Do you know that about 385,000 babies are born worldwide in a day?

But does this fact concern the primary question this blog intends to answer, i.e., ‘Why are themed baby names gaining popularity?’

Well, with so many babies being born in a day globally, there comes a unique challenge in front of parents.

With this huge number of rising populations, making sure your baby’s name is as unique as its personality becomes challenging.

Young parents have devised a unique approach to naming their babies based on themes to solve this challenge of finding a unique name for their baby.

Read along the blog to learn about the concept of themed baby names, how and why they started, and some suggestions for white girl names and baby boy names.

Understanding Themed Baby Names

A cheerful baby girl on the floor with a globe embodies the theme of "Understanding Themed Baby Names

So firstly, let’s break it to you that this question of the uniqueness and science of baby names is as fascinating to scientists as it is to us.

Themed baby names are based on a particular theme or classification, pre-decided by society or trends.

For instance, some babies are named after flowers, such as Lily; some are named after planets, such as Venus, while others are named after important political personalities, such as Raegan.

Therefore, themed baby names or baby name themes are nothing but a simple classification of names, making it easier to choose from.

These themes range from fantasy characters, nature elements, flowers, and constellations to food, space, and gods.

The Reason Behind the Popularity

This question has many facets to it. First, the pop culture trend is the primary factor influencing the ideology of thematically organizing baby names.

Pop culture has a direct and deep impact on society. Sometimes, when a couple has a favorite movie, song, or even character that they both admire or have a sweet memory linked to it, they prefer to cherish it forever by naming their baby after it.

For example, the name ‘Bella’ from Twilight became popular among parents in the 2000s.

Similarly, another factor that influences themed baby names is politics. Political figures are not only seen as influential personalities but also as personalities with leadership traits in them.

This inspiration compels parents to name their newborns after their favorite leader, such as the name’ Sasha,’ which became popular upon the election of Barack Obama as US President.

Celebrities and TV personalities have a major role in introducing new name themes.

For instance, after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their firstborn ‘North West, ‘ the name gained massive popularity and allowed people to think outside the box when naming their child.

The sound, meaning, and linguistics are also very popular themes among new-age parents when naming their babies.

For example, names such as ‘Lux,’ ‘Hope,’ and ‘Everest’ have a nice meaning, while names ending with the sound of ‘-son’ or ‘-ley’ are more phonetically attractive. For instance, ‘Tyson,’ ‘Riley,’ and so on.

This makes the baby and its name a talking point among people, thus serving the purpose of a unique name.

Studies & Suggestions

Two adorable babies in Halloween costumes, one dressed as a bat. Captivating and festive imagery for Halloween studies & suggestions

To add to your knowledge, here are some lesser-known facts about baby name trends.

The top names for girls in the US have shifted drastically from the 1990s to 2020. In the initial years, the most popular name was ‘Mary’ after Jesus’s mother, while in 2020, it became ‘Olivia’. Also, the popularity of name themes or even a particular name varies per region.

And there is an upward trend to give unusual names to babies. A unique sub-genre of baby games called ‘Gender-Blurred’ names is coming up.

With the rise in movements towards LGBTQ+ rights, parents are growing more aware and naming their babies in such a way that their name sounds gender-neutral. For example, Jamie, Blake, Max, and so on.

Similarly, as discussed above, baby names like ‘Matilda’ and ‘Gatsby’ are earning a revival thanks to pop culture trends.

Some Popular Baby Names

  • Noah
  • Liam
  • Oliver
  • Elijah
  • Olivia
  • Emma
  • Isla


It’s a world-known truth that every baby is unique; thus, every parent wishes their child to be known by a unique name.

The trend of naming babies uniquely has been prevalent for decades, just what changes is the theme or classification factor.

From biblical names to great historical leaders to gods, parents are naming their babies based on what their favorite singer chose for their baby.

After all, no child would want to have five other friends with the same name as theirs when growing up.

Baby naming is a creative decision and should remain as such.

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