Are you searching for puzzle room ideas for your escape room? You are at the right place. You can show your creativity using the right ideas to make the perfect escape room.

If puzzles are too simple, people may not show any interest. Instead, there needs to be some brain-drain activity for the puzzle escape room.

On the other hand, there should be balance in the puzzle. More challenges can often cause a loss of confidence for kids.

Escape room puzzles are the perfect idea to build an escape room from scratch. Check out some of the best DIY ideas to do a puzzle for an escape room.

Also, see how this topic connects with our last discussion on escape room ideas for kids in our previous blog post for a fuller picture.

Ideas for Making a Puzzle for an Escape Room

DIY printable escape room puzzles: Creative ideas for making engaging puzzles for an escape room experience

1. Personalise Puzzles

You can design your puzzle to make an escape room. Many apps help to draw personalized puzzles.

Take the help of templates and design the puzzle. This puzzle helps the kids to get engaged and play the detective game.

2. Invisible Ink with a Composed Message

An excellent puzzle for escape rooms with a spy theme is writing with invisible ink, although it may also be used for other themes.

Lemon juice and water are the only ingredients needed to make a batch of covert spy ink.

3. Using GPS Coordinates

It is one of the latest puzzle techniques which triggers the mind. GPS coordinates make the individual think creatively.

At least one in five individuals will likely identify that the number is, in fact, GPS coordinates.

It was time for them to use their iPhones since they could use everything in the room. They may reach the location with any GPS app.

4. Message Inside Balloon

Inside a balloon is one of the best places to conceal a clue. Just insert the item or message into the balloon that has yet to pop.

After that, inflate the balloon. Players must pop the balloon to get the clue, providing a sharp object and warning that noise may be necessary.

5. Diary with Instructions

This can be one of the extra challenges with a locked diary. Put some secret code to reach the escape room.

You can add some more creativity to make it a challenging one.

6. Use a Broken Watch

You can find a dead battery or a broken clock in most houses. If you don’t have one, you can often find inexpensive clocks at stores that you can utilize.

Set the time on the clock as the combination to a lock, and then hide it in the room with another hint that says,” I must break the code immediately, but time is running out.”

7. Popsicle Stick

Give each player a popsicle at the beginning of the game. They won’t know they’re on the secret game once they’ve eaten of all of them.

Additionally, it is an excellent method for elongating a brief term.

So, to start, put a message across the top of the popsicle sticks. They can read the message only when they line up all the sticks.

Moreover, you can include additional characters and symbols to make it more challenging.

But be careful not to make it too tiresome by making it too difficult to crack. Finally, for an extra flavor boost, turn the sticks into popsicles.


This selection of escape room puzzle ideas can give many ideas while starting it. Show your creativity in making the escape game better and more engaging.

The result will astound you if you unleash your inner child, use your imagination, and step up your creativity game.

People usually discover their potential when they pour themselves into something they love.

No other room on Earth can compare to your DIY escape room regarding the amount of positive energy, smiles, laughter, and humor displayed around the room.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can One Design an Effective Puzzle for An Escape Room?

A well-developed storyline that flows naturally from start to finish is a hallmark of top-tier escape rooms. After everything has been resolved and the door has been opened, the gamers should feel that the clues were connected in some way.

What Type of Difficulty Will the Escape Room Contain?

Logic puzzles in escape rooms typically include deciphering codes, solving complicated riddles, or finding secret doors by studying patterns, sequences, and clues. Also, you could stumble into Sudoku, a grid-based numerical puzzle game that challenges your skills in following specific rules.

How Do You Solve Puzzles?

If your puzzle has a lot of pieces, this is also a great way to tackle it. Sort the pieces into heaps according to their shared colors. Begin with a broad approach and refine your sorting to match more particular hues, patterns, and images.

How Does an IQ Puzzle Work?

While solving this brain teaser, your choices will determine your IQ level, so it’s a great way to test your brain power best. To solve these IQ puzzles, you must use your analytical and thinking abilities to examine the situation thoroughly.

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