Well, do you know some animals that run fastest on the land? While we know that the cheetah is one of the fastest-running land animals on planet Earth, we also have other animals that can run surprisingly faster.

These animals run fastest while catching their prey, while some animals leap at their best to escape from their predators.

A few animals run fastest within shorter distances but cannot sustain their speeds over longer distances.

However, some animals can maintain a constant 35 mph and above over a sustained period and cover longer distances, too.

Let us have a sneak peek into some mammals, including animals beginning with nthat can run at speeds of 35 miles per hour and even more.

1. Mexican Free-Tailed Bat

Mexican Free-Tailed Bat

The Mexican free-tailed bat is also named the Brazilian free-tailed bat, as this is a land-based bat native to most parts of America, including North America.

The bats can fly at 99 mph, which is 160 km/hr on average. They can move on at this speed for hours on end. These bats frequently roam around Austin, Texas, and San Antonio.

As the bat has a tail that measures half the length of the body, the mammal is named the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat. Its scientific name is Tadarida brasiliensis.

2. The Nile Crocodile

The Nile Crocodile

Are you trying to figure out names of animals that can fly at speeds of 35 mph and above? Well, we have got Nile Crocodile just for you.

These amphibian reptiles can live on land and in water, and the mammals can move at a relentless speed of 35 mph and above. The Nile Crocodiles have sturdy bodies and are also the strongest.

These crocodiles are native to Sub-Saharan Africa, and you can find these reptiles in more than 26 African countries.

3. The Cheetah


As we all know, the Cheetah is one of the fastest animals on the planet that springs itself to action. It leaps to a speed of 60 mph, approximates 96.6 km/h, over shorter bursts.

The cheetah can extend its body over a long stride, which makes it ideal to run faster on land. This is camouflaged with the leg length and muscle size, adding to a fantastic traction rate when running fast into forest lands.

You find cheetahs in the forests of Iran, the mountains of the Sahara, and across the Savannah belts of Serengeti.

4. The Pronghorns

The Pronghorns

The Pronghorn is also known as the American antelope. The pronghorn can run at 88.5 mph, approximating 67 km/hr. These are land animals that are native to Canada and parts of California.

Unlike the cheetah, which does not sustain its speed over longer distances, the pronghorns can maintain this high-stamina speed even while they cover longer distances.

The pronghorns keep their mouths open while running, which allows them to take in more oxygen.

5. The Springbok

The Springbok

The Springbok is a mammal that is native to South Africa. This mammal makes its way to the fastest-running animals because it can run at 55mph, approximating 88 km/hr.

The Springboks are animals that make sharp turns and fascinating jumps while running. Their fast-running speeds and jumps help save themselves from predators.

They have also become symbols on the South African rugby teams. The mammals have lyre-shaped horns that measure 35-48 cm in length.

6. The Lion

The Lion

The Lion is regarded as the forest’s most powerful king. And lions can pounce at astounding speeds, measuring 50 mph or 80.5 km/hr.

At their high-speed marathon leaps, these wild cats pounce through to catch their prey, deer or antelopes. Female lions run faster than their male counterparts.

However, lions maintain their speeds over shorter distances and, therefore, cannot sustain them over a longer duration. Lions are found in parts of Europe, Asia and Africa.

7. The Hare


The Hare are known for their amazing leaping skills. These are animals that look similar to rabbits appearance-wise. Hares can run at speeds of 35 mph, approximating 56 km/hr.

The hares live in burrows and cannot thrive solitarily. However, hares usually thrive in pairs when they live above the ground.

The hares can also be compared to jackrabbits as both of them maintain a similar kind of physique. Hares are native to Africa and North America.

Unlike rabbits, which belong to the bunny family, the hares belong to the Leporidae family.

Summing It Up

You have seen the fastest-running animals on land with their running speeds and also learned how they thrive on land, water, or burrows. These animals run faster to catch their prey or escape their predators.

While some animals maintain their high speeds over longer distances, others maintain their speeds only over shorter bursts.

These animals need not necessarily run but also pull up the 80 mph speeds through giant leaps or pouncing abilities.

Lions and cheetahs are classic examples of pouncing mammals, while springboks and pronghorns can maintain their high-speed stamina, covering longer distances across forests, marshlands, or savannahs.

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