the exact dimensions of the cart. This would ensure that stability would be provided.

Step 3: If the wheels are not provided while purchasing the cart, then make sure you also take wheels for them. This would ensure your child can freely move the toys and take them to places they like.

Step 4: Now, carefully categorize each toy and place them in the cart. You can label the bins or organize them according to size and color. Whatever you do, make sure that your child can have a simple identification of the toys.

Step 5: If your storage cart is full and you need more space. Try installing hooks at the side of the cart. Hang the toys on the side of the cart, which are lightweight and give you more space.

Step 6: Now, larger toys may be difficult to fit in the bins. If you face this situation, it is recommended that you have velcro straps. This will keep all the items in place and eliminate them from shifting during movement.

Step 7: This is the last step where you can showcase your creativity. People always like stuff; if you make it personal, the same goes for your kid. If you want your kid to feel special, make sure that you personalize this cart with your creativity


Creating a mobile toy storage area comes with a lot of benefits.

This will help your kid to have an organized storage area where they can find all their favorite toy in one centralized area.

You won’t have clutter in your house, and it will save you from potential accidents like falling on the floor or crushing a toy since you did not notice it.

The creative storage ideas mentioned in our articles will teach motor skills and make the playtime fun.

It is said that cleanliness is next to godliness, which will teach your kid the power of keeping things organized.

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