Does the very word ‘slideshow’ make you yawn for ages and ages beyond? if your answer is yes, it’s because we always heard it hovering around presentations – college and business presentations.

But, when it comes to marketing, the whole equation turns upside down because that’s not how slideshows are used.

Slideshows work like a magical potion for businesses. When used creatively on social media using a powerful slide maker, it helps businesses attract viewers, hook them, and thus convert.

Got a change of mind? If not, then here are 3 incredible reasons why slideshows work as great social media content for businesses.

1 Slideshows are Engaging and Interactive

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Research suggests that humans tend to love things with which they can interact. When we interact with a thing, we feel a sense of connection.

In the early 1980s, ‘Choose Your Own Adventure‘ books became tremendously famous. Why? Because these books were interactive where children had a sense of feeling that they led the characters to their destinies. The readers are given many options for the next move in the novel, and depending upon the choice, the reader will skip to the connected page and read further.

Slideshows offer the viewers this same interaction.

Whether you create a slideshow online or you make it within social media, it engages your viewers. If the slideshow is in a video form, your viewers wait for the current slide to turn and the next slide to come. This is mainly because slideshows offer a Buddha balance of known and unknown.

We know that the slides will surely turn, but at the same time, we also are unaware of what the next slide might bring. And so, we wait for it.

However, for this to work, a slideshow must be crafted creatively. Here is how to make your slideshow great.

  • Try having a standard slide size throughout (unless there is a situation)
  • Try to capitalize on the sound factor. Use audio wisely and effectively.
  • Text size, font style, and narrative must be planned and synced with the overall purpose.
  • Use an AI slideshow maker. It only needs a prompt to begin creating a script, locating the appropriate video, adding text, and selecting background music. Make engaging presentations, portfolios, ads, product explainers, photo slideshows, and more.
  • Don’t overuse effects and transitions. Use only if required.
  • Try to be as concise as possible. There is a difference between a book and a slideshow.
  • Use creative but relevant slideshow templates.

And at last, make sure no slide is unnecessary, and all slides are working together to convey the message.

Apart from that, creating slideshows within social media has its own benefits. These slideshows require the viewers to use their fingers to bring in the next slide. This gives them the feeling of helping something leading to the finish line.

Consequently, your viewers feel great. But ensure that you do not disappoint them with lazy slides. If needed, convert your slideshow into pdf so that your viewers can download and read it later. Viewers can even customize the downloaded pdfs in future using a pdf altering tool.

2 Slideshows Pack Mountains Within a Box

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Where a video is definitely the best content type you can use for your business, there are times when slideshows easily leap and mount the throne. The drawback of videos is that they are hard to create.

You need powerful tools, a video editing expert, a scriptwriter, a music composer, and lots of time just to create a single video. This brings a burden upon the business, both cost-wise and time-wise.

A slideshow, although popularly known to be the next best thing to a video, sometimes is actually the best. Here is why that’s a fact.

  • Slideshows are space-friendly. Unlike videos, slideshows use less space and can help viewers with less bandwidth learn more about your business.
  • It is easier to create slideshows. You can easily create a slideshow effectively using many inbuilt tools that help you include effects, music, charts, graphs, motions, graphics, text, transitions, etc.
  • You can speak volumes using graphics inside slideshows. It works great for educating viewers.

Use slideshows to tell the success story of your customers. If you have software that helps in community management, you can create testimonial slideshows to tell how your product eased the worries of one of its users.

3 Slideshows are Pocket-friendly

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Slideshows are quicker to make and help businesses be in more touch with their customers.

You don’t need to hire some Casey Neistat sort to make slideshows. Slideshows are easier to excel at and make. You just need to write the content, gather some good royalty-free images (or buy), download relevant music, and start working on a good slideshow maker.

Consider it an investment that will yield you overflowing revenue in the future, and learn to create a slideshow before you delve into this field. It takes no more than a few hours to learn, and once you know it, making slideshows seems like snapping your finger and conjuring them in no time.

You only need to make sure you create an outline for reference, and after that, you have many tools available online that can smoothen the making process.

For small businesses, this is a great way to capture viewers’ attention and educate them about your business and its values. Furthermore, you can be creative and entertain them as well.

And because slideshows are cheaper and quicker to make, you can connect with your viewers several times a day.

Depending upon the social media platform, decide the number of times you need to upload the content for your viewers and reach them using different forms of content. Just ensure that you are providing them with something valuable rather than poking them with poor content.

Here are a few other added benefits of using slideshows for businesses that you should consider.

  • Slideshows concisely yet comprehensively convey the message to the audience.
  • It is a great tool for business presentations and makes them less complicated.
  • It helps in SEO, which is one of the topmost priorities for a business today.
  • Analytics and other data can be made interesting without compromising the message to be conveyed.

And if you have a business shaped around fashion and lifestyle, you can use these slideshows to reveal the many products out there. For example, you can create a slideshow showing different ways of wearing your latest stole.


When promoting a business online, including different types of content is something a business should seek. Where a simple picture can help your business convey a simple message, a video can do the same for complex messages.

Slideshows, on the other hand, work gracefully to tell a story in a quick and concise manner. The modern world consists of peaking competition where businesses try every titbit to lure potential customers and thus convert them into lifelong customers.

Where a creative and catchy slideshow can attract customers, a flop show can scare them away to a distant planet. And now that you know the power of great slideshows, go on to create for your own business and see the magic happening!


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