Would you love to involve yourself in a creative way to spend your winter holidays in style? If yes, we have a lovely thing you can have up your sleeves. This can be fun and enticing, too.

Any guesses as to what it is? It refers to using your heightened sense of creativity in making a brand-new advent calendar for your classrooms.

You can include fun-loving caricatures, pictures, and thematic templates to make your advent calendars interesting and enticing.

Do you know how to design one? Before making it, you must know what an advent calendar is. An advent calendar uses calendar templates to count down the holiday season.

In this online blog, let us figure out interesting ways and means to complete an advent calendar template. Alongside, we will also understand what to put in an advent calendar.

Day 10: Today is the Time to Recreate Elfie Selfie

Today is the Time to Recreate Elfie Selfie

We make printables to add fun and cheer for the upcoming holiday season. The idea is easy and fun. However, you can personalize the idea in a memorable way indeed.

You can add live templates of caricatures and include your photos out there. Just cut the photos in the form of your faces.

Day 9: Explore the World of Recreating Christmas Themes

Explore the World of Recreating Christmas Themes

Make cute-looking winter cabins to recreate a perfectly-poised Christmas theme. The cotton sponges on top of the cabins resemble snowfall.

To add to the festivity, add serial lights near the Christmas tree and the cabins, too. These hand-made cabins look adorable indeed.

Day 8: Escape Room Puzzle Templates in Vogue

Escape Room Puzzle Templates in Vogue

Create escape routes and keep hide-away stickers. The participants inside the classroom must be asked to pick chits of paper to find the clues hidden inside different classrooms.

Using puzzle templates, the clues can be unveiled, and a group photo with the completed puzzle card can be stuck in for the template.

Day 7: Writing Stories Can Add to Fun and Excitement

Writing Stories Can Add to Fun and Excitement

Adding to the countdown days can be fun and exciting. Young students can be encouraged to curate stories. They can write about the 1st day of holiday-leaving at school until they plan Christmas and New Year.

The charts can be done in calligraphy style, and printables can be done for the same. The story chart can be pinned up on bulletin boards.

Day 6: Holiday Word-Building Activities

Holiday Word-Building Activities

You can ask your students to build words based on the holiday theme. Word-building puzzle cards can be given to students with clues written at the back of each.

The word-building activity can be fun and exciting. At the end of the game, the solved printables can be stuck into the advent calendar you are looking for.

Day 5: Holiday Coloring Can Be Fun and Enticing

Holiday Coloring Can Be Fun and Enticing

Holiday coloring can add so much fun and excitement for your tiny tots and toddlers. Non-coloured printables can be handed over to kids.

Allow them to use their creativity and imagination in coloring the pictures out there. The colored printables can then be put up on display via charts.

Day 4: Pop-Up Holiday Cards

Pop-Up Holiday Cards

Things can get more exciting and fulfilling with just a few more days to go for the holiday countdown. Allow your kids to take out fun-filled pop-up card printables.

Plain popup cards can also be bought from online stores. You can allow your kids to write heart-warming messages on these holiday cards. A pretty-looking holiday-caricatured picture can also be put up on display.

Day 3: Creating Holiday Popsicles

Creating Holiday Popsicles

Taking the shapes of Gingerman bread cookies, pie cakes, and holiday-themed food items, you can allow your kids to put them into molds of these shapes.

Popsicles can be done in a fun and creative manner. You can take a pic of holiday-theme popsicles and add them to fun printables. You can incorporate this idea into your tiny kid’s advent calendars.

Day 2: Drawing on Graphical Sheets

Drawing on Graphical Sheets

Allowing your kids to draw on graphical sheets can be fun and exciting. Using the grid, the measurements can be taken, and the images can be caricatured on the other side of the sheet.

You can also color uniformly on both sides to add to the festive spirit.

Day 1: Festive Decoration

Festive Decoration

This is the day of Christmas, and you cannot fall short of festive decorations. It would be best to decorate Christmas with serial lights, confetti, and decorative sprinklers.

You can display the baked version of the mega Christmas cake. Then, add a collage of pics to the printable templates. This is the icing on the cake. Voila!

Summing It Up

These are the top 10 printable activities you can think of. Tips and ideas have been provided on how to execute every activity to the best of your ability.

For school teachers of pre-schools and playschools, the creation of pretty-looking advent calenders can freshen up the holidaying spirits in a reviving manner. As parents of teeny-weens, these printables or the creation of lovely advent calendars can keep your little ones busy and preoccupied.

The activities include painting, coloring, caricaturing, and other exciting activities to help your kids wear creativity hats. Learning becomes easier when you involve your learning curriculum with pretty-looking advent calendars.

So, which of these activities will you allow your kids to do? Do let us know about the same!

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