Do you want to have the best field day games for kids? But are you short of ideas for organizing a mini Olympics field day?

Different mini-games can be organized to make it a successful event. You can plan some creative ideas for the event to have the maximum number of participants.

This blog consists of all the ideas that can be taken for the mini Olympics field day for kids.

Are you ready for an interesting event for the kids? Start choosing Olympic Games events that can make your kids more.

Guide to Organise a Mini-Olympics Field Day

Kids playing with a colorful parachute during a Mini-Olympics Field Day, fostering teamwork and fun.

1. Olympics Event Card

It is the first as well as essential steps taken for the event. Note that all the programs that will be organized in the mini Olympics.

Also, mention about the award which will be distributed to the winner.

Kids are usually fond of appreciation from their teachers. Make them understand the event so that the excitement level grows.

For better clarity, make two designs for the event. One must include the invitation and the other the event details.

2. Team Division

First of all, making a team for the kids is necessary. The kids can’t choose on their own.

So, as per their age, categorize them into different groups. Tell their parents about the team when people arrive or when invitations are sent out.

It’s a good idea to designate a color for each team and to aid in identification, you could always ask the kids to arrive wearing a T-shirt or sash representing their team.

You may let older kids select a card (or flag) from a hat to represent each team’s nation.

Alternatively, create and print a flag badge for every child, then let them select one from a hat.

3. Suggested Games

If you have planned for the mini Olympics field day, then you can choose the following games:

  • Basket Ball
  • High Jump
  • Simple Gymnastics
  • Badminton
  • Different Running Races
  • Table tennis
  • Obstacle Course

The variety of games depends upon your availability. You can add different race games, which makes kids more excited.

There are other field games as well, which can be organized easily. Add some games for the parents also so that there is active participation with the kids.

4. Medal and Closing Ceremony

This is the main part of the event, which every kid waits for. The medal ceremony is one of the compulsory events which needs to take place.

Even give the participation certificate to the students so they can take it next time.

Give the children another opportunity to march around after the medals have been distributed, with their medals displayed with pride.

Inviting the parents of the children who haven’t attended is a great touch to witness the medals and the closing ceremony at a designated time.

5. Olympic Foods

Selecting food is one of the most important tasks for the event. If the event is organized in the summer, you must select drinks accordingly.

Choose food plates and cups with matching dress codes if you have your theme for every game with a team member’s dress code.

You can also take suggestions from parents for the food. Or else, if it’s a mini-event, sandwiches, and cupcakes can be the best option for the kids.

Don’t forget to add the energy drink to the food list.


From so many ideas above, it is impossible to organize in a day. You need to have a longer period to make it a successful event.

So, are you ready to host the mini Olympics for the kids? The first process starts with planning with the team members and executing the process accordingly.

Which mini-Olympic games are you planning to organize? Will you organize soccer or other creative games for the kids?

Comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Olympic Games Organized for Kids?

For athletes aged 15 to 18, the International Olympic Committee organizes the Youth Olympic Games (YOG), an international multi-sport competition. In keeping with the present Olympic Games pattern, the games are held every four years, with summer and winter events staggered but in reverse order.

How Do Kids Get Training for The Olympics?

Usually, kids start training at an early age. They hire a coach to get the best training. Then, you get the perfect skills from the perfect trainer. Kids get the practice sessions daily with their trainer.

What Is the Youngest Age for Entering the Olympics?

The International Olympic Committee states that Olympic competition has no upper age limit. The age restriction is based on each International Sports Federation’s guidelines.

What Is a Mini Olympics?

Mini Olympics creates a pleasant and engaging environment where team members participate in a healthy competition. The overall winning team gets the Gold medals at the end.

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