The advent calendars are special fun equipment that brings more sparkle to your Christmas celebration. It represents the first 24 days of December creatively and uniquely.

It consists of 24 different activities for the 24 days before Christmas Eve. It helps you in the countdown process of the holidays in a lively manner.

You can purchase various types of advent calendars from the market. You can also create it by yourself. Eco-friendly calendars are one of them.

In this blog, you’ll learn how to create an eco-friendly advent calendar. After that, you can obtain a piece of knowledge about what to put in an advent calendar to maintain sustainability.

It may indulge in 24 different environment-friendly activities you’ll participate in 24 days before Christmas. The activities might be planting seeds, Christmas cutouts, X-mas tree decorations, etc.

What is an Advent Calendar?

Advent Calendar?

People use an advent calendar to celebrate the Christmas countdown. It is a tool that assists you in commencing 24 different activities. A person performs these activities 24 days till Christmas Eve.

It’s popular since the 17th century. The first advent calendar was invented in ancient Germany to celebrate the Christmas countdown.

The word “Advent” is derived from Latin origin, indicating the meaning of “Arrival.” An advent calendar is used to celebrate the arrival of Jesus Christ.

There are various types of advent calendars available on the market to celebrate the Christmas countdown. You can also purchase it from the online store.

Top Eco-Friendly Calendar Ideas

1. Gardening Advent Calendars

Gardening Advent Calendars

Gardening-themed advent calendars are very popular at present. It is also known as the seed advent calendar. The set consists of 24 seeds you can plant in your garden for 24 days.

Regarding eco-friendly advent calendars, a gardening advent calendar comes at the top. Whether you’re an adult or a kid, this calendar encourages you in gardening activities.

2. Paper Cutting or DIY Trees

Paper Cutting or DIY Trees

Paper-cut advent calendars are also a unique, eco-friendly adaptation to celebrate the Christmas countdown. It might contain 24 different tree cutouts. You can perform this activity with your kids.

These types of advent calendars are available on the market. After creating a tree cutout, you can decorate it on your wall. Follow this activity for 24 days before the Christmas Eve.

3. Scented Advent Calendar

Scented Advent Calendar

A scented advent calendar is also a popular choice for an eco-friendly adaptation. It might consist of 24 small perfumes you can try for 24 days.

Apart from that, it might also contain 24 scented candles and firesticks. Lighten them to spread an aromatic scent and convey a charming vibe at your home before Christmas.

4. Chocolate Advent Calendar

Chocolate Advent Calendar

Whether you’re an adult or a kid, you can’t say “No” to chocolates. Everyone loves chocolates. Thus, create a chocolate-themed advent calendar before the arrival of the Holy Father.

You can create 24 different-shaped chocolates or buy 24 different brands of chocolates. You can also purchase a chocolate advent calendar box directly from the market.

5. Tea Bag Advent Calendar

A tea box with a tea bag and a cup of tea

Tea bag calendars have also become trendy for the last couple of years. The tea advent calendar is a box consisting of 24 different tea bags. They are aromatic and sensational.

You can try 24 different tea flavors in 24 days as a part of the Christmas countdown. For instance, Indian tea, Japanese Green Tea, Black tea, Purple Tea, Russian orange tea, Lemon tea, etc.

6. Snack Advent Calendar

Discover the magic of Japan with this Snack Advent Calendar

Snack advent calendar is a delicious and perfect eco-friendly advent calendar. You can create this calendar at your home. A snack calendar may contain 24 different snacks for 24 days.

It’s a part of the countdown. Add chips, cookies, chocolate bars, and other snacks to the set. You can also find the advent calendar of popular snack brands at online or retail stores.

7. Coffee Advent Calendar

Coffee Advent Calendar

Likewise, you can also create a coffee advent calendar for tea bags or snack advent calendars. You can also buy it directly from the market. The advent calendar will consist of 24 different coffee flavors.

It includes vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, butterscotch, peppermint, etc. You can try each flavor for 24 days before Christmas Eve. You can also try the coffee recipe advent calendar to make 24 coffee recipes.

8. Natural Cosmetic/Grooming Advent Calendar

Natural Cosmetic:Grooming Advent Calendar

A natural cosmetic advent calendar is a trendy choice, especially regarding eco-friendly advent calendars. It contains 24 different cosmetic items or grooming kits. You can open each item for 24 days before Christmas.

All are made with natural elements. For instance, you can use 24 different lotion pouches, shampoo, or liquid soap sachets each day before Christmas.

9. Hanging Paper Bags

Hanging Paper Bags

Hanging bags are a traditional element that people use as Christmas decor. You can buy a set of hanging bag paper calendars to celebrate the Christmas countdown.

A hanging paper bag advent calendar contains 24 different paper bags. Put one hanging back on the wall regularly for 24 days. They are not only environment-friendly but also a fascinating choice for Christmas decoration.

10. Christmas Tree Decorating Advent Calendar

Christmas Tree Decorating Advent Calendar

A Christmas tree is an essential element for Christmas Eve. Thus, it also needs to be decorated perfectly. You can buy an advent calendar that contains those decorative elements.

A set might have 24 fascinating decoration elements, like stars, bells, etc. Put one element on the Christmas trees for 24 days. It’s a great initiative and a perfect eco-friendly Christmas countdown.

Summing It Up

An advent calendar is a tool to celebrate the Christmas countdown. It signifies the meaning of arrival. You can create or purchase several types of advent calendars from the market.

An eco-friendly advent calendar is a unique approach to celebrating the 24 days before Christmas.

You can also perform various activities using hanging paper bags, DIY tree cutouts, and X-mas tree decorative elements with your kids. These are also fun, eco-friendly advent calendars.

Try a scented or natural cosmetic advent calendar if you want to go more creative. They might consist of 24 small perfumes, shampoos, firesticks, or scented candles.

In this blog, you’ve acknowledged what to put in an advent calendar to make it more eco-friendly.

Which idea is your favorite? Do you have more interesting thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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