Getting gifts for Father’s Day is always a task because dads always seem to have everything already!

The only resort is to make something personalized for him by engaging yourself in a DIY project because, trust us, your dad does not need more ties. Handmade gifts are fun and unique and carry a lot of emotion.

You can also make them eco-friendly by using things that are of no use. We have found some coolest DIY Father’s Day crafts ideas that can be made using recycled materials.

Your dad is going to love these gifts just because you made them with so much love, and you are going to love making them.

1. Jar Lid Badge

Jar Lid Badge

Every dad deserves an appreciation medal to wear proudly. These jar lid medals are super cute and super easy to make. You need some old jar lids, air-dried clay, paper, a safety pin, and glue.

Using clay to decorate the award, you can use different colors and make many patterns. Put it on your dad’s shirt on Father’s Day as a badge of honor and see him flaunting it all day.

2. Toilet Roll Cards

Toilet Roll Cards

If you are thinking of making something easy and cool with your preschoolers for Father’s Day, this one’s for you. You can do so much with a paper roll and craft different things, like a tuxedo card, a shirt card, a superhero card, and so much more.

You can even stick pictures of your kids with their dad to make it even better. Who knew toilet rolls could make such beautiful 3D cards?

3. “Love You to Pieces” Frame

Love You to Pieces Frame

If your kids are like mine, you likely have puzzle sets at home with missing parts. If you do not know what to do with it, get them together to make this adorable picture frame for Father’s Day.

You can stick them on cardboard or reuse any old photo frame. Add a color paper with “I love you to pieces” written, and the fame is ready to go.

4. Paper Plate Tie Craft

Paper Plate Tie Craft

A tie has been a perfect Father’s Day gift for years, but let’s give it a fun twist. Get together with your kids and make this fun paper plate tie. You only need a paper plate, painting colors, and a twine.

Draw a tie on a paper plate and cut it, add colors and patterns, and lastly, add twine. This is also a great last-minute idea because it does not need much material.

5. “My Dad Rocks” Frame

My Dad Rocks Frame

This is a great DIY gift for your dad, especially if he loves adventures or climbing. You can use the river bed’s colorful rocks, which are a little flat and not so rough. Just stick them around a wooden frame or a cardboard using super glue.

You can stick a picture of yourself with your dad in the middle or write “My Dad Rocks” inside the fame to make it a wall hanging.

6. Popsicle Stick Frame

Popsicle Stick Frame

Frames are a big hot when it comes to Father’s Day gifts. You can make a frame with many stashed things, and popsicle sticks are one of those.

Your kids will love this because it is super easy to make. Just take some sticks and colour them in pattern, or just let your kids pick whatever they like. Glue the sticks together and add a favorite memory picture to it.

7. Best Dad Trophy

Best Dad Trophy

Every dad deserves an award for being the best, and Father’s Day is the perfect time to do that. So do not hold back; get crafting. Bring in all your craft supplies, cardboard, and anything you think might look good on a trophy.

There is no rule to follow; design it as you like. Let your kids get creative and present the trophy with a loud announcement and a little drama.

8. CD Coasters

CD Coasters

Do you ever wonder what you will do with those old records stashed somewhere in the corner of your house? Well, turn them into coasters this Father’s Day. Paint them with colorful acrylic color and stick colorful craft foam in the middle to cover the hole.

You can write dad quotes and decorate the CD coaster. These cool coasters will always be a topic of conversation every time they are used.

9. Scribble Mug

Scribble Mug

If your kid is too small and cannot do much other than scribbling, this craft idea is just for you. Take a uni-colored coffee mug and put some stickers on it to write a message or create a pattern.

Let your child scribble her heart out on the mug and make it as colorful as you can. Now peel off the stickers and bake the mug in the oven for about 30 minutes to let the paint set.

10. Hand-Painted Golf Balls

Hand-Painted Golf Balls

A hand-painted golf ball is a great crafting idea for dads who love golfing, and it is super easy. Just grab some golf balls and let your kids paint it with patterns or finger impressions; this will only take a few minutes.

The ball will stand out among all other gold balls and will surely bring a smile to the father’s face whenever he is out golfing with his friends.


DIY gifts are super easy to make, and you will have a lot of fun making them. Dads love handmade gifts because they are full of love and sentiments; they will treasure that piece of art forever.

There is no limit to what things you can reuse and no boundaries to what extent you can go.

We hope these ideas inspire you to create something on your own. You can use anything lying around your house and get creative to convert it into a Father’s Day gift. How cool is that!

Mark Thompson

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