Are you someone who loves every bit of glitter and glamour of the holiday season? Or do you enjoy adding creative and fun personalization to your everyday life?

Whatever your intention, a handmade advent calendar magically fits all your purposes.

Advent calendars help us track a much-awaited holiday season or family ceremony. Of course, you can always count on a store-bought calendar or decoration.

However, the magic happens when you sprinkle your creativity over your crafts. But what should you put in an advent calendar?

Today, we will delve into the amusing world of crafting and designing advent calendars from scratch. So, open your craft kit, and let’s get started.

Crafting Personalized Advent Calendars at Home

As snow covers our driveway, we have officially entered the holiday season. Undoubtedly, baking some Christmas cakes, gingerbread, and pies is fun.

But there are more ways to add a colorful and creative zing to this celebration.

You got it right! We are talking about advent calendars.

Here are our top eight ways to craft advent calendars from scratch. Come, take a look!

1. Christmas Light Advent Calander

Christmas Light Advent Calander

Origami lovers, here is your call to create colorful paper lights to decorate your room.

Pull up your socks to craft a few paper bulbs and string them one after the other.

Now, number all the bulbs like that on a calendar.

Your Christmas light advent calendar is ready to be hung on the bedroom door.

You can make a big bulb for the celebration day and hide some treats or a fun message. Easy, isn’t it?

2. DIY Colorblock Calander

DIY Colorblock Calander

Colorblock calendars are ideal for those who need an easy-to-create advent calendar for the holiday season.

We need colorful sticky notes, a glitter pen, and a blank frame.

Take a colorful frame and rearrange the bright sticky notes in a row to mark the days of a calendar.

Next, use the glitter pen to write the number on each note.

Draw small details like a star, moon, sun, flower, or leaf to add some personal touch.

Finally, hang the canvas on the wall, and your advent calendar is ready.

3. Flower Garland Advent Calendar


Do you want to create a nature-inspired advent calendar? A colorful paper flower garland is easy to make and perfect for the holidays.

Cut out vibrant flower-shaped papers and use your creativity to decorate them with little details.

You can also use artificial leaves, Christmas trees, stars, moons, and planetary figures.

Now, take a ribbon of your choice and paste these shapes on it.

Finally, number these cutouts, and your quick garland calendar is ready to decorate your room.

4. Paper Bag Hanging Advent Calander

Paper Bag Hanging Advent Calander .png

Are you wondering what to do with those shopping bags and wrapping papers? Well, create your advent calendar with minimal effort.

Collect paper bags, hang tags, and wrapping papers of different sizes and colors.

Take wollen threads and stick one end of it on these bags. Tie the other end on a small stick or rod, and decorate the rod with a garland.

Write surprise messages, candies, gifts, and more on the paper bags.

Your paper bag advent calendar is ready to amuse you with surprises in the upcoming days.

5. Creative Cartoon Advent Calander

Creative Cartoon Advent Calander

Crafting a cartoon advent calendar is for those who enjoy drawing.

Employ your favorite cartoon characters to enjoy an enthusiastic and funny countdown.

Draw characters like Superman, Spider-Man, Tom and Jerry, or Elsa on a paper.

Use scissors to cut out their shapes, paste them on a white canvas, and number them. Your DIY cartoon advent calendar is ready!

6. Colorful Stockings Calander

Colorful Stockings Calander .heic

The magical time of Christmas calls for some nostalgic creativity.

Do you remember hanging stockings and writing a letter to Santa about your gift?

Well, we are about to re-live the good old days again.

Collect a few old colorful stockings or cut-out stocking-shaped papers.

Now, tie up the stockings with wollen threads and hang them from a wooden rod.

You can number them per your countdown days and add small, colorful details.

7. Hand-Written Notes Calander

Hand-Written Notes Calander

What better way of personalizing than writing notes? Make an advent calendar at home using a long piece of thread and hanging notes.

Cut out small blocks of paper and number them per your countdown days.

One can use colorful paper or dye them for fun. Write a sweet message on every piece of paper and hand it from the thread.

It feels good to read them and feel the beautiful approaching days.

8. Candy Filled Advent Calander

Candy Filled Advent Calander .jpg

Would you like some sweet treats while patiently waiting for the final day of celebration? If yes, it is time to create a candy-filled advent calendar.

It is really fun to include children while crafting this idea into reality.

Hang colorful envelopes from a rod and number each of them.

Now, fill those with tasty candies, chocolates, marshmallows, and other sweet treats.

Open one envelope every day and let the candies come as a surprise. It is a sweet way to enjoy the holiday season with your little ones.

Summing It Up

The anticipation of family rituals, ceremonies, and holidays is an unmatchable feeling. However, counting the days does not necessarily have to be boring.

DIY advent calendars rush to our resumes in such scenarios.

We encourage you to let your creative imagination run wild.

All you need is fabric, colors, papers, scissors, and, most importantly, personalization!

Rest assured that you will successfully enjoy an amusing countdown period with your family and friends.

So, how would you like to craft an advent calendar? Is it with candies, handwritten notes, or stockings? Comment below and share with us.

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