Finding rhymes can be difficult, especially when looking for creative rhyming words to use in poems, rap lyrics, or songwriting. If you’re struggling to brainstorm rhymes for the word “shoes”, you’re not alone.

Many amateur and professional writers have trouble coming up with clever rhyming pairs that go beyond basic rhymes like “shoes” and “blues”.

In this article, we’ll list 135 words that rhyme with “shoes” to spark your creativity. We have categorized the rhyming words by syllable count and similarity to help you easily find rhymes suitable for your writing purpose.

Whether you’re crafting song lyrics, writing a poem, or developing a rap verse, this extensive rhyming dictionary for the word “shoes” will give you plenty of original options to choose from.

By the end, you’ll have over a hundred important rhyming words for “shoes” at your fingertips. This list has rhymes perfect for all types of writing projects.

Let’s dive in to expand your rhyming vocabulary!

  1. Brews (beverages made by steeping, boiling, and fermentation)
  2. Chews (bites and masticates solid food)
  3. Clues (evidence or information used to solve a puzzle or mystery)
  4. Crews (organized groups of people working together)
  5. Cruise (pleasure trip or voyage on a ship or boat)
  6. Cruse (small pot or jar)
  7. Dues (fee paid to belong to an organization)
  8. Fuse (safety device that stops electric current flow if it gets too high)
  9. Glues (adhesive substances used to stick objects together)
  10. Blues (type of melancholy music developed by African Americans)
  11. Grews (past tense of grow – to increase in size)
  12. Hues (gradations of color tones)
  13. Jews (people with Jewish ancestry or followers of Judaism)
  14. Lose (be deprived of or cease to have something)
  15. Lows (lowest, minimum level reached)
  16. Mews (row of stables with living quarters above)
  17. Mousse (foamy dessert or hair styling foam)
  18. News (newly received information)
  19. Pews (long bench seating in a church)
  20. Prunes (dried plums)
  21. Queues (lines of people or vehicles waiting for something)
  22. Reviews (critical appraisals or evaluations)
  23. Ruse (a trick or stratagem used to deceive, fool or cheat)
  24. Screws (threaded fasteners used to secure objects)
  25. Stews (slow-cooked meat and vegetable dishes)
  26. Sue’s (belonging to a woman named Sue)
  27. Views (opinions, perspectives or scenic vistas)
  28. Whose (belonging to whom)
  29. Zoos (public parks displaying animals in enclosures)
  30. Amuse (entertain or make laugh)
  31. Bemuse (puzzle, confuse)
  32. Bruise (injury appearing as an area of discolored skin from blow or impact)
  33. Choose (pick out or select as a preference)
  34. Confuse (make confused or puzzled)
  35. Diffuse (spread over a wide area; disseminate)
  36. Ensues (happens afterward or as a result)
  37. Excuse (attempt to lessen the blame of or obtain forgiveness)
  38. Infuse (fill; soak or impregnate)
  39. Misuse (improper or excessive use)
  40. Muse (ponder at length; reflective thinking)
  41. Peruse (read with thoroughness or care)
  42. Refuse (indicate unwillingness to do something)
  43. Reuse (use again)
  44. Revues (theatrical variety productions)
  45. Transfuse (transfer blood products from one person into another)
  46. Abuse (improper or harmful treatment)
  47. Boos (expressions of disapproval or jeering)
  48. Canoes (small lightweight narrow boats propelled by paddles)
  49. Cues (signals that prompt an event or action)
  50. Ewes (adult female sheep)
  51. Flues (ducts, passages or chimneys to convey exhaust gases)
  52. Foes (enemies or opponents)
  53. Goes (proceeds or travels)
  54. Hoos (contraction of who is)
  55. Moos (the sound a cow makes)
  56. Noose (loop with a slipknot used to catch or fasten something)
  57. Ooze (flow slowly and thickly like mud or wet clay)
  58. Poes (cats)
  59. Pursues (follow or chase to catch or apprehend)
  60. Rescues (free or deliver from confinement, violence, danger)
  61. Roose (to card wool fibers in preparation for spinning; or to stimulate as if with whetted appetite)
  62. Shoes (coverings for human feet, often made of leather)
  63. Snooze (a short nap or sleep)
  64. Soos (no definition found, possibly a name or nonsense word)
  65. Truce (temporary halt in fighting by agreement of opponents)
  66. Use (put into service or employ for a purpose)
  67. Values (principles or standards held in high regard; estimated worth)
  68. Woos (tries to gain the interest or affection of someone, usually romantically)
  69. Yews (type of evergreen tree or wood from such a tree)
  70. Adieus (statements or gestures made at parting)
  71. Argues (give reasons to support or challenge a claim or statement)
  72. Befoos (no definition found, possibly a nonsense word)
  73. Contuse (bruise, batter)
  74. Defuse (remove the fuse from an explosive device to prevent it from exploding)
  75. Disabuse (correct a false impression; undeceive)
  76. Endues (provides with some quality)
  77. Eschews (abstain from; avoid)
  78. Imbues (inspire or permeate with some idea or quality)
  79. Issues (subjects or topics that elicit debate or controversy)
  80. Kangaroos (large plant eating marsupials found in Australia with powerful hind legs suited for leaping)
  81. Manoeuvres (move skillfully or carefully; strategic military positioning)
  82. Overuse (make excessive use of, employ or apply too much)
  83. Perdues (persons in hiding or operating in secrecy; lost to view)
  84. Recuse (disqualify or seek to be excused from participation)
  85. Redo’s (make different, redo, try again)
  86. Renews (make new or as if new again; restore)
  87. Resues (saves, delivers or liberates from harm)
  88. Subdues (tone down in intensity; restrain)
  89. Tattoos (permanent skin markings done by ink insertion)
  90. Underuse (fail to make full or adequate use of something)
  91. Untrue’s (not faithful to fact; false or erroneous)
  92. Venue’s (locations, places of events)
  93. Voodoos (a religion originating in Africa that involves magic and ancestor worship)
  94. Booz (drink an excessive amount of alcohol)
  95. Choos (the sound that a train makes)
  96. Coups (sudden secret overthrows of governments or leaders)
  97. Fuzes (devices used in fusing or detonation, especially detonators for explosives)
  98. Gazoos (outbursts of vehement speech)
  99. Hooves (feet of animals with hard skin covering the lower surface instead of toes)
  100. Jujus (a fetish-like charm or amulet)
  101. Loos (toilets)
  102. Meus (no definition found, possibly a made up word)
  103. News’ (newly received or noteworthy information)
  104. Oohs (exclamations expressing a range of emotions like wonder, excitement, etc)
  105. Peus (no definition found, possibly a made up word)
  106. Roos (kangaroos)
  107. Sews (joins, repairs, or produces clothes with a needle and thread)
  108. Thrus (thrushes; a family of birds with typically spotted breasts)
  109. U’s (pronoun referring to you)
  110. Whews (exclamations of relief, surprise or amazement)
  111. Xus (no definition found, possibly a made up word)
  112. You’s (belonging to you)
  113. Zous (no definition found, possibly a made up word)
  114. Accuse (blame someone of wrongdoing)
  115. Caruso’s (belonging to a man named Caruso)
  116. Defuse’ (remove the fuse to prevent an explosive device from detonating)
  117. Excuse’ (attempt to lessen the blame of or obtain forgiveness)
  118. Froufrou’s (rustling sounds from delicate fabrics or trivial matters)
  119. Grues (cranes, a species of wading bird)
  120. Hues’ (gradations of color tones)
  121. Issues’ (subjects or topics that elicit debate or controversy)
  122. Joos (no definition found, possibly a made up word)
  123. Kreuz (German word for cross)
  124. Loo’s (no definition found, possibly refers to toilets)
  125. Nus (the 13th letter of the Greek alphabet)
  126. Overdo’s (do or apply excessively)
  127. Quoos (nonsense word with no definition)
  128. Trues (faithful representations of fact or reality)
  129. Unloose (untie; free from restraint)
  130. Virtues (good moral qualities)
  131. Woes (great sorrow or distress)
  132. Xerus (a type of African ground squirrel)
  133. Yous (you, object form of second person pronoun)
  134. Zeus (in Greek mythology, the supreme god of Olympus)
  135. Accrues’ (builds up over time; accumulates)

In this article, we provided an extensive list of 135 words that rhyme with “shoes” to help expand your rhyming vocabulary.

With this expanded rhyming arsenal, you can nowbrainstorm catchy lyrics, craft poems, or even impress at your next freestyle rap battle.

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