Have you recently become the parent of a newborn? If yes, then you must be looking for some good and meaningful names for your child. And if you are blessed with a baby girl, then you can consider girl names that mean white.

White is a color of sanity, peace, and simplicity. So, it would be a great option to give your girl child a name that means white. Your little one deserves a name for her pure soul to reflect her sanity. In this article, you will find out some of the most interesting yet meaningful names for your little one. The list has been prepared to satiate everyone’s requirements.

Whether you are looking for minimalist names or want to go all dramatic, there is something for everyone. Scroll down to learn more and dive into the intensive list of some of the most amazing girl names that mean white.

Girl’s Names that Mean Light or White with Meaning and Origin

Girl's Names that Mean Light or White with Meaning and Origin

  • Alina

Meaning: Alina is a pleasant name for little girls, meaning “light.” It also means “independent and strong-willed.”

Origin: The name Alina is of European origin.

This surely is a free-spirited name that will suit an ambitious child. If your baby is a natural-born leader, then this name may be just right for her!

  • Aurora

Meaning: Did you know that Auroras are a natural display of multi-colored light in the Earth’s sky? The name Aurora means “dawn.”

Origin: Aurora was the goddess of dawn in Roman mythology. The name Aurora is of Latin origin.

What a magnificent name for your little one! Let the beauty of the Northern lights inspire you – pick this name for your baby.

  • Bianca

Meaning: Bianca is a lovely name for girls that means “white.”

Origin: A pure name for modern-day parents, the name Bianca is of Italian origin. It is related to the name Blanche, of French origin, which also means “white.”

  • Chiara

Meaning: An elegant name for daddy’s little girl, Chiara means bright and is pronounced “key-ah-ra.”

Origin: Chiara is an eloquent name of Italian origin.

Your baby girl deserves a sweet name to suit her personality. Why not pick this happy name, meaning ”bright” for her? It truly is a gorgeous name for your little delight!

  • Elaine

Meaning: The name Elaine means “light,” and surely is a graceful name for your tiny beam of light!

Origin: This pretty name is of Old English origin and is the anglicized version of the Greek name Helen.

  • Ellen

Meaning: Ellen is a delightful-sounding name that means “light.” It’s a perfect pick for a gracious daughter. It is also a variant of the name Eleanor, derived from the name Helen.

Origin: This name is popular in many countries, including England, Holland, Spain, Germany, and Greece.

  • Fiona

Meaning: Fiona is a popular girl’s name that means “light” and “fair.” It is an excellent choice for little girls who inspire and bring cheer and positivity into your new chapter of life.

Origin: The name Fiona is of Gaelic origins and is common in Ireland and Scotland. It may originate from the masculine Gaelic name, Fionn, meaning “white” or “fair-haired.”

  • Guinevere

Meaning: This exquisite name may at first appear to be daunting to pronounce with its unique spelling. However, don’t be alarmed – it’s easier to say than you think!

Origin: Guinevere was the name of King Arthur’s wife and queen. She was an opportunistic traitor in some stories but almost always a noble and virtuous lady. This noble name can also be written as Guenevere or Guenever.

  • Jennifer

Meaning: Jennifer is an adorable, sweet girl’s name meaning “fair one” or “white wave.” The word white in the English language symbolizes peace, purity, and light.

Origin: Jennifer is a very common 20th and 21st-century name for girls. Pick this classic name for your angel – she certainly will bring much joy and light!

  • Lucy

Meaning: This short name meaning “light,” is an excellent choice for a baby girl.


Origin: Lucy is an effervescent, sparkling name related to the Latin names Lucinda and Lucius.

  • Phoebe

Meaning: A delightful girl’s name, and one of my personal favorites, Phoebe, is as cute as little girl’s names get! Associated with the word “light,” it means “bright” and “shining.”

Origin: The name Phoebe is the feminine version of the masculine name Phoebus. He was an epithet of Apollo, and his name meant “bright” and “shining,” too.

  • Roxanne

Meaning: The name Roxanne means “bright,” “sun,” “sunlight,” “sun God,” and “day.” If you are looking for names that mean “light” or “white,” then this one will most surely catch your eye!

Origin: Roxanne is the anglicized version of the Greek name Roxana, which derives from the Persian name Roshanak.

  • Whitney

Meaning: An Old English name, Whitney, means “from the white island.”

Origin: The name Whitney is a habitational name of Old English origin.

  • Zia

Meaning: Zia is an unusual and unique name for a girl! This is good news if you’re looking for a name for your baby that is a little different and not found in every classroom.

Origin: This exceptional name is of Arabic origin.

Interesting Girl Names That Mean White

Interesting Girl Names That Mean White

  • Abu: A Turkish name meaning “bright and beautiful.”
  • Aine: A Celtic name meaning “white” or “radiance.”
  • Akari: A Japanese name meaning “bright.”
  • Alba: A Latin name meaning “white.”
  • Anwen: A Welsh name meaning “white” or “fair.”
  • Astrid: A Scandinavian name meaning “fair.”
  • Bai: A Chinese name meaning “white, pure.”
  • Bertha: A German name meaning “glorious” or “the bright one.”
  • Beyle: A Slavic word meaning “white.”
  • Beyza: An Arabic word meaning “very white.”
  • Bianca: An Italian name meaning “white” or “fair.”
  • Bronwyn: A Welsh name meaning “pure.”
  • Candace: A Greek name meaning “white fire.”
  • Candida: A Latin name meaning “bright” or “glowing white.”
  • Clarabelle: A Latin name meaning “bright.”
  • Daisy: The English word for the white flower.
  • Damsa: A Persian name meaning “silk of white color.”
  • Danala: A Hebrew name meaning “white swan.”
  • Dove: The English word for the white bird.
  • Gauri: A Sanskrit word for “white.”
  • Gwen: A Welsh name meaning “white, fair, blessed.
  • Haukea: A Hawaiian word meaning “white snow.”
  • Ilka: A Hungarian word for “bright” or “shining one.”
  • Ivory: A Latin word for “white as elephant tusks.”
  • Jennifer: An Irish name meaning “white wave.”
  • Kayla: A Yiddish name meaning “slim and fair.”
  • Kenya: A Russian name meaning “mountain of white.”
  • Laksha: A Hindi name meaning “white rose.”
  • Livna: A Hebrew name meaning “white.”
  • Lucia: An Italian word meaning “light.”
  • Marya: An Arabic word meaning “purity” or “bright whiteness.”
  • Mirena: A Latin word meaning “from the white sea.”
  • Nasreen: A Persian word meaning “white rose.”
  • Niamh: An Irish name meaning “bright” and “radiant.”
  • Pearl: Referring to the white pearls found in the ocean.
  • Phoebe: A Greek word for “radiant” or “brilliant.”
  • Riko: A Japanese word meaning “white jasmine.”
  • Rim: An Arabic word meaning “white antelope.”
  • Rio: A Japanese word meaning “white jasmine.”
  • Rowena: A Welsh name meaning “fair” or “slender.”
  • Wendy: An English name meaning “fair.”
  • Whitley: An English name meaning “white field.”
  • Winnie: A Welsh name meaning “fair.”
  • Zahra: An Arabic name meaning “white” or “shining.”
  • Ziva: A Hebrew name meaning “radiance.”

Gender-neutral names that Mean White

Gender-neutral names that Mean White

  • Alba: A Latin name meaning “white.”
  • Audrey: A Norse name meaning “noble strength.”
  • Blake: An English name meaning “white” or “fair.”
  • Blanchard: An English name meaning “fair-headed.”
  • Bowie: A Scottish and Irish name for “fair-headed.”
  • Finnegan: An Irish name for “fair.”
  • McKinley: A Scottish name for “son of the fair warrior.”
  • Morgan: A Welsh name for “white sea.”
  • Teagan: An Irish name for “fair.”
  • Whitney: An English name for “from the white island.”
  • Wynn: A Welsh name for “fair.”
  • Ailbhe: It is primarily a gender-neutral name mainly popular in Irish origin. The meaning of this name is noble; bright; white, rock. 
  •  Bylur: It is one of the most famous names for baby girls. It has an old Norse origin, which means white. 
  • Blanca: It is a beautiful name for baby girls of French origin. The meaning of Blanca is White, pure.
  • Caerwyn: It is a perfect name for your Newborn, which originated from Welsh origin. It means White Fortress.
  • Cherith: It is a unique and beautiful name for baby girls of Hebrew origin. The meaning of this name is “Winter stream.” 
  • Douglas: It is primarily a masculine name mainly popular in Scottish origin. The meaning of this name is White. 
  • Eryi: It is one of the most famous names for baby boys. It has Welsh origin, which means white. 
  • Epiphany: It is a beautiful name for a baby girl of Greek origin. The meaning of Epiphany is white.
  • Flykra: It is a perfect name for your Newborn, which originated from old German origin. It means “snowflake.”
  • Fenella: It is a unique and beautiful name for baby girls of Irish origin. The meaning of this name is “white, fair.”
  • Gwenyth: It is primarily a baby girl name mainly popular in Welsh origin. The meaning of this name is white, fair.
  • Muzn: It is one of the most famous names for both girls and boys. It has an Arabic origin, which means White Cloud, Rain bearing Cloud, or Rain.
  • Skah: It is a perfect name for your Newborn, which originated from Native-American origin. It means White.


In conclusion, we can say that the names suggested in this intensive list of girls names that mean white are ideal for you if you want to pick a peaceful and interesting name for your child.

We have handpicked the names that can suit anyone’s taste. The color white means bright, light, and pure, which can be easily reflected through these names. 

Naming a child can be a really tough task as it will stay with your child for the whole life. Relax, slow down, and search thoroughly to choose a perfect name for your baby girl that means white to symbolize sanity, purity, and peace. 

Comment down below and let us know which girl’s name means white is a shows-topper for you. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Question

What Girl’s Name Means White Snow?

Gwenyth, or Gwen for short, is a Welsh name meaning white. Gwyneira – Of Welsh origin, Gwyneira is a unique name that means blessed snow. Haukea – A Hawaiian name that means white snow. Haunani – Another Hawaiian name that means beautiful snow.

What Girl’s Name Means White Fairy Queen?

Aine was the queen of the fairies in Irish folklore, Tiana means “white fairy queen” in Russian, and Taneisha is an American name that means “fairy queen.” The queen of the fairies in Shakespeare’s fairytale comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream is Titania.

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