Once you know you are pregnant, the next exciting thing is to find out the baby’s gender.

Ultrasounds after initial months are a sure-shot way to find that, but there are also other traditional ways to keep the guessing game fun, and the Chinese gender predictor is one of them.

It is a traditional technique Chinese astrologers use to determine the gender of the unborn child based on the Chinese lunar calendar.

You may have heard about this interesting method to guess the baby’s gender, but if you are wondering how the Chinese calendar gender works, you are in the right place.

Let’s understand how Chinese astrologers interpret and use the gender calendar.

The History of Chinese Gender Predictors

The History of Chinese Gender Predictors

It is believed that the Chinese gender predictor was found in the ancient royal tomb 700 years ago, which was used as a secret method to decide the gender of the unborn future heirs.

This calendar was kept a secret for a long time by the imperial family, but with time, the chart and the secret method spread beyond the palace gates and were then available to general people.

According to Chinese astrologers, the position of the sun, moon, and stars greatly impacts human existence, including the gender of a baby.

This belief is the foundation on which the Chinese gender predictor works.

How Does the Chinese Gender Predictor Work?

1. Calculate the Mother’s Chinese Lunar Age

Calculate the Mother’s Chinese Lunar Age

The Chinese lunar age is calculated based on the Chinese lunar calendar, which is based on the phases of the moon and its position.

The Chinese lunar age is different from the age in the West, which is based on the Gregorian calendar. It usually comparatively overestimates the age by one or two years.

This means that if a mother is 25 years old, according to the Western calendar, she will be 26 or 27 according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

This is also because the Chinese tradition considers the day the baby was born as its first birthday.

2. Identify the Lunar Month on Which the Baby was Conceived

Identify the Lunar Month on Which the Baby was Conceived

The lunar month of conception and the lunar age of the mother at the time of conception together tell you the gender of the baby. So, it is important to know in which lunar month the baby was conceived.

To identify that, first, find out the Gregorian date on which the fertilization may have happened. Then, convert the western date into a lunar date with the help of a lunar calendar.

Once you have a date, find out the lunar month associated with that date. Each lunar month starts with a new moon, so the months are also different.

3. Refer to The Chinese Gender Prediction Chart

Refer to The Chinese Gender Prediction Chart

Now you have the lunar month of conception and the lunar age of the mother, refer to the chart and find the intersecting box. The lunar month of conception is mentioned on the X-axis, and on the Y-axis, the mother’s lunar age is written.

The crossover junction of both can be a blue box or a pink one. Blue represents a boy, and pink represents a girl.

This interpretation is based on the traditional Chinese beliefs about the harmony of certain lunar phases with a specific gender.

In the modern world, you do not have to go through all these calculations to get the prediction.

There are a lot of applications and websites available on the internet that will automatically convert the conception month and age according to the lunar calendar and give the prediction within seconds.

You must enter the expected delivery date given by your gynecologist and your current age.

Accuracy of Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar

Many claim that the Chinese gender prediction calendar is the best nonmedical test to know the baby’s gender and has an accuracy of up to 93%.

But as this test has no scientific base, there is no proof of this chart’s accuracy. With only two possible outcomes, any test will always be at least 50% correct.


The Chinese gender calendar is still used and celebrated by expecting parents worldwide because it is deeply rooted in Chinese astrology and folklore. The best thing is that this gender prediction test is quick and easy to conduct.

As it is based on the mother’s age and conception month, it can be taken at any given time of your pregnancy, while you have to wait until the second trimester to get the official gender reveal ultrasound done.

Whether you are using it for serious consideration or as a playful prediction tool, the Chinese astrologers’ way of interpreting gender does not fail to fascinate the parents-to-be.

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