Crafting something for your dad every Father’s Day is a tradition for many because there is nothing more expensive than a handmade gift, as they are full of love and sentiments.

This year, make your gifting experience even more personalized by adding pictures of you and your dad.

Pictures can turn our most precious memories into a tangible expression of love. Adding pictures to your DIY crafting Father’s Day project will not only help to showcase your creativity but also evoke the moments that are special to you and your dad.

Here are some amazing Father Day crafts that you can DIY using pictures.

1. Father Bobblehead

Father Bobblehead

Bobblehead crafts are cute and silly and are a sure-shot way to bring your dad a smile by gifting him this on Father’s Day.

You need a paper cup to make the pants, colors, and paper to make the shirt, and a pipe cleaner to attach the shirt to the cup and give that bobble effect.

Stick the face printed from a picture at the end, and we are ready to bobble!

2. Glowing Photo Glass

Glowing Photo Glass

These glowing photo glasses look aesthetically beautiful and are easy to make. You only need a cylindrical glass container; you can use a jar or a glass, a printed photo, some tea light candles, and double tape.

Just stick a cute picture with your dad to the inside of the jar with the help of double tape, and that’s it. Place dome tea lights in the evening and watch these glow.

3. Accordion Photo Box

Accordion Photo Box

Brush up your crafting skills this Father’s Day and set yourself to DIY this cutest accordion photo box for your dad. Use pictures of your best memories with your dad and even write notes on some of them.

Take a stripe of colored sheet according to the width of your box, fold it in an accordion pattern, stick pictures on every side, and stick it inside the box. It’s like a treasure hidden in a tiny box.

4. Bottle Cap Fridge Magnets

Bottle Cap Fridge Magnets

If best out of waste is your style, these cap magnets are a must-try. You just need some bottle caps, Mod Podge, magnets, and printed pictures.

There is nothing much to do; you must stick the picture inside the bottle cap and finish it with a Mod Podge layer. Stuck magnets at the back and add a touch of sparkle.

These tiny magnets look adorable; make sure you make them in a bunch.

5. Photo Vase from PVC Pipes

Photo Vase from PVC Pipes

This one is a genius Father’s Day craft idea. Yes, you read that right; you can make vases out of PVC pipes and add pictures, making it a perfect gift.

Get some PVC pipes with their caps, print out some pictures according to the pipe size, and use Mod Podge to stick them to the pipe.

The trick is to get the pictures wet and stick them without wrinkles. Seal the picture with a layer of Mod Podge.

6. Father’s Day Photo Frame

Father's Day Photo Frame

The best handmade gift to make with photos is photo frames. You can design the photo frame uniquely creatively and with the things available to you.

Buy a dollar store frame or reuse any old photo frame and decorate it with a new look.

A “Dad you rock” frame with river rocks, an “ I love you to pieces” frame with puzzle pieces, and a photo frame with Scrabble pieces are the most popular.

7. Hula Hoop Photo Display

Hula Hoop Photo Display

Craft a masterpiece to display the pictures of all the great memories with your father with this hula hoop photo display. This is very easy to make and yet looks very beautiful.

This can be used as a wall hanging in your living room or bedroom. The best part about this is you can keep replacing pictures with new ones whenever you feel like it, so you do not get bored.

8. Photo Bookmarks

Photo Bookmarks

If your dad loves reading books, make him a personalized bookmark with pictures for Father’s Day. These are very easy to make and take no time.

You need to print out your favorite picture, cut it out in shape, laminate it (or use packing tape to seal it), punch a hole, and tie it to a string! As easy as that.

You can go ahead and decorate it with tassels and beads and write a message on the other side of it.


There are a lot of ways in which you can add pictures to your Father’s Day crafts. The best thing about them is that no matter how many years later your father looks at them, the pictures will always help refresh the fond memories he has made with you.

When you print out pictures, make sure you do it on good quality sheets, and never forget to apply a layer of Mod Podge on top to seal it from dust and wind.

We hope these DIY ideas inspire you to craft and create something beautiful to celebrate your father on his special day.

These are not only very easy to make but also take no time and are quite inexpensive because most of these crafts can be made from things you already have, which makes them your last-minute gifting savior!

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