Don’t you think weekends are more fun, adventure, and good times? Well, it is also a time when you are free from work or other obligations. So, you must make the most of your weekend to care for yourself, try something new, or catch up with your community. So, are you feeling bored with your monotonous weekend schedule? Then it’s high time to try something new and exciting.

You can do any weekend activity that helps you get out of your comfort zone and makes life fun. But you must remember that you have to take the first step. No one can drag you out of your couch beside yourself.

So, if you have set your mind, you can get endless options. However, if you lack exciting things to do on the weekend, we have made it easier for you.

Here we will share a list of 36 amazing weekend activity ideas.

Exciting Weekend Activity Ideas

If you are looking for fun things to do on the weekend, you can try numerous things. You can try wildlife or nature exploring, crafting, hiking, reading, writing, gardening, BBQ party, camping, and whatnot.

Just pick a suitable activity and make your weekend rejuvenating.

1. Unwind and Do Yoga

Unwind and Do Yoga

If your weekdays are packed and do not leave much time for yoga and meditation, then weekends are ideal to catch up with it. Doing yoga on weekends is a great way to unwind and relax. It helps you remove the stress and strain of the whole week. So you also feel relaxed and fresh. You can start your weekend with an hour-and-a-half yoga session. It will boost your day and help you feel good. Including nature time or listening to zen music can also do great.

2. Go for a Walk

Go for a Walk

Love walking down the trails or woods? Then nothing can be better than going for a walk. If you are searching for exciting things to do on the weekend, you must try this weekend activity. If you live in a countryside area, you will have plenty of beautiful trails to walk on. But if you live in an urban area, you can go to the local park for a walk. Go for early morning or evening walks to enjoy the freshness of the day.

3. Read a Book

Read a Book

If you are a bookworm, you can utilize your weekends to indulge in books. Reading a new book is a great way to make weekends beautiful without much hard work. Reading a book while lying on your favorite couch can be relaxing enough If you had a long tiring week. Also, if you are searching for light things to do on the weekend, you must try this fantastic weekend activity idea. You can enjoy your weekend and feel content with this light weekend activity.

4. Do Some Gardening

Do Some Gardening

Try gardening if you love plants as a part of your weekend activity. If you are looking for relaxing things to do on the weekend, you will find solace in gardening. Gardening is a great way to spend your weekends constructively. You can do it alone or involve children or family in a fun weekend activity. You can also buy Tudoccy Garden Tools Set for hassle-free gardening. Cleaning the space, pruning your plants, and installing new ones will help you feel refreshed and happy.

5. Visit a Local Museum or Art Gallery

Visit a Local Museum or Art Gallery

Love to explore art and historical pieces? Dedicate your weekend to visit a local museum or art gallery. When you want fun things to do on the weekend, nothing can be better than seeing a local museum/art gallery and dining out at your favorite restaurant. You can go with your family, friends or alone, whatever suits your schedule and mood. Visit the local council’s website to get details of art galleries and museums in your locality. You can also find some free museums or art galleries to explore.

6. Go for a Picnic

Go for a Picnic

Going for a family picnic or picnic with your friends can be a great option to brighten up your weekends. You must try this if you want some simple things to do on the weekend that help you spend time with your close ones. Find a suitable place for a weekend picnic in advance to avoid last-minute disappointments. Pack your snacks, meals, and light beverages with some sports equipment or book, and head out for a lovely weekend activity.

7. Go Hiking

Go Hiking

Going for a hike can also be an ideal option if you are searching for some refreshing things to do on the weekend. Also, if you love hiking and trekking, weekends can be a great time to explore your passion and feel alive. After long and tedious weekdays, going for a hike can help you feel enthusiastic about life and become positive. If you have a hiking community, make plans with them. You can also do independent hiking and head out with your hiking tools.

8. Bake at Home

Bake at Home

Love cooking and baking? But weekdays do not allow you to do so. Do not worry. You can include baking in your weekend activity list. Also, baking can be an ideal option if you are searching for some light and Interesting things to do on the weekend. Baking a cake, bread, or muffins can be fun and relaxing on weekends. It will help you become creative and enjoy your hobby. Try Banneton Bread Baking Supplies for your weekend baking.

9. Throw a BBQ Party

Throw a BBQ Party

Everyone loves BBQ parties, for extrovert party lovers to low-key floaters. So, it is easy to gather friends and family for a BBQ party. Throw a BBQ party on the weekend and invite your friends for a fun and cozy weekend activity. It is also an excellent opportunity to catch up with your friends and spend quality time. Make it more interesting by including some fun plays and games. For example, host a BBQ contest and challenge your guests for a fun BBQ weekend night.

10. Play Board Games

Play Board Games

Playing board games can also be suitable for your weekend activity if you don’t want to go out on weekends. It is an ideal option when you do not want to try something heavy on your weekend. Also, playing board games with family and some close friends or a week evening alongside a comfortable dinner can make your weekend exciting. Add this to your list of things to do on the weekend, and get ready to have fun. Also, you can avoid a monopoly to avoid drama in your house. Talking Tables Friends & Family Game Night can be a good option for weekend indoor games with family.

11. Visit the Farmers’ Market

Visit the Farmers' Market

Do not want to spend your weekend indoors. But have little energy for hiking or biking? Visiting a local farmers’ market can be one of the fun things to do on the weekend. You can explore the market and learn a lot about your local farms. The best part of going to the local farmer’s market is getting organic fruits and vegetables for your meals. So, bring your grocery bags and stalk up fresh vegetables and fruits for your upcoming weekdays during your weekend.

12. Go to a Garage Sale

Go to a Garage Sale

How about going to a local garage sale? It can be a fun weekend activity that you can try. If you are looking for things to do on the weekendthat help you get additional benefits, then you must try this. You can find various interesting and helpful objects from the sale at cheap prices. It will save you money, and you can utilize your weekend for budget shopping. Learn about the upcoming garage sale and arrive early for the best deals.

13. Binge-Watch Your Favorite Show

Binge-Watch Your Favorite Show

Feeling lazy on the weekend? Well, it’s natural if you have a long and tiring week. You can spend your weekend lying on the couch and binge-watch your favorite shows. This weekend activity is pretty relaxing and enjoyable. You can gather some of your favorite snacks and beverages while watching TV. Also, you can ask your friends or family to join you if you feel bored watching alone. So, cover yourself with a soft comfort quilt and enjoy hours in front of your TV.

14. Treat Yourself in a Fancy Restaurant

Treat Yourself in a Fancy Restaurant

Weekends are also about self-pampering. And what can beat dining at a fancy restaurant on the weekend? Treating yourself to a fancy restaurant dinner can lift your soul and make your weekend complete. If you love fancy restaurant dines, you must include this in your things to do on the weekend list. If you wish you can take your friends or family along with you. It will help you spend some quality time and enjoy the weekend together.

15. Go for Wine Tasting

Go for Wine Tasting

If you love wine and luckily live near wineries, then our next weekend activity idea will please you. List down wine tasting as a part of your things to do on the weekend, and reach your nearest wineries for a fun day. But if you do have a winery near your home, create a tasting zone at home. Create a beautiful charcuterie board with cheese, meat, fruits, pickles, and berries. You can buy ROYAMY Bamboo Cheese Charcuterie Board and Knife Set for this activity. Also, dress up in clean and classy clothes to enjoy this weekend’s activity with elegance.

16. Catch Up with an Old Friend

Catch Up with an Old Friend

You do not need to take on a big task for your weekend activity. You can try simple things to do on the weekend to make you feel happy and content. One such activity can be catching up with an old friend. You can plan to meet them during the weekend or at least talk over the phone for a while. It will help you strengthen your bond and make your friends feel you care for them. They will also love to hear from you after a long time.

17. Mini Road Trip

Mini Road Trip

Have an explorer soul? You don’t have to travel a long distance to get a thrilling and adventurous weekend. Find nearby places that are upbeat and worth exploring, and prepare for a mini road trip. Try a day-long road trip or spend your entire weekend on this activity. Also, you can ask some friends to join you on the road trip or take your family with you. Still, it is not necessary to take some with you. So, if you like, you can go on a solo trip as well.

18. Take a Dance Class

Take a Dance Class

If you love dancing, then you can include dance class in your weekend activity list. This is one of the most fun and exciting things to do on the weekend, especially if you enjoy dancing. Search for online or offline short-term dance classes for the weekend and enroll in one. Also, taking a dance class is an easy and effective way to keep fit. A dance class can also help you forget the stress and worries for your weekdays. You can also ask some friends to join you for the venture.

19. Go to a Live Concert of a Local Band

Go to a Live Concert of a Local Band

Have a passion for good music? Or love to attend live concerts? Then go to a live show by your local band. When you want to do things on the weekend to cheer up your day, you can try this. Going to a live concert of a local band can light up your mood. It will also make your weekend fun and happening. Find out what your local band is playing this weekend and where? Reach on time with some beverages and snacks and show your support.

20. Volunteer at An Animal Shelter

Volunteer at An Animal Shelter

Volunteering at an animal shelter can also be an excellent weekend activity option. If you love animals, include this in your things to do on the weekend list. The weekends become more enthusiastic and positive when you volunteer at an animal shelter. You can feel more happy and peaceful helping animals at the shelter. Also, this will help you become a responsible citizen. You can find nearby animal shelters and apply for weekend volunteering. So, prepare and talk with an animal shelter beforehand for your weekend activity.

21. Visit an Amusement Park

Visit an Amusement Park

Visit an amusement park to make your weekend fun. You can add this to your things to do on the weekend list for a beautiful weekend experience. The fun rides and joyful treats will make your weekend exciting. You can take your kids with you for a fun family weekend activity. Also, you can ask your friends to join you and have a great time enjoying the rides. So, visit the official website of your nearest amusement park and book advance tickets for the following weekend.

22. Make Some Crafts

Make Some Crafts

Making some craft or DIY items can make your weekend active and exciting. If you want ideas for artistic things to do on the weekend, try some craft or DIY projects. It will help you brush up on crafting skills and spend the weekend with a fun project. Taking a craft project will also help you get creative. But remember to choose a light and innovative project for the weekend. So you will have a great time without overwhelming yourself with the task.

23. Enjoy Karaoke Night

Enjoy Karaoke Night

Karaoke nights are perfect for weekends. It is a popular and exciting activity that almost everyone loves. Spending your weekend nights at a karaoke bar can be a fun experience while singing your heart out. Ask your friends to have a blast and enjoy singing your favorite songs. Also, if you do not want to go out, turn your living into a karaoke station. With some filling snacks and drinks, the night with become more enjoyable. Install a BIGASUO Karaoke Machine for Adults and Kids, and you are all set.

24. Play Your Favorite Sport

Play Your Favorite Sport

Looking for some pleasant weekend activities? Then you will find the next weekend’s activity idea perfect for you. Playing your favorite sports can be very exciting. It will help you become physically active and enjoy your favorite sports as a part of your weekend activity. Whether you love golf, polo, badminton, or soccer, you can try it on the weekend. Dedicating your weekend to the game will make you feel happy and help you enjoy the game of your love.

25. Visit an Open Mic or Stand-Up Comedy

Visit an Open Mic or Stand-Up Comedy

Do you like live stand-up comedy or open-mic shows? Then you can incorporate it into your things to do on the weekend list. Attending a stand-up comedy show or open mic show is refreshing. You can enjoy insightful talks and light jokes on your weekend to feel fresh and light. Find out a suitable stand-up comedy or open mic show for the upcoming weekend and reserve your tickets in advance. If you want, you can also take your family or friends along with you.

26. Try the Escape Room Game

Try the Escape Room Game

If you love adventure and seek thrilling things to do on the weekend, try escape room games with family and friends or solo. It is the most fun and exciting weekend activity to try. Choose your favorite theme, like zombie hunting, treasure hunt, mystery, etc., and enjoy a spooky and chilling experience. You can also go for a group escape room adventure with your friends for a spine-chilling weekend experience. But if you have kids, be mindful of your chosen theme for the game.

27. Take a Cooking Class

Take a Cooking Class

Want to try something new or upgrade your cooking skills? Take a cooking class for your weekend. It will help you challenge yourself to do better and learn something new. Also, taking a short-term cooking class for your weekends is a great way to spend your time in constructive work. If you love cooking, you will enjoy your weekend learning about new recipes and cooking methods. You can enroll for a solo, couple, or family cooking class for your weekend.

28. Spa Day

Spa Day

A spa day is the best weekend activity option if you want to dedicate your weekend to self-care and pampering. A spa day after a busy and tiring week can help you relax and unwind. You can book a seat at your favorite spa. You can also book an at-home spa service according to your convenience. List the spa treatments you would like and book the service in advance. You can also go for a couple of spa treatments. Spa treatments will help you rejuvenate and feel fresh.

29. Go Fishing

Go Fishing

Fishing is a common weekend activity that many people love. It is an exciting escape for your weekend. Fishing can help you relax and enjoy your free time. Also, if you love fishing, weekends are perfect for enjoying your favorite hobby. Find a good location for fishing and head out for an exciting and engaging weekend activity. Try to find a remote place if you like to enjoy fishing in a quiet environment. You can also ask your friends to join you for fishing.

30. Camp Night

Camp Night

Camp night is also one of the popular things to do on the weekend for adventure. If you seek adventure and thrill for your weekends, you can try a night camping. It is an excellent opportunity to spend your weekend with nature. Find a suitable place for a night camping and prepare in advance. You can also try some grilling and star gazing before you sleep. You also ask some friends who like camping for a fun experience. But if you are with your kids, choose a child-friendly location.

31. Listen to Music and Podcasts

Listen to Music and Podcasts

Listening to your favorite music or podcasts can be a fun way to greet your weekend. You can do this while lying on the couch, doing house chores, or taking a stroll. It is an excellent option for a weekend activity related to physical activity. So, if you don’t have the mood for heavy weekend activities, you can try it. Listening to music boosts your mood and helps you to relax and unwind. Also, podcasts are insightful and give you much exciting information on the go.

32. Visit a Natural Park

Visit a Natural Park

If you love to explore wildlife and nature, what can be better than doing it on the weekend? If you have a wildlife reserve close to your home, you can visit it on weekends. But if you do not have one, you can go to a nearby nature park, sanctuary, or nearby forest/woods. You can explore the place and enhance your knowledge about plants and animals. You will also feel refreshed after spending time in the wild. It will help you forget weekday stress and feel alive.

33. Catch Up with Your Community

Catch Up with Your Community

Weekends are also an excellent time to catch up with your community. You can plan some community sports to enjoy on the weekend. Also, you can try activities like community cleaning or planting tree. It will help you do something for the environment and strengthen your bond with the community. You can even incorporate multiple tasks to stay engaged through the weekend and have a fun time with your community. You can also ask for suggestions from your community to make it more interesting.

34. Go Swimming

Go Swimming

Swimming can be a good way to relax your body and mind. If you love swimming, you will love this weekend’s activity idea. You can do it at home, enjoying the calm and quiet environment of your private pool. But if you do not have one, you can go to a swimming club for it. Also, if you do not want much crowd, schedule your swimming in a less active time. It will help you avoid the crowd and enjoy swimming at your pace. You can even ask some of your friends to join you.

35. Take an Online Class

Take an Online Class

If you want to spend your weekend constructively, you will love our next activity idea. Taking an online class can help you learn something you were always eager to learn. You can also use weekend online classes to prepare for your dream career, like creative writing, entrepreneurship, designing, etc. Online courses can be both fun and helpful. You can use them to enhance your skill set and learn something new every time.

36. Start Your Blog

Start Your Blog

Love writing blogs and articles about travel, food, or products? Spend your weekend to start your blog. If you find it challenging to make time for your blog on weekdays, you can dedicate your weekend to it. Add this to your things to do on the weekend list and set the stage for the work you love. Read different articles to understand how to do it. And begin your dream journey. If you do not have a specific genre, you can start with anything you like. And slowly develop your specialty.


All in all, weekends are the time to do creative things, self-care, and everything you love. You can try exciting things to keep yourself engaged with existing things. For example, if you love thrilling weekend experiences, you can go for night camping, hiking, and road trips. You can also try escape room games with your friends.

Also, if you want to spend the weekend self-pampering, you can try a spa treatment, nature walk, music, fancy restaurant dinner, and so on. The options are endless, and you can schedule your weekend with multiple activities.

So, do you have any plans for the weekend? If not, check out the list mentioned above of things to do on the weekend and pick whatever suits you.

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