Do you remember those colorful finger paintings we all did as kids at some point in childhood? They are not just paintings; they are real pieces of art. Why?

In this fast-paced world, it’s too easy to forget the joy and creativity we had in our past. Those finger-painting ideas brought our imaginations to life and, therefore, are pieces of memories of our childhood that hold up a container full of nostalgia.

Therefore, we believe keeping and showcasing those little finger-painted canvases is crucial. But how do we do that? What’s the best way to display it?

Whenever we get a glimpse of them, it just reminds us of our childhood, bringing peace and soothing to mind.

Scroll down to learn how to preserve and showcase those incredible art pieces.

Best Ways to Preserve & Display Finger Painting Artwork

Expert tips to preserve & display finger painting artwork

Having all your kids’ artwork can be a hassle and is sometimes mistakenly lost. Preserving and displaying them can resemble their creativity, which elevates over time.

To avoid such a situation, here we go for some of the best creative ways to preserve and display finger painting artwork your kid has.

1. Frame and Decor

a painting of dancers in a frame, adding elegance to the decor."

Creative finger painting artworks can resemble beautiful decorative items. Frame the best finger painting artworks and use them to decorate different places.

This would not only preserve them for a longer time but also will best display them. Leaving them to exist is not enough; rather, frame and display them so whenever you look, it brings back all the memories.

2. Create a Memorable Collection

A child's hands, adorned with red, blue, and white paint, showcasing creativity in a playful manner

Once you have many creative finger painting artworks, you can create a collection of that beautiful art to keep them. It can let you never forget your kid’s creativity and talent.

Creating a collection allows you to explore your kid’s beautiful art collection easily whenever you feel like doing so.

Moreover, after having a bunch in your collection, display them in your kid’s art place and elevate their beauty.

3. Preserve in An Art Box

A personalized photo book preserved in an art box, capturing cherished memories

Collecting the best artwork can be exciting for your kid, as preserving it would not require much effort. You can opt for an art box to create your kid’s creative finger-painting art portfolio.

Remember not to have all the artwork as it will not leave them adorable; rather, have only the best ones. Create an adoring art portfolio with an art box your kid can display anytime.

4. Hang Them as An Artwork

Two vibrant paintings adorning a child's room, hung as artwork.

Hanging those beautiful finger painting artwork using cables and bulletin boards can be another way to preserve and display your kid’s best art.

Cover them first while opting this way, as it would not spoil them. This beautiful art can be placed anywhere in your kid’s room, displaying your kid’s creativity and art.

5. Take Snaps & Store

Two individuals capturing a painting in a museum with their cameras. Take Snaps & Store

Last but not least, go for snaps of the artwork. This way, you have all of them without discarding any painting. Phones are always with you, so this can best preserve this artwork for longer.

Also, with snaps on your phone, you can show your kid’s art anywhere and anytime without hassle.

Need to Preserve Finger Painting Artwork

A desk with a chair and a bookshelf, suitable for preserving finger painting artwork.

Having your young kid’s artwork is not essential, but it can be the best choice to mark your kid’s creativity.

Preserving your kid’s artwork is far more than just safeguarding that art; it helps to cherish and celebrate those beautiful moments later. Having this artwork for a long lets them hold emotions in them.

Moreover, these beautiful finger paintings can mark years of growth with a creative mindset and help display your kid’s creativity differently.


Overall, preserving finger painting showcases your fine art pieces and reminds you of the memories you had while painting. It just brings back all the nostalgia, filling your heart with happiness and mind with soothing memories.

There are a lot of methods, but applying the above ones will help keep your art pieces in front of your eyes.

The advantage is that whenever you see them, a pulse of nostalgia will run throughout, making your mood jolly. Isn’t it great?

Comment down below which method you loved the most. We would love to hear if there is any other way you are showcasing your finger painting.

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