Have you ever been to a party with no games as a kid? No right! Games are an essential part of every child’s party experience.

However, one mistake that most parents often make while planning party ideas for 5-year-olds is that they include such games in the party plan that lead to a sense of competitiveness or dominance between kids, which leads to a bad experience for the kids.

After all, a party, be it a birthday or holiday, must be fun.

But can we blame parents for picking up the wrong games? Absolutely no.

With many games that kids love to play, it becomes a tedious task to pick the right ones to incorporate the right feelings in the kids while playing.

So, in this blog, below are some perfect party game ideas for 5-year-olds that your kids will love while ending the party on a good note.

Non-Competitive Party Games for 5-Year-Olds

1. Musical Statues

Two girls joyfully dancing to music notes in a game of Musical Statues

As the name suggests, the children must run around in this game until the music stops.

And when the music stops, kids will have to become statues of where they are at that moment, not to mention in the same pose.

Now, whichever child moves or cannot hold their pose will be eliminated.

Now, while being fun, how is this game non-competitive? The answer is simple: in this game, kids focus on their pose and doing their best rather than making someone else lose theirs. 

2. Balloon Pop
Balloon Pop - Kids Games: Children joyfully playing a game where they pop colorful balloons

Balloon pop is a game that kids and many adults play at their parties.

Balloons are an element of the party, so popping balloons creates a fun blast.

In this game, a large board is taken, and blown-up balloons are stuck on the board using adhesive tape.

Now, each child can pop the balloons with a pen while blindfolding.

This game is completely based on individual capabilities and avoids any competitiveness among players.

3. Storytime Hot Potato

A group of children sitting on the floor in a classroom, engaged in a lively session of Storytime Hot Potato

Storytime Hot Potato is the perfect game to enhance teamwork and creativity among children.

In this game, a player is asked to tell a fun story while holding a designated object, such as a pillow or a soft toy.

Once that player is done, the object rotates to the next person, and so on; the turn to tell stories keeps changing.

This game teaches the children about teamwork and sharpens their creativity. Oh, and the tales you’ll hear will surely leave you amazed.

4. Obstacle Course Adventure

A child joyfully playing on a wooden play set in a backyard, enjoying an obstacle course adventure

This party game with an athletic touch will not only give your child a refreshing rush but also teach them the importance and the thrill one gets upon overcoming challenges.

In this game, a set of small hurdles, such as piles of clothes, rings, toys, etc., and children must reach the finishing point without touching the obstacles.

This obstacle course game isn’t based on time-bound challenges, where who finishes first doesn’t matter.

Rather, every child is encouraged to finish every obstacle independently. This builds a sense of accomplishment in the child while being a fun party game.

5. Crafty Creation Station

Art supplies in various colors and types arranged on a pink surface at the Crafty Creation Station

More than a party game, it’s a fun party activity for 5-year-olds.

Every child can choose their creative expression mode, i.e., through painting, clay modeling, crafting beads, or any other.

This is a fun way to celebrate every child’s unique ability while avoiding the notions of perfection or competition.

6. Animal Antics

Three children wearing party hats and smiling for the camera at the Animal Antics celebration

Each child is given a different animal sticker or toy in this game, and then the party is lined up.

This follows with an animal parade where every child has to enact the respective animal assigned to them.

This is a creative and full of laughter-game that your 5-year-olds will cherish.

Also, to make the game more fun, you can ask each kid to pick their favorite animal and tell why it is their favorite.

You can mix this game with a ‘storytime hot potato’ game, where each child tells a story using their favorite animal.

7. Help Your Neighbor

Two young boys joyfully playing with pots and pans, creating music and laughter. Help Your Neighbor

In this non-competitive five-year-old party game, each kid is given a small/lightweight bean bag (or any other object), which they have to walk around the house with while balancing it on their head.

If the object/bean bag falls, the child freezes on the spot until another friend replaces the bean bag/object.

This game will certainly instill helping nature in your child while being fun.

8. Traffic Lights

Children playing in the park, enjoying outdoor activities and games. The image includes traffic lights in the background.

Just like the classic “Red Light, Green Light,” in this game, there will be three color commands, i.e., Red, Yellow, and Green.

In this game, the party must be attentive to the color being called out and perform the simple action associated with that color, such as jumping, sitting, crawling, etc.

However, if someone forgets to act, there shouldn’t be any penalty.

Thus, it is a nice physical activity in the form of a fun party game for five-year-olds.


These kids’ party games are so interesting that sometimes even adults choose to play them to bring out the child in them.

So, which of these fun, non-competitive party games would you choose for your child’s party? We suggest choose them all and create a blast for your little one.

Also, you can mix and match some of the games and their rules to make it more fun.

Such as mixing story time and animal antics, musical statues with traffic lights, etc.

After the players are eliminated, you can ask the child to act out their favorite animal, sing a song, or do any other fun activity.

Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson, is a child entertainment and activities coordinator with a decade of experience creating educational activities for children. Angela has worked extensively in various settings, including schools, community centers, and private events. Her approach towards children's entertainment is informed by her extensive research in child psychology and her previous role as a primary school teacher. Her passion for work is paralleled by her love for storytelling and writing children's books, alongside activities that inspire her creativity to connect deeper with the young audience.

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