The Chinese gender calendar is a special chart to predict a baby’s gender. It considers the date and time when the parents conceive the baby. In addition, the mother’s age is during the conception period.

It is an ancient method that people have used for more than 700 years. The chart is prepared based on lunar or Chinese calendars.

After considering several factors and cross-checking the dates, the result has been prepared traditionally. Contrarily, through the online chart, it takes only a few minutes.

In this blog, you’ll learn how the online version of the Chinese calendar gender chart differs from the traditional one.

An Overview of The Chinese Calendar Chart

An Overview of The Chinese Calendar Chart

Chinese calendar chart is a predictor chart that is used to predict the gender of a baby. It’s an ancient method to predict whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. The method has been popular across China for more than 700 years.

A few factors have been considered to use it properly. It includes the lunar age of the mother and the month of conception. Of course, it is based on the Chinese calendar, not the English or general.

According to local citizens, the tool is accurate and predicts the gender of any baby perfectly before its birth. A few people also treat this tool as a user-friendly, non-medical method for gender prediction.

For online charts, the pink color indicates that it will be a baby girl. Meanwhile, the blue indicates that it will be a baby boy.

How Does It Work?


The tool is only based on the Chinese calendar; if you use the English calendar or others, you may not get proper results. However, nowadays, the online Chinese calendar has a converter.

Several factors are determined before predicting the gender of the baby. At first, the date when the baby is conceived by their parents.

Then, the mother’s age while conceiving the child. Sometimes, the mother’s lunar age is also determined in this process.

After gathering enough data, the Chinese zodiac charts evaluate the dates. At present, online charts reduce enormous time consumption and predict the gender of a baby in just a few minutes.

A few mothers claimed that the method is safe and the best non-medical tool that helps them predict their baby’s gender.

Online vs Traditional Chinese Calendar

1. Accuracy


According to local Chinese people, their traditional chart is 100% reliable and predicts the gender of a baby adequately. A few people also acclaimed that the Chinese calendar chart is accurate for around 93-96%.

However, the online chart can predict a baby’s gender in the present as well. It may not be accurate for 100%, but a few people acclaimed that it’s accurate for around 95%.

Contrarily, a few people said that the online predictor is 70% reliable.

2. Method


The calendar is determined based on the mother’s lunar month of the Chinese calendar. At first, the month when the baby is conceived by their parents is considered.

Then, the mother’s age during that period has been considered. Traditionally, it took more data than the basic ones.

Meanwhile, the online chart only seeks two basic pieces of information.

3. Time Consumption

Time Consumption

As mentioned, the two basic things are required for a baby’s gender prediction. First is the date when the baby is conceived and the mother’s lunar age during the same time.

After that, it is cross-checked for so many hours. However, on the online Chinese calendar chart, it takes only a few minutes to predict a baby’s gender.

4. Converter<


Without the Chinese or lunar calendar, it’s not possible to predict the gender of a baby. The method demands a Chinese calendar known as the Chinese gender calendar chart.

However, you can put the date and time on the online charts based on the English calendar.

Later, it will convert it into lunar time automatically.

Summing It Up

The Chinese gender chart is an ancient method or tool people use to predict the gender of their baby. It’s been popular in China for more than 700 years, and at present, it’s gaining popularity across the globe.

The rise of online charts makes them easily accessible. The online Chinese calendar for predicting a baby’s gender saves more time and converts the English calendar’s date and time to a lunar calendar.

Meanwhile, the online chart must not be as reliable as the traditional one.

In this blog, you’ve learned the difference between online and traditional Chinese calendar charts that predict the gender of a baby.

Which one do you recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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