Having kids at home reflects in your living. If you have kids, a cluttered living room with toys hanging here and there is not an uncommon picture for you.

No matter how much you try, you fail to keep your living room clean and tidy.

However, watching a TV show or talking to a friend becomes impossible when toys are scattered everywhere.

Fortunately, you can keep your space clean and tidy with cool and hidden toy storage ideas.

Today, we will discuss some interesting ideas to organize toys in your living room elegantly.

Among the various strategies we’ll explore, don’t miss our hidden toy storage idea.

This creative and stylish solution keeps your living space both functional and chic without sacrificing the fun your kids have.

Ways to Organize Toys in A Living Room

Instead of leaving your living room in a mess with toys scattered everywhere, you can try some cool hacks and storage ideas to store toys in your living room.

Below, we will discuss some top living room toy storage ideas that you can try-

1. Toy Storage Trunk

Toy Storage Trunk

A toy storage trunk is the most popular and widely used toy storage for living spaces.

It is a very simple and functional item you can keep in your living room to store your child’s toys safely in your living room.

You can buy toy storage trunks from local stores or DIY your old cloth trunk into a toy storage trunk.

2. Coffee Table with Storage

Coffee Table with Storage

Another excellent living room toy storage idea you can try to keep your living space clean is a coffee table with storage.

Turn your plain coffee table into a coffee table with hidden toy storage to keep your living room clean.

3. Ottoman Storage

Ottoman Storage

Ottomans are a functional addition to your living room.

It can help you store toys safely inside with other essential items such as extra throws, blankets, and cushions.

Use your existing Ottomans or install new ones to store your child’s toys.

4. Toy Basket

Toy Basket

Toy baskets are also popular storage options that you can keep in your living area.

Such baskets are a cost-effective option to install in your living room.

Place all your child’s toys in the toy baskets and keep your living tidy.

5. Window Seat Storage

Window Seat Storage

If you have a space crunch and cannot install a new storage basket or bin, then window seat storage can be a great option.

Convert your window seats into hidden toy storage to keep your living room clean without any additional storage.

6. Cabinets


Cabinets are another popular and mainstream toy storage option you can incorporate in your living room to store toys.

Place a traditional cabinet in your living room. It helps to store toys with other items that make your living room messy.

7. Sofa Storage Options

Sofa Storage Options

When looking for a cost-effective and space-efficient solution to keep your kids’ store safe, you can turn your sofa storage into a hidden toy storage.

Storing toys inside your sofa helps to keep the space clean and decluttered.

8. Movable Toy Storage

Movable Toy Storage

Movable toy storage is another exciting and helpful idea that you can use to keep your living room clean and free.

Also, when you use movable storage, you can bring it inside and keep it away according to your needs.

9. Coat Closet as Toy Storage

Coat Closet as Toy Storage

The coat closet is a common item in most households. You can utilize your coat closet as a toy storage.

In most cases, the bottom of your coat closet remains blank. So you can utilize the space to store toys.

Other Tips

If you are still worried about keeping your living room clean and free of toys, you can utilize the below tips to keep your living room clean and well-maintained-

  • Remove old and unused toys: The best way to declutter your living space from unwanted toys is to remove old and unused toys. You can put them on a garage sale or donate.
  • Set up some rules: Set up some ground rules to guide your kids to store toys in the right place.
  • Teach children to tidy up independently: The best way to keep your living room clean is to teach your kids to tidy up independently after playtime.
  • Be mindful of new toys:  Kids will nag whenever they see a new toy. Always give them what is useful. Prevent buying excessive toys.

Wrapping It Up

Having kids means dealing with many issues, including keeping your space clean. You can have difficulty keeping your living room clean and free of scattered toys.

However, you can try some cool and innovative toy storage ideas to organize toys in your living space beautifully.

You can use your sofas, Ottomans, and cabinets or install toy baskets, movable toy storage, or clear bins to keep your living room clean and the toys well-organized.

Let us know your views on the list of ideas we shared and add in a few varieties that could add value and will be of help to others.

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