Are you expecting two or more wobbly kids to run around the house? And does the wait for a gender reveal of the new one feel too long? We understand the excitement and thrill of expecting mothers and their family members.

Waiting for an ultrasound report on the 20th week can make many of us impatient. Therefore, to calm those thrilling nerves, the Chinese calendar gender reveal is a popular alternative option.

But does the power of this ancient wisdom of Chinese calendars extend to predicting twins or multiple births?

Let us delve into the world of Chinese astrology to find out.

What is the Chinese Gender Calendar?

What is the Chinese Gender Calendar?

Several powerful ancient wisdoms of our ancestors are carefully stored in the scriptures. However, man’s never-ending search for such tools unveiled the secret of the Chinese Pregnancy chart.

This currently popular pregnancy chart holds global fame. It was found in a Qing Dynasty tomb near Beijing and is approximately 700 years old. As per folk legend, this ancient chart can predict an unborn child’s gender.

Simple information like the mother’s age at conception and month of conception is all we need. A strong and reliable calculation of Chinese astrology then uses the information to predict the much-awaited gender reveal.

Popularity of The Chinese Pregnancy Chart

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Pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster ride for expecting mothers. Therefore, these one-time mothers often choose faith over skepticism.

The constant debate of the legitimacy, history, or accuracy of gender prediction takes a back seat. Hence, the popularity of the beautiful science of ancient Chinese astrology witnessed a boost.

Most Chinese mothers and grandmothers lean on the wisdom of their ancestors. The magical alignment of the Chinese culture, traditions, and rituals continues to shine bright on the global stage.

Besides, modern expecting parents are also in a constant search for new information. The easy availability of surplus information makes the science of the Chinese pregnancy chart even more irresistible.

Chinese Gender Calendar on Multiple Births

Chinese Gender Calendar on Multiple Births

The spirituality of Chinese pregnancy calendars is hugely appreciated globally. However, its shine tends to fade while predicting twin, triplet, or multiple births. The ancient wisdom of lunar cycles and planetary positions is limited to gender predictions only.

But why do we see the diminishing power of this infamous pregnancy chart? Here are the top four reasons to help you conclude an answer!

1. Simple Calculation

Chinese astrology considers only two things to predict the gender of an unborn child. The mother’s age and month of conception are the only factual considerations. This calculation thus eliminates the further complexities of twin or triplet births.

The pregnancy calendar is a simple math to predict the gender of an only child. It is incapable of showing more than one result of gender prediction.

2. Variability Inconsideration

According to modern and ancient medicines, twin births have multiple medical complexities. The formulae on the pregnancy calendar do not consider any of those medical variables.

Every expecting mother has something different in their pregnancy. Thus, the calendar fails to match the gender predictions for multiple births.

3. Insufficient Records

There are not many proven records documented as successful predictions! As much as we would love to believe the ancient wisdom of Chinese pregnancy charts, we are chained by facts.

It is hard to find proof of the Chinese calendar’s gender prediction in multiple births. Besides, we cannot find the mathematical formulae for the same.

4. Single Pregnancy Formulae

The ancient scriptures are our final confirmation of the diminishing power of the Chinese birth calendar. The formula is a powerful design to predict the gender of a single unborn child only.

It cannot predict the number of births or genders of multiple births of an expecting mother by any means.

Accuracy Factor of The Chinese Gender Calendar

Accuracy Factor of The Chinese Gender Calendar

The accuracy of the Chinese pregnancy calendar is an ongoing debate. There is no solid method to determine its accuracy and claim it a success!

Expecting mothers go through a whirlwind of emotions. Understandably, this tool will only help them have fun predicting the unborn baby’s gender.

Documented records, online videos, and blog posts will give you thousands of results of successful single-pregnancy gender predictions. However, the calculation might not be all well for many mothers.

But, if you feel the gentle kicks in your stomach and can’t wait to find out who it is! We suggest giving this calculation of the Chinese gender calendar a definite try.

Rest assured, the 20th-week ultra-sound report will come as a confirmation to all those jitters.

Summing It Up

All in all, the Chinese gender calendar is an exciting tool to use for expecting mothers and their families. When curiosity cannot wait too long, this powerful ancient tool is worth trying.

However, if you expect more than one pair of little feet and hands to crawl around, patience is better. Legit medical and mathematical facts answer the inability of this chart to predict gender in multiple births.

If you are an expecting mother, would you like to try this Chinese gender calendar?

Comment below and share your story!

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