Don’t you think Earth Day could be great fun for kids if you know how to celebrate? Well, you can plan interesting activities with family and friends to enjoy this happy holiday. Supporting the environmental cause of protecting Mother Nature and preserving her generous resources gets better with children.

Here are 20 free printable Earth Day coloring pages if you are looking for fun-filled Earth Day activities. As kids are the future of our planet, involving them in fun painting on Earth Day will help them learn more about our beautiful blue planet.

Enlightening children about the beauty of the plants and animals on this planet gets easier by involving them in this colorful painting activity.

Encourage your little ones to use their limitless imaginations and color these free Earth Day coloring pages.

Earth Day Printable Coloring Pages Children Will Love

Incorporating fun into learning activities is the best way to educate children. These 20 meaningful Earth Day coloring pages will help children become aware of the beauty of planet Earth while filling them with colors.

However, parents can help their little ones understand the importance of plants, trees, rivers, and land with the free Earth Day images listed below.

1. A Happy Girl Holding the Earth

A Happy Girl Holding the Earth

Children are our future. We must teach them to treat the planet with kindness. In this Earth Day coloring page, a little girl lifts a globe with her hands. There are clouds over her head, and the ground beneath her is covered in flowers and grass. The girl is smiling brightly and is happy. Allow your children to put themselves in the place of the little girl. Ask them if they can imagine the blue sky and the white clouds. Help them color the girl, the flowers, and the earth in whatever colors they like.

2. A Beautiful Whale

A Beautiful Whale

Whales are beautiful animals. Did you know that the blue whale is the largest animal that has existed to date? Whales are a crucial part of the marine ecosystem. However, the marine ecosystem is in danger with the growing pollution of oceans and smaller bodies of water. On this Earth Day coloring page, a whale is swimming happily. A happy whale spraying water from her blowhole raises awareness for protecting water bodies. The phrase “Earth Day!” thus reminds us to take care of the earth and its marine life.

3. We Will Protect the Earth

We Will Protect the Earth

Most children love nature and the outdoors. They would give anything to play with their friends in the water or sand. Leave a child in a garden full of flowers and plants and watch them get lost in their imagination for hours. If we made children aware of the plight of our planet, they would grow up to become responsible adults. Pick Earth Day coloring pages that show a group of children forming a loving yet protective circle around the Earth. Select books where children from all over the world come together to protect our planet.

4. Earth is Where All Life is

Earth is Where All Life is

Scientists have been exploring other planets in our solar system. The aim is to find traces of life on at least one of the planets. We have found a few planets that resemble Earth in their composition. However, the only signs of life are some strains of microorganisms. So, we can safely say that among all the planets in the solar system, Earth is the only one capable of sustaining life in complex forms. Here is one of the Earth Day coloring pages that reminds us that Earth is the only planet where plants, animals, and humans can naturally live and thrive. We must protect our homes.

5. A Smiling Earth

A Smiling Earth

When the air is free from pollution and the water flowing in rivers is clean, our planet Earth is happy. When people treat other life forms with compassion and only take what they truly need from the land, the planet is happy. Here is a smiling example that stands out from the rest of the Earth Day coloring pages. Our bigblue planet is in a happy mood, smiling in joy and opening its arms to everyone.

6. Earth Wearing A Flower Tiara

Earth Wearing A Flower Tiara

Who does not love flowers? Flowers can brighten anyone’s day. Walking into a well-maintained garden can fill one’s heart with joy. But going on a nature walk and finding wildflowers everywhere fills us with an extra sense of happiness. Earth is the only planet where you can find flowers. So, we must protect this planet. Taking a break from boring Earth Day coloring pages, our beautiful planet Earth looks bright and happy in this printable image. It is wearing a flower tiara and looks happy in its new style. Fluffy clouds float in the sky around it to create a sense of a happy atmosphere.

7. Hugging the Planet

Hugging the Planet

A hug is an expression that shows our love and warmth. This is one of the Earth Day coloring pages where we find a compassionate sense toward our blue planet. A little child is hugging our beloved planet with great joy. The child has a flower in their hair, and lovely leaves float around them. This image shows the little boy’s love for nature and his wish to take the best care of his home.

8. Love Your Planet

Love Your Planet

Send an important message with beautiful Earth Day coloring pages. Here the message is crisp and clear: – Love Your Planet. A beautiful outline of the earth reminds people that we need to love and protect our home planet. Various types of flowers and shapes float around, adding to their beauty. Encourage your little one to color this image with desired crayons. You can then frame it to show off in your home or office.

9. Two Children Hugging Earth

Two Children Hugging Earth

When we raise children with love and kindness, they hold compassion in their hearts. This kindness is not just for other human beings but also for other animals, plants, and the planet. Making children aware of the issues going on in the world can help them become better human beings as they grow up. In this Earth Day coloring page, a boy and a girl express their love for Earth while hugging it.

10. Protect Our Planet

Protect Our Planet

Our planet is home to millions of different animals, plants, aquatic life forms, insects, birds, and microorganisms. Pick Earth Day coloring pages showing different plants and animals united in joy. In this image, we can see a cow, a pig, and a rabbit sitting in front. A whale comes out of the water, greeting everyone, while a tiny bird flies overhead. Plants and flowers are everywhere, and a bee buzzes around the flowers. What beautiful scenery! This image will inspire your kid to spread a sense of love and happiness to protect our planet.

11. Earth Tells You A Story

Earth Tells You A Story

It has been through countless changes and has so many stories to tell. Imagine Earth Day coloring pages where a little child is floating on a beautiful cloud above. They are resting well in a bed of flowers as the Earth tells him stories of all that it has seen and experienced: the first plants, the first animals, dinosaurs, and the beginning of humankind. Stars surround them and twinkle brightly.

12. Earth and Us

Earth and Us

An exciting activity for Earth Day celebrations would be to ask children to make a speech about what they think about planet Earth. Encourage your kids to talk about their favorite seasons, trees, flowers, or activities. This exercise will reflect their awareness of and connection to our planet. For example, select Earth Day coloring pages that show two kids standing in a bed of flowers, talking about nature and expressing how happy it makes them feel.

13. Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

Reimagine Earth Day coloring pages with simplicity! This printable page depicts a simple yet powerful scene. Every day, the sun rises in the sky, making everything come alive and beautiful. Clouds give us rain, and rain feeds our water bodies. Plants grow with the help of sunlight, water, and oxygen in the atmosphere. It then provides us with food and other necessary items like wood, cotton, and gum. They also produce beautiful flowers and fruits that look beautiful and taste delicious.

14. Recycle Your Trash

Recycle Your Trash

Every day, we generate over 3.5 million metric tons of solid waste. This waste, which includes plastic and other non-biodegradable things, gets dumped into landfills, rivers, and oceans. They destroy the ecosystem and harm aquatic life. So, we need to remember the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. We must recycle as much as we can so that we don’t end up destroying the planet even more. This is one of the powerful Earth Day coloring pages where we see a little boy put recyclable trash in the recycle bin.

15. Plant New Trees

Plant New Trees

Forests absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give us oxygen. They also control the water flow and rain cycles. Forest covers were an essential part of our planet in the past. But greedy humans kept cutting down trees, causing deforestation. These activities led to animals and plants losing their habitats and going extinct but have also negatively impacted the climate. Today, we must plant new trees and protect them to help Earth be a lively planet. For example, choose Earth Day coloring pages, where a child plants a new sapling.

16. Greenery is Beautiful

Greenery is Beautiful

People from all over the globe must join hands and plant new trees. Together, we can reverse the damage done by years of deforestation. It is only when our combined efforts that we can bring about an essential change. A single person cannot plant a million trees. We all must do our part. Here is an example of Earth Day coloring pages that shows people from different parts of the world planting new trees, watering them, and doing their best for the environment.

17. Trees Give Us Life

Trees Give Us Life

Trees give us the oxygen to stay alive, beautiful flowers, and delicious fruits rich in nutrition to keep us healthy. They also provide us with shade from heat and rain. Many birds and small animals build nests and live in trees. So, planting trees is a good habit we must practice. This is one of the Earth Day coloring pages, where two kids are planting new trees and watering them to help them grow.

18. For The Cat Lovers

For The Cat Lovers

Did you know you can only find cats on Earth? Till now, we have not received any reports of scientists spotting cats anywhere else in the universe! Isn’t that interesting? So, if you love your cats, dogs, and other pets, you must do your best to keep the planet in its best condition. Where will we and our beloved animals go if Earth cannot support life? Here is one of the Earth Day coloring pages, where three cats are lovingly hugging the planet. They seem happy and playful to be on Earth.

19. Earth Day, April 22

Earth Day, April 22

Choose Earth Day coloring pages that simply mention the date, April 22′. As we are celebrating Earth Day, everyone must remember the date and spread awareness. A tree with beautiful leaves holds our planet lovingly. Although it is a simple piece, filling the leaves with bright colors will make the picture pop. You can also draw tiny birds flying around the tree.

20. Our Beautiful Earth

Our Beautiful Earth

Here is an example of flower-inspired Earth Day coloring pages. Our blue planet is the center of a beautiful flower. Beautiful petals surround the planet and caress it lovingly. This outline is simple, but one can use their creativity to add more details to the drawing. You can use different colors and different patterns to fill different petals. You can also hand-sketch rainbows and butterflies on this page to add an extra source of fun and beauty.

Summing It Up

All in all, Earth Day is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of this planet and making a promise to protect it. We must raise them to be more aware of nature, animals, birds, and the natural resources of our beautiful planet. Involving children in a fun painting activity and educating them on the importance of the earth and all its resources will undoubtedly make a big difference.

These 20 beautiful and free printable Earth Day coloring pages cover animals, birds, plants, children, recycling messages, and more. Encourage your little ones to use bright colors to bring their vision into reality.

As they color the planet blue and green, a sense of love and compassion for the earth may develop within them.

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