In this digital world, combining kids’ love of electronics with their love of reading is essential.

If parents and teachers are looking for good chapter books for third graders, stories with tech parts can be a great way to keep kids interested and involved.

This article will discuss different ways and suggestions to discover some good chapter books for 3rd graders, ensuring they have fun, learn, and become more aware of technology.

Understanding How 3rd Graders Think

Understanding How 3rd Graders Think

Kids in the third grade, usually 8 to 9 years old, are moving from learning to read to reading to learn. Their books should be exciting but hard enough to help them learn new words and better understand what they read.

Kids this age are naturally interested in the world around them, especially technology. This makes technology an excellent subject for chapter books.

Why Pick Books About Technology?

Why Pick Books About Technology?

Tech-themed books aren’t just about grades and widgets; they often teach about working together, being creative, and fixing problems.

They can make science, coding, and engineering fun and relatable by teaching basic ideas. This can help kids love STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) topics from a young age.

Where to Find Chapter Books About Tech?

Where to Find Chapter Books About Tech?

1. Bookstores and Libraries in Your Area

Start by going to the library or shop near you. Third graders can get popular tech-themed books that are right for their age from librarians and booksellers.

2. Online Store Owners

Websites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble have many books and reviews from other customers that can help you pick the right one.

3. Websites and Blogs that Teach

Websites that help kids learn to read and write often have carefully chosen lists of STEM-themed books. You can also get specific advice from blogs written by teachers and parents.

4. Publisher Websites

Scholastic and Penguin Kids, two publishers focusing on children’s books, often have areas on their websites just for STEM or tech-related books.

5. School Resources

Some schools have lists of suggested reading, and teachers can also make ideas based on what has worked well or been liked in the classroom.

Essential Things to Look For

Essential Things to Look For

When picking out chapter books with a tech theme, think about the following:

  • Content Appropriate for Age: The book should be easy enough for an 8 to 9-year-old to read and understand.
  • Diversity and Representation: Look for books with characters and places different from your own. This will help kids understand and value other points of view.
  • Good Messages: Books should have good messages like working together, solving problems, and not giving up.
  • Engaging Storyline: Young readers need a story that keeps them interested. The tech part should be woven into the story in a way that is interesting and easy to understand.
  • Illustrations: For kids this age, some pictures can help keep their attention, especially for more complicated tech ideas.

Books We Recommend

Books We Recommend

Here are some chapter books with tech themes that are good for third graders:

1. “Nick and Tesla” series by “Science Bob”: In the Nick and Tesla series by Pflugfelder and Steve Hockensmith, you can follow the adventures of two young scientists who use science to answer mysteries.

2. “Zoey and Sassafras” by Asia Citro: It is a story that combines magic and science. The main character uses science to solve problems.

3. Ada Hopper’s “The DATA Set”: It is a story about friends who come across strange inventions and figure out how to fix problems by being creative and working together.

Incorporating Technology in Storytelling

Incorporating Technology in Storytelling

It’s not just the material that matters when adding tech themes to chapter books; it’s also how the technology is used in the stories.

Adding technology should feel ordinary and interesting so kids see it as an essential part of the story and not just an extra.

For example, a young character in a story might use technology to develop a new idea or solve a problem, making the technology an essential part of the plot.

Pros of Reading Tech-Themed Books

Pros of Reading Tech-Themed Books

There are several perks to reading books about technology:

  • Kelps Kids Learn Critical Thinking: The questions in these books often require kids to think critically and devise new ways to solve them. This can help them learn these essential skills.
  • Encourages Creativity: The made-up situation in tech-themed books can help kids think outside the box and be more creative.
  • Allows for Exploration: These books encourage kids to learn more about different tech areas by showing them other parts of technology.
  • Building Tech Literacy: Reading about tech ideas early on can help build a basic understanding of technology, which is very important in today’s tech-focused world.

Tech and Books that You Can Interact With

Now that digital printing has come a long way, there are interactive tech-themed books that can keep third graders even more interested.

These books may have interactive parts like videos, clickable links, or easy coding tasks accompanying the story’s theme. These make reading more fun and exciting.

The Role of Parents and Teachers

Parents and teachers need to help kids understand these books. Talking about what’s in the book, asking questions about the technology used, and making connections to real-life situations can all make reading more fun.

Adults can also help kids connect the tech in the book and the tech they use daily. This makes the learning more accurate and useful.

Getting Beyond Books

Parents and teachers can add related tasks to reading time to make it more fun. For instance, after reading a book about a young coder, they might lead a workshop on basic programming.

These kinds of tasks not only help you remember what you’ve read but also give you a chance to use what you’ve learned.


Picking chapter books with tech features for third graders is a step toward preparing a well-rounded generation for the future. These books are fun to read and teach you things simultaneously.

They make your kids curious and love technology. Getting kids interested in reading and writing early on is a gift that keeps giving.

Because it gives them the skills and information they need to do well in the digital age.

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