Your special days are a mixture of emotions and shared memories, especially your wedding day. You want everything on point that day; there are numerous details and arrangements you try to bring together to make your big day special.

You add elements that resemble your personality, your story, and things that resonate with you to tell your story to everyone. What better way than to incorporate birth flowers in your wedding celebration? If you have not considered this idea yet, it’s time!

Birth flowers are not mere decorations, but they are so much beyond; they carry sentiment and stories.

Today, we are here to show you ways of incorporating your birth flower according to the birth flowers chart into your wedding or special days.

What is Floriography?

Floriography is the language of flowers, which says that each flower carries a meaning that allows you to express your emotions through your floral choices.

The concept of birth flowers takes a deeper dig into it by connecting specific blooms to people born in specific months.

Know Your Birth Flower

Birth flowers by month

The first step is to know your birth flower according to the month you are born. Each month has one or two birth flowers; pick the one that reflects your personality the most.

Each birth flower represents some characteristics and conveys a deeper understanding of the personality of people born in that month.

For example, The birth flower of people born in June is a rose, which symbolizes love and passion, so the people born in June are hopeless romantics and passionate lovers.

Now you know what your birth flower is; you can use this knowledge to give a personal touch to your wedding or special days. Here are some ideas on how to do that.

Ways to Incorporate Your Birth Flowers into Special Events

1. Birth Flowers in Bouquets

Three bridesmaids holding bouquets of birth flowers

Bridal bouquets are a big deal, so why not customize them with something more meaningful? Elevate your wedding bouquet or bridesmaid arrangements by incorporating birth flowers.

You can intertwine them with the traditional wedding flowers to create something more meaningful and personalized, as most Birth Flowers are vibrant and can be easily combined with others.

2. Table Centerpieces and Decor

Table Centerpieces and Decor

Flowers are integral to any wedding decoration; they are widely used as centerpieces on tables. You can keep the decoration theme according to the birth flowers of you and your partner.

Sometimes, pairing birth flowers gives solid combinations like white and purple; check if your combination works and can be used in decorating guest tables or cake tables.

3. Personalized Corsages and Boutonnieres

Personalized Corsages and Boutonnieres

It’s all about the minute details in a wedding that makes it special and memorable. Corsages for your bridesmaid and boutonnieres for groomsmen are the cutest additions; they can be made by adding the birth flower of the bride and groom, respectively.

Everyone honoring you with your birth flowers is a special feeling and adds a cohesive element to the celebration.

4. Floral Invitations

Floral Invitations

Invitations set the theme of the wedding and give guests an idea of what to expect on the big day. If you include birth flowers in wedding decorations, including them in the invitation is also a great idea.

Keep it minimal and aesthetic. You can even attach a small note to them to inform your guests about your birth flowers.

5. Flowers as Wedding Favors

Colorful flowers arranged in small pots

Give the guests a birth flower plant as a favor. Be it a wedding or any special occasion, this serves as a unique, eco-friendly favor. This allows all the guests to carry a piece of your special day home.

You can take it a step ahead by finding the birth flower of each invitee and gifting them their plant as a gift to show your gratitude for their presence and make them feel special.

6. Floral Archways and Ailes

Floral Archways and Ailes

Transform your ceremony venue with breathtaking floral archways or aisle decors featuring birth flowers. Walking down the aisle decorated with your birth flower will be a memorable experience.

This personal touch elevates the decor and creates a romantic and enchanting atmosphere for the couple.

The birth flowers take the whole thing to another level, making it personal to reflect their story and personalities.

7. Interactive Flower Bar

A table with vases of flowers and signs at an Interactive Flower Bar

You can create a flower bar in one corner where the birth flowers of every month are kept. Each guest can create personalized floral bouquets using the birth flowers associated with their birth month.

You can keep a birth flowers chart handy so everyone can find their birth flowers. This will be so much fun and a unique and memorable experience for everyone.

8. Dried Flower Keepsakes

Dried Flower Keepsakes

After the wedding, you can preserve its beauty in dried flower keepsakes, like framed dried flower displays, resin art pieces, or even personalized schemes.

You can frame the dried birth flower you wear as corsages or boutonnieres on your wedding and create a frame. Where both flowers represent each of you, mark it with the wedding date at the bottom.


Incorporating birth flowers into weddings and special events weaves a story beyond the ordinary by creating a complete experience. The symbolism behind your birth flowers adds depth and meaning to the grandness of the event.

If you are fascinated by birth flowers,  we hope these ideas inspire you to give center stage to your birth flowers while planning your wedding.

You can bind each element of the day from the beginning to the end, from invitations to takeaways, with your birth flowers. They help you set the theme right and showcase the union of two hearts in the form of your birth flowers.

Let your special day tell your story through your birth flowers and make your celebration one of a kind!

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