Toronto is the fourth most extensive urban area in North America.

Many people think it is called the 6ix. Toronto comprised six areas: North York, East York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, and Old Toronto.

Only around 10% of its residents, and likely non-natives, refer to it as the 6ix.

It is Canada’s most populous city, with a population of around 3 million people.

If you have recently moved to Toronto, below are five tips to help you settle in:

1. Coffee

CoffeeCanadians love their coffee – and this is no truer than for the residents of Toronto.

Coffee and tap water are the most-consumed drinks in Canada, and coffee wins out by a long shot. Once you have settled in, get a Tim Hortons Rewards Card – you will not regret it.

Interesting facts about Tim Horton: He was a hockey player for the Toronto Maple Leafs. He started the outlet but sadly died when there were just 40 stores; there are now over 3000.

Coffee is a billion-dollar industry in Canada. Drinking only tea is not against the law, but it is a little weird. Use it as a way to kick-start your morning.

2. Ice Hockey

Canadians of all ages love ice hockey, especially residents of Toronto.

The first indoor hockey game was played in 1875, and some of the rules and characteristics of that game still apply to today’s ice hockey games. Canada won the first-ever Olympic hockey gold medal in 1920.

To fit in with the locals, brush up on your hockey knowledge.

3. Housing

HousingSearching for the right house in Toronto is more complex than people think.

Instead of trying to find a house to buy before you move, visit Toronto and stay in monthly rentals first.

That will give you and your family enough time to explore the neighborhoods and find the one best suited to your needs.

Locate the schools, parks, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Make a point of visiting the area’s famous spots. That will help you get a feel for the location and the house or condo.

4. Art and Food

Toronto is home to some world-famous eateries and food items.

You will have no problem finding delicious food at every corner, and you will likely get to taste some crazy sweet and savory combination of something new every day – that is the beauty of living in a city where great food is a priority.

It is also a city where many artists feel they can best express themselves.

Toronto is a diverse city with a rich history in culture and art. It is also home to the Toronto International Film Festival—what more could you want?

5. Bikes

BikesWhen someone first moves to Toronto, the cycling craze can seem scary.

After some time, everyone learns that there are plenty of places to ride a bike safely – and avoiding an accident is easy if you are paying attention to where you are going and your surroundings.

Toronto is a bike-friendly city with unique cycling trails.

There is also a bike-share program, where you can pay $99 and gain convenient access to almost 7,000 bikes across 200km. It is a super fun way to explore the city while working off all the delicious food you will undoubtedly have been eating!

Final Thoughts

Toronto is one of the safest and most diverse cities in the world. You won’t look back once you have experienced the bustling metropolis’s energy!

Welcome to one of the best cities in the world.

Isabella Garcia

Joining our team as a freelancer in 2020, Isabella Garcia holds an MA in Geography from UCLA, specializing in human-environment interactions. With over 18 years of experience in travel writing and exploration, she brings a wealth of knowledge about diverse cultures and eco-friendly travel. Her work often includes tips for responsible and immersive travel experiences. Isabella balances her adventurous spirit with a love for painting and learning new languages.

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