Do you want to add lovely giggles and laughter to your table with kids around? If your answer is yes, then you must prance up to saying kinky monkey jokes. When you emote a joke, it lightens the mood of your child. As such, kids may have to reach their schools on time and study for hours together on end.

Post coming back, they play for a while and sit down for their homework. Alongside, you have those rhetorical tests and assignments, and your kids study hard to get over them. Hence, as a parent, you must always make an earnest effort to lighten their moods, and saying out hilarious jokes is the key.

With respect to monkey jokes, you have various genres you can think of. These include go-banana jokes, tickle-tickle monkey jokes, jungle theme jokes, working out trivia, and a lot many more.

Hilarious Monkey Jokes for You and For Your Kids to Enjoy

Hilarious Monkey Jokes for You and For Your Kids to Enjoy

1. Banana Split

Are you at the ice cream parlor right now, and have you just ordered a flavorful banana split? If your answer is a yes, then this is the ideal joke to lighten up your kid’s mood:

Joke: Do you know why the banana split itself open?

Answer: As the banana saw a monkey nearing!

Leave a pause and allow the kid to think for a while and then give away the answer.

2. Flying Monkey

This can be an airport joke that you may line up in case you are flying with your kid for a holiday destination or too. When you have baggage or airport formalities, this joke can lighten up your mood of yours, and the kid will be giggling too. Here is the one:

Joke: Give a name to a monkey that can fly

Answer: It is called a parachute baboon.

3. Gossip Joke

In the midst of a kitty party among ladies, does your son feel all depressed and isolated? Then there is an apt situational gossip-based joke that you can give a shot at. Your kid will pop up with fun and laughter. Now, let me break the bubble with respect to the joke:

Joke: Name a place where monkeys get their gossip from.

Answer: From the branch of a tree!

You can find your boy all in splits. Plus, the ladies will also start giggling. Monkey jokes can suit any kind of occasion indeed.

4. Angry Monkey

Is your boy angry over no rhyme or reason? Well, then, there is every reason out there to cheer him up. This is a simple joke that can calm down the temperament of your kid, lighten up his mom’s mood and keep you happy too. Now, let us see what the joke is:

Joke: Can you name the monkey that is all angry and furious

Answer: Mr. Angry Monkey

5. Playing Cards in The Jungle

Are you playing Uno cards with your 7 YO? Then the joke can suit the occasion to lighten up the mood of your kiddo. Here is the joke you have been wanting to listen to:

Joke: Can you reason out why those monkeys don’t play with a pack of cards

Answer: Because you have too many cheetahs out there.

6. Are You a Chocolate Lover?

If you and your kids love gorging on chocolates, then this is the joke you will surely love. Just pop this question to your kiddo, and you shall see an immediate grin on his face. Wanting to know what the joke is. Here is letting you know how:

Joke: Can you name a chocolate-loving monkey?

Answer: Choco-chimp

7. Even Monkeys Love Clothing that is in Vogue

Is your daughter a fashionista? Then, this is a joke that would vibe with her persona as it reveals her love for fashion-based clothing. Let us hear what the joke is:

Joke: Where do fashionista monkeys purchase their apparel from?

Answer: Banana Republic.

8. For The Book Lover

Does your boy love ‘The Harry Potter books that J K Rowling wrote? Then, book-based monkey jokes will keep him grinning. The joke is an ideal wit for the entire family too. Wanting to know what the trivia is all about? Here we go:

Joke: Name a book the monkey loves to read.

Answer: Hairy Potter

9. Jingle Bells for a Monkey

This is a perfect theme for a Christmas party and to lighten up the moods of your people around. Sometimes, people are a little serious even during a party event, and therefore hosts generally play games or crack jokes to add to a more delightful atmosphere. This is one of the perfectly poised monkey jokes suiting the occasion, and let us see what this is:

Joke: What is the song monkeys sing for Christmas Eve?

Answer: Jungle Bells!

10. No Bananas in Stock

Is your kid asking for candy, and there are no candies in stock? Well, he or she may feel upset about it. Here, you have the urge to lighten their moods and calm them down, and here is a situational monkey joke that can invariably come to your rescue. Let us see what the joke is all about:

Joke: If there are no bananas, is there an alternative fruit a monkey can choose?

Answer: Ape—- ri—–cots.

11. For The Laptop Fan

Is your daughter always playing ‘Candy Crush’ on her laptop? But all of a sudden, when the internet connectivity goes down, she may feel terribly upset about it. Here is a situational rescue plan you can have in order to make your girl happy for the moment. Here is how the humor is:

Joke: Name a laptop the monkey loves working on.

Answer: An Ape-le-Mac.

Well, you have handled the situation like a pro!

12. Wanna Go to The Doctor?

When you want to take your kid to the dentist, and he is whining all the way, things may become a little hard to manage on your own. When you reveal a typically hilarious monkey joke, that can instantly keep the kid happy, and he forgets about the mundane of having to visit the doctor. Now, let us see what the anecdote is:

Joke: Name a reason why the monkey had to take Mr. Banana to the doctor.

Answer: Coz it wasn’t peeling well.

13. Is Your Kid Small?

Is your kid small and tiny? Then, this is a joke that rises to the occasion indeed. Emote the joke aloud to allow your kid to giggle all the way. Here is the hilarious one to add to the feel-good vibes.

Joke: How do you christen your little monkey?

Answer: A chimp off the old block

14. Will the Keys Open?

Are your kids fond of playing with keys? These keys are colorful and are made from plastic. Then, while they are playing with the bunch of keys, this is trivia that can add to a better amount of joy.

Joke: What kind of a key opens a banana?

Answer: A Mon-key!

15. Are You a Clubbing Person?

Are you the kind of person who loves clubbing? Would you love to hit upon the latest discotheques or clubs in town? Does your kid even know about it? Then, here is one of the disco-based monkey jokes you look for to match your persona.

Joke: Name a monkey that loves going to the disco.

Answer: A funky monkey.

16. Bathing Jokes in Vogue

Making your kid take his or her bath is a difficult ordeal altogether. This is because your teeny weeny one cries or wails every time you want to take the kid to the bathroom for a shower. This particular monkey joke can lighten up the situation in a fascinating way. Let us see what the humor is:

Joke Situation: Two monkeys are taking a shower in a swimming tub

The first monkey says: Oo….a—uhhhhhh

The second monkey replies: Add cold water then!

17. Do You Want to Go to Space?

Is your son or daughter fascinated by star gazing?

Have you ever felt that your kid could make it all the way to the space? Then, here is a situational joke that can come to your rescue:

Joke: Can you say why Mr. Monkey went to space?

Answer: To visit the planet of the Apes!

18. Do You See a Bus Driver Out There?

Is your bus driver driving the bus rashly every time? And is your kid complaining about his school bus driver every day post his school hours? Then the situational comedy on driver-based monkey jokes can instantly lighten up his mood. Let us look into what this is:

Joke: Why was the monkey deemed a terrible bus driver?

Answer: Because he was constantly monkeying with the steering wheel.

19. Love and Break Up

Are you on the verge of falling into a breakup? Then, the phase must be a terrible one for you to get out of. Here is an awesome joke that can make you feel happy and light about yourself. Well then, do you want to know what it is:

Joke: Why did the monkey break up with his girlfriend?

Answer: As she kept on saying that he wasn’t her prime mate!

20. One More Love Break-Up Joke for You

Here is yet another love breakup joke that makes you feel that you are not the only one. This way, you can lighten your emotions and get those feel-good vibes yourself. Dying to know what the joke is:

Joke: Why did the monkey break up with his girlfriend?

Answer: Because he had felt that she was too much of a cheetah.

You can also say this joke to your kiddo in a more subtle manner.

21. Art Gallery

Going to the art gallery with your family can be super exciting, after all. Those ethereal masterpieces look visually pleasing to the eye. Hence, when you plan to visit the nearest art gallery with your baby girl or boy, here is a monkey theme that can suit the occasion after all. Here is helping you with a quick one:

Joke: Why did the monkey go to the art gallery?

Answer: To see ape-abstract paintings

22. Party Hub in The Scene

Have you been smitten with partying clubs to see the nightlife in its all-vibrant form? Then, you must have those partying vibes over the top of your head. Here is a trivia on a monkey theme that can help you live up to the moods after all:

Joke: What is the best monkey with whom you can party all night?

Answer: Funky-monkey!

23. Have You Got a Plan to Host a Party?

Have you got a plan for hosting a brand-new party? If your answer is yes, then you have quite a lot of work on the table. Like, you may have to invite your friends to the party and prep up party snacks for the guests. Similarly, return gifts would have to be purchased for guests who are leaving the party. Here is a monkey joke that can lighten your moods after all.

Joke: Name two foodie stuff you will bring when you visit Mr. Monkey in the jungle.

Answer: Chimps and dip

24. Chimpanzees Alley with The Monkeys

Chimpanzees’ alley with monkeys go hand in hand in the forest. While you find a monkey and a chimpanzee walking hand-in-hand inside the forest, here is a joke that can aptly suit the occasion. And let us now see what it is:

Joke: How do you think the chimpanzees escaped from the zoo?

Answer: Using a monkey wrench

25. Are You a PhD Degree Holder?

Have you received a Ph.D. degree from a leading University? Then, you must be proud be add a Dr. to your name, isn’t it? Here is a trivia you can proudly say to your kid. Do you know what it is?

Joke: What do you call a monkey with a Ph.D.?

Answer: A doctor ape.

26. Best Time of The Year to Visit the Jungles

Are you on your expedition to the South African jungle safari for the very first time? As we all know, the kind of wildlife you find in the US is way different from what you see in South Africa.

Here, you have lions, cheetahs, elephants, and other endangered species of wild animals in their natural habitat. So here is a trivia that matches the situational comedy here:

The joke is: Name the best time of the year to visit monkeys, apes, and gorillas.

Answer: Apre-ril.

27. Are You Cooking Food?

Are you fond of preparing healthy meals for your family or children? That apron and the proud hat of yours will definitely have many stories to tell. While you are cooking food and your kid is around, here is one of the cooking-based monkey jokes you may go in for:

Joke: What does a monkey wear when it is cooking?

Answer: Ape-ron

28. Are You Caught Up with the Door?

When your kid is getting ready for school, and her hair gets caught in between the door, you may have to untangle her hair from the door. Is she feeling upset about it? Then here is the ideal humor that will lighten up her mood.

Joke: Mr. Monkey had his tail caught up on the door. What reply do you think he would have given his mommy?

Answer: It won’t be long now!

29. Are You Fond of Potato Chips?

When you love gorging on potato chips and the packs are over, you and your boy may feel upset about it. This is mainly because chips are way too tasty that you cannot stop yourself no matter what. Here, how would you appease the situation and lighten up your mood?

Joke: Why don’t monkeys eat potato chips?

Answer: Because they find bananas more appealing!

30. Nicknaming Your Best Friends

Are you fond of nicknaming your best friends? All of us surely are. Again, you must nickname your best friends according to the personality prototypes they belong to. Here is a theme-based monkey joke surrounding nicknaming. Let us find out what it is:

Joke: Nickname Mr. Monkey’s best friends.

Answer: They call them their prime mates.

31. Did You Go to The Playground?

Have you taken your kids to the playground? Or are they wanting to come with you? If yes, then again, you are in a dilemma as to what play equipment you must have them started on. Here is a joke that can help you revive your moods.

Joke: Would you tell me the exact reason why the monkey visits his playground?

Answer: To play on the monkey bars.

32. Do You Love Taking Selfies?

In today’s media-centric world, taking selfies has become the in-thing now. All of us love clicking photos and selfies with friends and family at exotic locales and destinations. Say cheez with selfie-based monkey jokes:

Joke: What is the name you give to a monkey that always takes selfies?

Answer: A snap chimp.

33. Amusement Park in Vogue

Disneyland always hosts fanfare events and shows apart from giving you those fun rides and exotic water rides. This is a family amusement park you all can thoroughly enjoy going to. Here is a monkey kinky that should get you all started:

Joke: Why did the monkey go to the amusement park?

Answer: To play monkey-go-round!

34. Is Your Kid Fond of Painting?

Does your kid fascinate by painting pictures? If your son or daughter loves flaunting with paint brushes and dabbling with paint tubs all the time, here is a trivia that will be a double-whammy hit with your kids.

Joke: What is the name you give to a monkey that loves to paint?

Answer: An art ape!

35. Bakery Delights

Are you running to that deli to get your loaf of bread for the week? We all prefer store-bought foods to prepare for our week, isn’t it? And, if you have your 8 YO wanting to come over while you want her to stay at home, here is a monkey-based comedy for you to lighten the moment.

Joke: Why did the monkey go to the bakery?

Answer: To get a loaf of monkey bread!

36. Another Bakery Joke for You to Ponder Over

To keep the bakery vibes still running, we have lined up one more joke for you. Are you curious to know what it is? Here is letting you go for it!

Joke: Why did the monkey open the bakery?

Answer: To bake his very own chocolate chip cookies

To make the situation even more realistic, serve your freshly baked choco-cookies with bread-butter-jam!

37. Are You the Manager of Your Company?

Are your work-related tasks overpowering your personal life? Then surely, you must be the manager of a leading corporate firm. Does your kid want to spend time with you? Here is a quick-fix idea to help you get over the overwhelming situation of wanting to balance work with your personal life!

Joke: What is the name of the monkey that is in charge of its tree?

Answer: Branch manager, of course!

38. Are You Getting Ready for a Drink?

Going out with friends for a drink or to is something that you would always look forward to. Casual talks over a tall glass of wine and cheesy dips or nachos on the table are so tempting, and your weekends are always done this way. Is your kid around the corner, and you need something really hilarious to keep the kid distracted? Then, this is the one for you to go:

Joke: Where do the monkeys go for a drink?

Answer: Monkey bars.

39. Won’t You Mind Your Own Business?

Sometimes, you have the nerve to go a little rude over a haughty employee or a co-worker who is indifferent to work but poking in other things of yours. Here, with the kid, you also want to give a piece of your mind to that colleague. Here is a quick one for you as such:

Joke: What do you call a monkey who is too pokey?

Answer: Mind your own monkey business.

40. Are You Fond of Working Out At the Gym?

Is working out at the gym a passion for you? Definitely, it is a yes when you want to maintain a robust metabolism for the rest of your life. To help your kids understand the situation while you rush over to the gym, here is a monkey joke you can look forward to:

Joke: Where do monkeys work out?

Answer: At the jungle gym, of course!

Summing It Up

All in all, we have seen some hilarious monkey jokes with a practical solution-based disposition added to each of them. This way, you will be apt to handle the situation as well as lighten the moments for your kids and family.

Having a funny bone always helps as you are able to handle every complex situation like a pro. Worrying or brooding over complex situations can only make things from bad to worse. You are not going to get a real-time solution for problems by crying over them. Hence, you must always look for jokes that can help you cope or combat any kind of situation.

Monkey jokes can be made for partying nights, at amusement parks, or while going on jungle-based expeditions. These jokes are hilarious and add a realistic tinge to your day-to-day living too.

Which one of these is your favorite?

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