Do you enjoy making DIY holiday decorations? If you are a craft lover, the excitement of the holiday season may make you create more than necessary.

For example, advent calendars are a seasonal favorite. They bring sweet surprises while we patiently await the final celebration day.

What to put in an advent calendar? As we have previously answered the question, now you have a surplus!

Rest assured, we have got your back! Today, we will repurpose DIY advent calendars with more creativity. Let’s begin!

What is the Importance of Repurposing Advent Calendars?

What is the Importance of Repurposing Advent Calendars?

Undoubtedly, advent calendars bring us a daily dose of joy. They spread joy during the holiday season, birthday countdowns, or ceremonies.

However, they also generate a lot of waste. We blame the single-purpose effect of these calendars for making them flop.

Kilos of plastic, cardboard, and paper are in landfills right after the holidays. This situation calls for our immediate attention and a sustainable solution.

Therefore, here are a few fun, creative, and intelligent ways to repurpose our advent calendars.

Best Ways to Repurpose Advent Calendars

Yes, you heard that right. It is possible to repurpose the advent calendars you crafted earlier.

Here are the 7 best ways to give our favorite DIY a new life!

1. Shred to Make Confetti

Shred to Make Confetti

The easiest way to recycle an advent calendar from last year is to shred it. This process will be easy for paper calendars. Hand-written notes, a calendar, a shopping bag, hand tags, or a paper bulb DIY advent can be shredded.

The upcoming new year, birthday, or anniversary will be snowy with artificial paper confetti.

2. Create Personalised Gift Cards

Create Personalised Gift Cards

Is there a cartoon, superhero, or character figure you love from an old advent calendar? If so, it’s time to cut out their shape and paste it on your New Year card. An all-new card is ready to be someone’s gift.

However, you can still create a birthday card for your friends and family if you are way past the New Year.

3. Make Handmade Papers

Make Handmade Papers

Use the colorful papers from an old advent calendar to create new crafts. Cut them into any desirable shapes, make origami, or use them to make hand-made papers.

There is no limit to upcycling old paper. The sky becomes your limit as you allow yourself to imagine. We love reusing old papers to hand-make new ones at home.

4. Create a Storage Organizer

Create a Storage Organizer

Creating a storage organizer is easy if you have a wooden box advent calendar from last year. Arrange those numbered wooden boxes and scrape out their paint. Apply a fresh coat of new color and name them.

An all-new storage organizer is ready! Repurpose these wooden boxes to store pins, dainty jewelry, art supplies, and more.

5. Manual Daily Goal Motivator

Manual Daily Goal Motivator

Repurpose an old advent calendar smartly to make it your new daily goal reminder. Staying motivated is tough. Therefore, you can pre-plan and write energizing and motivating quotes on the dates.

It will remind you of your strengths and motivate you to try consistently. You will be surprised to see how quickly you have achieved a set goal.

6. Gratitude Box

Gratitude Box

If you have yet to be aware of the power of gratitude, it is time to start a new habit. Recycle an old advent calendar to create a new gratitude box. Paste fresh envelopes under each date, and you can begin.

Before going to bed, write five things that you are grateful for. It can be anything from food to new clothes, good news, or surprise visits from a friend.

7. Create New Art

Create New Art

Art knows no boundaries. Use the power of your imagination to create a beautiful, quirky, or new artistic decor for your bedroom. Paint the old advent calendar and paste some beads, glitter, or pastel shades of your choice.

You can always look for creative ideas on the internet and seek fresh inspiration. Maybe it is time to let your fun side shine bright!

Top Eco-Friendly Advent Calander Ideas

Craft does not necessarily have to produce waste. Therefore, here are three fantastic and sustainable advent calendar ideas for you.

1. Mason Jar Advent Calander

Mason Jar Advent Calander

Collect old mason jars and clean them. Now, fill the jars with sweet treats, marshmallows, glitter, notes, or cookies. Number their tin lids, and your sturdy new advent calendar is ready!

Open one jar every day and enjoy your festive countdown.

2. DIY Beer Bottle Calendar

DIY Beer Bottle Calendar

Reuse your old beer bottles to make advent calendars. Now, clean the bottles and paint them. Tie wollen threads around their necks and number each one using glitter dust.

You can hang these bottles from a wooden or iron rod and enjoy a creative festive countdown. Do not forget to play with the shapes and sizes of these bottles for an extra dose of creativity.

3. Candle Advent Calander

Candle Advent Calander

Celebrations demand lights. Candles tick off both sustainability and creativity. Use the old method of carving numbers on thick, colorful candles. You can burn one as you patiently wait for the final celebration.

Summing It Up

Saying goodbye to the holiday season does not have to limit the use of advent calendars. There are creative ways to repurpose these crafts and prevent them from generating waste.

Where there is imagination, there is a way! Ideas like making confetti, storage boxes, gratitude envelopes, and cards help us transform old calendars.

In a way, it is our small contribution to promoting eco-consciousness and a healthy planet.

How do you plan to repurpose old advent calendars? Comment below and share your story with us.

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