Want a fun activity for kids that also boosts their brain? Then you must try the escape room game for your kids. The concept of escape room games is not only for adults; they are also quite popular among children. Currently, many preschools organize escape room games. Escape room games can be an ideal option for fun-learn activities that help to develop your kid’s thinking ability in a fun way.

You can also organize escape rooms with puzzles, color codes, riddles, hints, questions and answers, cipher codes, treasure maps, etc., at home. The options are endless, and you can buy several escape room setups or DIY yourself. However, you must keep the concept mysterious and exciting to engage your kids and help them have a fun time in the escape room.

Here we have listed the 20 best ideas to create an escape room for kids and surprise them with a new game to explore.

Exciting Escape Room Ideas for Kids

You can find various exciting options to build an excellent escape room for kids. You can DIY escape rooms or buy escape room setups for your kids.

1. Number Maze Escape Room

Number Maze Escape Room

A number maze escape room for kids is one of the common and helpful escape room ideas to try. Number maze games create an escape room setup. You can buy number maze games available online and use them in your kid’s escape room game. Try Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wand Number Maze for any easy number maze escape room setup. Also, you can create a number maze on paper with markers and colored pens. Solving the number maze will boost your kid’s brain development.

2. Image Escape Room

Image Escape Room

Another brilliant way to create an exciting escape room for kids is by using pictures. It is easy to create. Also, most kids find it exciting and funny. To create an image escape room, place different images and posters strategically across a room. They must contain clues in the form of written words or image signs. When your kids pay attention to the pictures, they will get the hint and reach the next stage.

3. Lock and Key Escape Room

Lock and Key Escape Room

Escape rooms are incomplete without locks and keys. You can make them the main theme for the escape room for kids. You can use different types of locks and keys to create an escape room for your child, like, regular, traditional, digital, numerical, etc. If you use traditional or regular keys, you can hide them in a secret place or mix them with other keys. Remember to keep it accessible so your kids can use their intuition to unlock the keys.

4. Codes in Balloons

Codes in Balloons.jpg

Codes in balloons is also an attractive game. It is an easy-to-create escape room for kids. The colorful balloons are eye-catchy and easily grab kids’ attention. Write codes or hints on paper and put them inside different balloons. Then keep them strategically in a room and ask your child to find the clues to win the game. You can also invite some of their friends to make it more interesting.

5. Jigsaw Puzzle Escape Room

Jigsaw Puzzle Escape Room

Jigsaw puzzles are helpful for brain development. A lot of child development specialists recommend giving jigsaw puzzle games to children. You can include jigsaw puzzles in your kid’s escape room and ask them to solve them. You can buy jigsaw puzzle sets online to create an escape room for kids. Try LELEMON Mickey Mouse Puzzles for Kids to create a jigsaw puzzle escape room. You can also utilize the existing children’s jigsaw puzzles that you have at home.

6. Sequence Puzzle Escape Room

Sequence Puzzle Escape Room

Challenge your kids with a sequential puzzle escape room. It will help help to grow analytical thinking in kids. Letter and number sequences are classic choices for kids’ sequence puzzle games. For older kids, try picture and sign sequences instead of numbers or letters. You can also combine different sequence puzzles to make the escape room enjoyable. Try hand2mind Numberblocks Sequencing Puzzle Set for an easy sequence puzzle escape room setup.

7. Answer the Questions

Answer the Questions

Question and answer is the most popular set-up for mysterious games. They are a perfect fit for escape rooms for kids. You can ask general knowledge questions or questions related to their favorite cartoon or games to clear each stage. You can write questions on paper or ask them directly if they are too young to read. If you are writing questions on paper, place them in different areas of a room. Let your kid find an answer to go to the next level.

8. Cipher Code Escape Room

Cipher Code Escape Room

Cipher codes are also a great option to include alphanumeric codes in the escape room for kids. Cipher codes are pretty popular among children. You can find various cipher code templates online that you can print and use. You can also create your cipher code. They will engage your kids for a fun game time. Also, solving cipher codes is helpful for your kid’s brain development.

9. Reversed Messages

Reversed Messages

Want to make an exciting escape room for kids? Then you can try the reverse message codes for different levels of the escape room for kids. It is very easy to create an escape room with a reverse message. You can write reversed messages on paper or search for reversed message templates online. Give your kids a mirror to read the message or hint to clear each stage and win the game.

10. Use Clocks

Use Clocks

Using clocks can be a good idea if you are creating an escape room for kids. You can use Analog and digital clocks in your kid’s escape room. Set all the clocks at a single time or combine clock time and poster number to solve the game. You can incorporate sequence and jigsaw puzzles with clocks to make the escape room more challenging and fun. The clock can hint at the code of a lock or the next location.

11. Invisible Messages

Invisible Messages

Do your children love solving mysteries? Then present them with an invisible message escape room game setup. Write a message with lemon juice. So, when your kid holds the paper on a candle flame, the message will become visible. You can also use magic pens or rubbing alcohol to create an invisible message, and using invisible message help to add a touch of enigma and excitement to the escape room game.

12. Use Magnet

Use Magnet

Magnets are always fun games, young kids. So, when you incorporate them into the escape room for kids, it becomes more fun. You can hide hints in iron boxes and place them in different corners of your room. If you do not need an iron box, use any metal box and leave a piece of magnet inside. Now tie a magnet on a stick and give it to your kid to find the clue. Remember to monitor your kids during the play so they do not mouth the magnet.

13. Hide Clues in Hollowed Books

Hide Clues in Hollowed Books

Create a sense of mystery and intrigue with a hollowed book escape room. This prop will make the setup in the escape room for kids exciting and fun. You can buy hollowed books online. Also, you can create hollowed books at home with old and unused books. Place your hints inside the hollowed books strategically in your room. It will engage your kids and help them grow problem-solving skills.

14. Solve Mathematical Problem Escape Room

Solve Mathematical Problem Escape Room

Another brain-boosting prop you can try in your escape room for kids is mathematical problems. Give them general maths problems like simple addition, multiplication, or division to cross the stages of an escape room. This will sharpen their mathematical skills and make learning fun and exciting. You can also combine number codes to make it more enjoyable for your children. You must give them suitable mathematical problems according to their age.

15. Use Playing Cards

Use Playing Cards

Playing cards are one of the popular adult games. But you can also use them in your escape room for kids as a prop. Cards come with printed numbers and letters. You can use them to create codes for your kid’s escape room. Place two or three cards randomly and ask your kids to place them in increasing or decreasing order to get the clue. Your kids will love this fun card escape room.

16. Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes can also be an excellent prop for your kid’s escape room. If you want to DIY an escape room for kids, then you might like our next escape room idea. It is easy to make, and your child will love this concept. Take cardboard boxes as a prop for the escape room. Create a false bottom using similar color papers and hide the message within. Give them multiple boxes and let them find out the clue.

17. Use Treasure Map

Use Treasure Map

What could be better than to get a treasure right before escaping the room? This escape room for kids has a twist of a treasure hunt that allures kids of all ages. Create a treasure map and hide it in the room. Surround various clues to reach the map and find the treasure at the final stage. Create a cross mark on the map where you have kept the treasure. It will help your kids to find the treasure in the escape room.

18. Solve Riddles

Solve Riddles

Solving riddles is also suitable for kids’ brain development. You can incorporate riddles as a part of your kid’s escape room. These brain teasers are a great addition to the escape room for kids. You can use riddles to write hints for kids. Then place them in different corners of the room. So, your kids need to solve each riddle to get the hint and clear stages of the escape room. You can search online for children’s riddles or write your own.

19. Use Glow-in-Dark Paint

Use Glow-in-Dark Paint

If your kids love thrilling escape rooms, then you must try our next escape room for kidssuggestion. The glow-in-the-dark paint has an exciting and spooky effect. All you need to do is to write the code on a poster or wall using glow-in-the-dark paint. Turn off the lights to let your kid find the hint or clue to escape the room. Remember, the paint will not come off the wall, so only use it where it will not create any issues.

20. Use Interactive Animal Toys

Use Interactive Animal Toys

Animal toys are suitable for kids’ escape room decor. But you can also turn them into props to hide clues. Use interactive or talkative animal toys to hide your clues and place them in different corners of the escape room for kids. The talking animal with hidden clues will be fun for the escape room. Create a jungle setup with interactive and ordinary plush toys for your kid’s escape room. Talking Plush Animal Toys Set with Sound can be a great option.


All in all, escape room games have numerous benefits for your kids. It helps to increase creative and analytical thinking in kids and boost their brains. They are also helpful in improving their interactive and motor skills. Escape room for kids can be a creative and engaging way to teach them several skills without making it dull. You can spend quality time with your child by presenting them with an exciting escape room and playing along with them.

You can get several interesting Ideas to create a beautiful escape room for your children. You can incorporate jigsaw puzzles, invisible messages, clocks, images, hallowed books, etc. To make the escape room fun and exciting for your kid. You can also use mathematical problems or riddles to give hints. Above, we have shared a list of the best 20 kid’s escape room ideas.

So, are you ready to surprise your kids? Try any of the above ideas you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Escape Rooms Safe for Kids?

Most of the children’s escape rooms are safe for kids. They are designed for children and do not contain any element that can harm your child. But if you are taking your kid out for escape room activities, always read the pamphlets to see if it contains adult riddles. Also, avoid escape rooms for adults and young adults.

After What Age Can Children Participate in Escape Room Games?

Children of any age can participate in escape games with their parents. But they can only enjoy the game when their analytical thinking has developed. Most kids who can solve riddles, simple maths, puzzles, etc., can participate in an escape room for kids.

How to DIY an Escape Room for Kids?

There are several ways you can DIY a kid’s escape room setup. You can use cardboard boxes, pictures, reversed written codes, riddles, or glow-in-the-dark paint to DIY escape room setup for kids. Each has a different method. You can read articles on DIY escape room ideas or watch YouTube videos.

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