Newborn babies or infants are said to have extremely soft and sensitive skin.

When a baby is born for an initial 2 years, parents are extremely conscious and want to do their best to protect their kid’s skin.

However, one thing that comes often rigorously to parents is diaper rash.

During the infant stage, babies are quite sensitive and prone to getting rashes; there are many ways to treat that. For instance, check out this article about “how to eliminate diaper rashes in just 24 hours”.

However, if you are also concerned about the same and want to know if putting a powder can help it, we are here to solve all your queries.

Should We Use Powder to Cure Diaper Rash?

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If you ask the experts, then the answer is no. There are many ways to cure a diaper rash but the most common one used by parents is using a powder.

Using a powder on diaper rash is not a great idea, and rather than solving the problem, it can worsen the situation massively.

Baby powder or talc powder has many ingredients that are unsafe for a baby’s skin.

Baby skin is quite sensitive, and it can cause massive reactions. Some powders also have fragrance-based ingredients that can be dangerous to use.

Hence, it is highly advised not to use powder on rash. One can look for other ways or consult a doctor in this condition to keep their baby’s skin protected.

Symptoms of Diaper Rash

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Apart from red and irritated skin, there are several other symptoms you can see in your baby when they develop a rash.

One can also suspect some small bumps that can feel warm and look red.

Apart from this, you can see some other skin reactions, which are listed below.

  • Puss filled bumps
  • Blisters or soreness
  • The yellow texture on the rash
  • Bleeding or cracked skin
  • Mild to high fever

What Causes a Diaper Rash?

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The very next thing after understanding the symptoms is what causes diaper rash.

When you understand the major reasons for diaper rash, it becomes easy for you to prevent them because, as we all know, precaution is better than cure.

Therefore, we have listed some of the top causes of diaper rash, which you must know beforehand.

  • Dirty Diapers: In conditions like winter, babies tend to urinate often, and sometimes, due to negligence, we delay changing diapers. However, doing that can cause a rash on your kid.
  • Excessive Wetness: The next reason for concern is excessive wetness; it can be due to stool secretion, sweat, and even urine. Excessive moisture in the diaper can produce bacteria and cause rash.
  • Chafing: Diapers are meant to fit well on babies’ skin so there is no leakage, but sometimes it can cause problems. Extremely tight diapers can prevent air movement and cause excessive friction, which can cause a rash.
  • Sensitive Skin: Some babies have sensitive skin and are easily reactive to infection and redness. If your baby’s skin is quite sensitive, then it is advised to use only products that are meant for that.
  • Bacterial and Yeast Infection: Last are yeast and bacterial infections. There can be many causes for these infections; the most common is wetness. Make sure to consult a doctor in case of bacterial or yeast infection.

How to Cure a Diaper Rash?

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Knowing how to cure a diaper rash is very important so you don’t end up worsening the situation. Some of the popular ways you can cure and prevent diaper rash are mentioned below:

  • Change diapers frequently: The first thing is to change the diaper very often, which is extremely important. Don’t wait for the diaper to get full; wait for hours after one use to change the diaper immediately.
  • Clean Diapers Well: This tip is for you if you use cloth-based diapers. Make sure to clean your cloth-based diapers well so there is no reason for infection. Apart from cleaning, make sure to dry them thoroughly as well.
  • Clean the Area Gently: No matter how often you must do it, do this step carefully. Make sure to clean your baby’s genitals very nicely; you can use a gentle baby wipe to clean the area as well.
  • Give Frequent Baths: Yes, we know kids are often close to getting flu and fever due to baths but not giving a shower for a long time can also cause rashes. Hence, it is advised not to wait too long and to bath them regularly.
  • Don’t Use Powders: Be it a talc powder or a baby powder, make sure never to use them on your baby’s skin, as they can further cause infections and redness in the area. Certain chemicals in the powder are not good for a baby’s skin.


Lastly, concluding, it can be said that using baby or talc powder over a diaper rash is not good.

And putting things on your baby just because the internet says so is not safe for your baby. Its always better to do some research and be sure of something before trying. 

You can use many other ways that will not only cure the rash but also help prevent a rash.

You can follow the tips mentioned above and prevent the rash. Consult a doctor immediately if the condition worsens, and don’t take any risk.

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