Do you want to know whether you should give chapter books to your 3rd-grade child? Then, you are not alone.

Most parents face the same issue and seek advice from close friends or online about whether giving a 3rd grader a chapter book is a good idea.

And, even if you can, what are the best chapter books for the 3rd grade children?

The query is more profound and layered. And to get your every question answered, keep reading.

Here, we will discuss whether you should give chapter books to your 3rd-grade child and a list of good books for them.

What is A Chapter Book?

A chapter book is more advanced than picture books. But they are also less lengthy than novels. Good chapter books for 3rd graders have fewer characters and a more straightforward narrative style than novels.

They are ideal for developing the reading capabilities of intermediate readers aged between 7-8. They usually have a bit of a complex storyline.

That is why breaking the whole narrative into multiple chapters becomes necessary. These books also include illustrations.

Can 3rd Graders Read Chapter Books?

Can 3rd Graders Read Chapter Books?

Children begin their reading journey with picture books. These books usually have more illustrations and fewer words. But it would help if you introduced more complex storylines to your child as they grow up.

Many people still wonder if a 3rd grader can read chapter books. The answer is yes. A 3rd grader between 7 and 8 can read, listen to, and understand chapter books.

But it would be best if you guided them at the beginning.

Best Chapter Books for 3rd Graders

Best Chapter Books for 3rd Graders

1. Fantastic Mr. Fox- Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl is a great author, especially for children, and his Fantastic Mr Fox is a hilarious tale of a sly fox who plunders the farm of three farmers.

And when they try to catch the fox, the fox family comes up with a trick.

2. The Phantom Tollbooth- Norton Juster

Another brilliant chapter book you can give your 3rd-grade child is The Phantom Tolbooth by Norton Juster. It is a classic children’s book about Milo, a school-going kid who gets easily tired of everything.

But one day, a Tolbooth takes him to a mysterious world full of mysteries to discover.

3. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory- Roald Dahl

Another Roald Dahl book that comes to the chapter book reading list is Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

This classic children’s book can give your 3rd-grade child an enjoyable reading experience.

4. Mrs. Piggle Wiggle- Betty Macdonald

Betty Macdonald’s Mrs Piggle Wiggle is a story of a sweet person, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, who lives in an upside-down house with her family.

Her house is filled with excitement, and she has buried treasure in her garden.

5. Lost Treasure of The Emerald Eye- Geronimo Stilton

The Lost Treasure Of The Emerald Eye by Geronimo Stilton is a story of a fox named Geronimo Stilton, a mouse, and his daily adventures.

This first-person narrative takes you on a beautiful journey.

6.Dyamonde Daniel- Nikki Grimes

The Dyamonde Daniel by Nikki Grimes is a must for your third-grader child.

It is the story of a 3rd grader girl with wild, crazy hair and a questioning mind that questions different class narratives.

7. The Witches Of Benevento- John Bemelmans Marciano

The story is set in a fictional world called Benevento and tells the story of five cousin witches and how they need to be careful to defeat the evil witches.

It is a fun and interesting read for third graders.

8. Confessions of A Dork Lord- Mike Johnston

Confessions of the dark lord by Mike Johnston is also an excellent chapter book you can give your third-grader child.

The story is about Azrael Bal Gorath, the not-so-wicked son and heir of the dark lord, and his daily struggles to live up to his father’s name.

How to Choose the Right Chapter Book for A 3rd Grader

When you look for interesting chapter books for your third-grader child, you have endless options to explore. These endless options can also leave you confused.

Here is a quick guide to choosing the right chapter book for a 3rd grader.

How to Choose the Right Chapter Book for A 3rd Grader

  • Reading Interests: Always choose a book according to your child’s interest. This will encourage them to read independently.
  • Reading Level: You must also understand your child’s reading level and capacity and select a chapter book according to it. Remember that advanced readers can go for complex storylines, while the basic reader will need a more straightforward storyline.
  • Chapter Length: When choosing a book for 3rd-grade children, you should also consider the length of the chapters. Choose a book with a short chapter length to keep them engaged.
  • Reviews: You can also read online reviews and see what other parents prefer for their 3rd-grade children. Choosing chapter books parents recommend is often beneficial as you utilize their experience to find a suitable carpet book for your 3rd grader.


Chapter books can be a good option for third graders because they have developed reading comprehension skills. And when you give them good chapter books, it helps to strengthen their reading skills, improve vocabulary, increase creative imagination, and so on.

Also, it would help if you chose the most suitable chapter books according to their reading skills, capacity, interest, and more. It will encourage your 3rd grader to read independently and improve their reading skills.

Above, we have discussed choosing the right chapter books for 3rd graders and a list of good chapter books.

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