Handling kids is one task, and handling their disorganized, thrown-away toys is another.

As the ‘play outside’ season kicks in, it’s time to start cluttering out and making space for the toys of the energetic kids.

It is important to store the toys in a place that is easily accessible by the kids so that they can grab the toys anytime they want and can also easily put them back.

Also, you would want to make the place accessible to adults as well because let’s face it- adults are always on duty with the little ones.

The hidden toy storage ideas will help you clean and tidy the house.

Outdoor Toy Storage Solutions

There are plenty of options to look for if you wish to keep your toys organized indoors.

Apart from the available options, you can explore a wide set of hidden toy storage ideas to keep your indoor space uncluttered and organized.

You can also look forward to trying and storing the toys outdoors if accommodating them indoors is problematic for you.

This will help keep the house clean and free from the toy tornado kids bring after playing.

Some clever hacks for storing the toys outdoors are mentioned below; choose the one that suits you the best.

1. Playhouse or Toy Storage Shed

Playhouse or Toy Storage Shed

This has to be the common go-to way of storing kids’ toys.

Build a playhouse or a tent for the kids of the house and neighbors to play in and store all of the clutter they possess.

Somehow, the toys seem to multiply independently, and it’s not even a lie!

The large yard space will allow you to build a big playhouse for many toys and the mess the kids make.

2. The Pool Storage

The Pool Storage

While having a pool in the backyard is all fun, the hassle of storing all the required stuff for it is a task.

You will generally have a messy yard or deck if objects are not stored properly.

It would be helpful to hang some baskets and hooks and create a pool storage pallet.

Hang on all the wet towels, pool toys, goggles, and safety vests on the hooks and store away the balls and unicorns in the basket and the pallet.

3. Parking Garage

Parking Garage

A separate parking lot for all the remote-controlled or ride-on toys.

Storing all the ride-on toys in a small parking lot made of tin or anything you want will make everyday walking in the home and yard hassle-free.

Since these toys take up space, it’s great to have the kids’ parking lot where they will happily park the vehicle after they are tired of playing.

4. Bungee Cord

Bungee Cord

If your kids love playing football, soccer, and other sports, including huge balls, the bungee cord ball storage is a lifesaving technique.

Hang in a bungee cord ball storage set in the backyard or any of the house’s corners.

Whenever someone needs to pick a ball, they will not have to empty the whole storage to grab it.

It is easy to store all the balls without creating havoc at home.

5. DIY Rolling Cart

DIY Rolling Cart

Build a DIY Rolling Cart to store all the sporting equipment and toys in one place and always on the wheel. It will be easy to carry anywhere the kids want to play.

Toys on roll will make the toys accessible easily, but you need to build the cart to reach the kids’ height, and they can easily roll the cart.

6. Storage Bins

Storage Bins

The infamous storage bins are always at the rescue.

Instead of stacking the storage bins inside the house, store them in the backyard where the kids can hoard all their toys and fun belongings.

Mark the boxes with their specific labels like ‘toys,’ ‘remote control,’ ‘balls,’ etc.

Make the kids acquainted with storing the objects in their prescribed storage boxes.

Apart from preparing to store the toys outdoors, it would be best if you also taught the kids the ways of storing away the toys after their use.

If the kid throws away the toys every time after playing, the whole point of making storage outdoors will go in vain. Educate the kids!

Final Words

Kids are playful, and adults must ensure the kids learn to keep the place clean and tidy. The outdoor toy storage saves a lot of space in the house’s interior to store other important objects and keep the place clean.

It would be best to keep in mind to protect the toys outdoors from heat, rain, and theft.

You can make a shelter that can be locked at night and whenever required.

Outdoor toy storage will induce the children to play out in the open air instead of sticking to cell phones all day.

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