Do you know that a kid or a toddler starts to develop a mental leap at the age of 1? Well, till the age of 4, they almost develop their interaction and learning skills. Thus, your child needs to identify the different shapes. It may assist them in developing their learning abilities, including early math skills. In this case, you must arrange a shape-matching activity for your kids.

A shape can be a geometrical shape or can represent any object. There are various activities associated with the shape-making activity. It includes letter recognition, number recognition, geometric shape matching, ice tray sorting, color recognition, etc. Apart from chocolate boxes, you may also need a few other requirements, such as cardboard, scissors, markers, and glue. Provide every effort to arrange this fun activity for kids successfully.

Throughout this blog, you’ll learn about the concept, necessities, and a few examples of shape-matching activities, along with chocolate boxes.

What is Shape Matching Activity?

What is Shape Matching Activity?

Shape matching activity is a playful activity for kids that a parent must add to their daily routine. It’s a joyful activity for kids who belongs to the age group of 1 to 4. A few kids learn this activity in their kindergarten or preschools. It may include letter matching, number matching, and shape sorting activities. A kid embraces his knowledge while doing this activity. It can also uplift the concentration and creative skills of your toddler.

The shape-matching activity with a box of chocolates is an adorable, playful hobby that helps the kids to improve their math skills. It’s a set of basic activities that are commenced in every preschool. This activity may also indulge sorting skills, color recognition, and visual perception. This playing activity can help you to teach your kids about numbers, letters, and the alphabet. It develops not only your kid’s thinking abilities but also their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

What is the Benefit of This Activity for Kids?

What is the Benefit of This Activity for Kids?

Your kids need to indulge in shape-making activities. It can influence them more if you use chocolate boxes along with it. A child almost develops their mental and thinking abilities at the age of 1. Thus, they need to understand several activities like shape sorting, color recognition, letter recognition, etc.

Shape-making activities have the following benefits:

  • Shape-matching activities develop the visual perception of your kid. As a result, they can find any shapes that are present around them.
  • It influences your kids to learn about letters and the alphabet.
  • This playful activity can develop your kid’s brain, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.
  • Shaping is a fun activity for kids which can guide them in the process of color sorting.
  • This activity can help your kids to improve their learning while playing a game.
  • Shaping activities with chocolate boxes can enhance their thinking, creativity, concentration, and early math skills.

Requirements for This Activity

Requirements for This Activity

Shape-matching is a joyful activity for kids that can help them to develop their several skills. It includes early math, color sorting, letter recognition, etc. A kid will find this activity more fun if you add a box of chocolate to it. In order to complete this activity successfully, you may need a few requirements. It can be listed below:

    • Chocolate Boxes: Chocolate boxes are an important element for this activity. Don’t forget to bring a pair or four boxes.
    • Scrapbook: A scrapbook is a set of colorful blank pages. Your children can use this paper to create several shapes and designs.
    • Contact Paper: It is also as important as the scrapbook. A contact paper can help your kid to create craft designs.
    • Basic Stationery items: These may include a scissor, glue, colors, pencils, markers, and sketch pens.
    • Readymade Cutouts or Cutout Stickers: Readymade cutouts are essential for your kids to learn about different shapes or letters while playing this shape-sorting activity. You can also buy a set of cutout stickers.

Top Activities for Kids with Box of Chocolates

1. Create a Box of Chocolate

Create a Box of Chocolate

Shape sorting is a fun activity for kids, and it develops their learning skills in various ways. If you don’t have any chocolate boxes, what about creating one? Give your kids a few pieces of cardboard and contact paper, along with a scissor and markers. Then, ask them to cut the cardboard into geometrical shapes, like octagons, triangles, squares, hexagons, etc. After that, use glue to create a chocolate box. Show them the process by yourself at first, and they will imitate you.

2. Tic-Tac Toe Chocolates/Cookies

Tic-Tac Toe Chocolates:Cookies

There’s nothing more fun than allowing a child to play tic-tac-toe. What if you use an edible or food item in the game? It isn’t a bad approach. Use two different pieces of chocolates or cookies and play the game of tic-tac-toe. This is a joyful activity for kids, and they will enjoy it with sweet cookies or chocolates. This activity can help your kids to develop their concentration skills. Try this innovative concept with your toddler at home.

3. Geometrical Shape

Geometrical Shape

The shape-matching activity has another useful advantage. It can help your kids in shape sorting and early math skills. Use chocolates or boxes that have unique geometrical shapes. It includes a cube, square, circle, octagon, hexagon, etc. You can ask your kid to match the chocolate with its geometrical shapes. Aside from that, you can allow your toddler to create or design a chocolate box with contact paper by cutting them into geometrical shapes.

4. Making a Snowman with Chocolate Boxes

Making a Snowman with Chocolate Boxes

Toddler loves to create a snowman or two when they are playing with the snow during the winter in the outdoor area. It is a fun activity for kids, especially who belong to the age group of 1 to 4. You can still allow your kids to create a snowman in an indoor space with chocolate boxes. Give them two or three chocolate boxes along with contact papers, scissors, glue, and other basic stationeries. Then ask them to create a miniature snowman at home.

5. Create a Shape

Create a Shape

Another useful activity that you can allow your child to play with chocolate boxes is to create a shape. This is a joyful activity for kids. Creating shapes doesn’t always mean creating geometric shapes. Sometimes it means creating a house, bowl, car, and other things with the boxes of chocolate. Give your kid a scissor, markers, and glue, and ask them to create any design they want. It may develop their creative skills in a lively manner.

6. Geometrics with Marshmallow

Geometrics with Marshmallow

Creating geometric shapes with chocolate boxes or doing shape-sorting activities with the geometrical-shaped chocolates is fun. You can do the same activity with marshmallows. This can be an enjoyable activity for kids. Bring a set of marshmallows and a few sets of candy or cookie sticks. Then, create some geometric shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles, etc. After that, ask your kid to match the geometric shape on the paper. It can assist your kids in early math skills while doing shape-sorting activities.

7. Clip Shapes

Clip Shapes

Creating clip shapes is also a fun activity for kids. You can assist your kids in creating clip shapes with contact paper. Then, ask them to decorate the chocolate boxes. Give your kids a scissor and a marker to complete this activity. It may benefit your toddler in improving tier learning abilities and creative sides. Aside from that, you can cut the wrapper of the chocolate and create a clip shape. It’s a unique shape-matching activity that you can commence with your child.

8. 2D Shape Poems

2D Shape Poems

Toddler loves reading or listening to poems. They also enjoy playing with 2D poem cards, as it helps them to acknowledge various kinds of shapes. It is a joyful activity for kids. You can read the poems aloud to your kids and ask them to sort out the shapes. They can do this with chocolates that have a particular shape or with chocolate boxes. Add this activity to your daily routine to improve your kid’s listening and concentration skills.

9. Monster Craft Shape

Monster Craft Shape

Kids love creating monster crafts with paper. This is the most joyful activity for kids. Give your kids a few pieces of contact paper, a scissor, glue, and a marker if required. Then, ask them to create a miniature monster. After creating a monster craft, ask them to paste it into the chocolate box. Aside from that, you can ask your kids to create a monster craft by cutting out the chocolate boxes. It may unleash your toddler’s creativity.

10. Shape Sorting Ice Tray

Shape Sorting Ice Tray

Bring a few pairs of ice trays or chocolate molds and make sure they represent different shapes. Then, start processing chocolates with your kids. Ask your kids to mix the chocolates and then pour the mixture into the ice molds. After preparing the chocolate, mix the different shapes and play shape sorting with your toddler. For instance, ask them to add the star-shaped chocolate in a star-shaped ice mold. Do the same things for other shapes of chocolates.

11. Bunch of Circles

Bunch of Circles

Kids love making circles with contact papers. This is a joyful activity for kids. Thus, you can provide your kids with a bunch of contact paper along with a scissor and a marker. Then, ask them to create circles and paste them into the chocolate boxes. Apart from that, you can hand them over a few chocolate boxes and ask them to do the same. They can create several circles and paste them on the wall. You should try this playful activity with your toddler.

12. DIY Shape Puzzle

DIY Shape Puzzle

DIY shape puzzle is a part of shape-matching or shape-sorting activity. You can try this fun activity with your toddler. All you need is a few pieces of chocolate box and scissors. Cut the boxes into geometrical shapes, don’t cut them fully; cut the side or the container of the box. It may look like geometric molds or holes. Then ask your kid to put the shapes into their respective holes. For example, ask them to put the square block on square shaped mold.

13. Shape Sensory Bottles

Shape Sensory Bottles

A few brands of chocolates come in a bottle instead of a box. Thus, you can use that bottle to commence the same activity. Your kids can develop their learning skills and creativity in this process. Create a sensory bottle along with some glitter and other stationery items. It’s an easy process and a fun activity for kids. After creating a sensory bottle, your toddler can play with it by twisting, shaking, and flipping.

14. Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching

Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching

Matching the uppercase letters with the lowercase is a prime activity for kids in the garden. You can start doing this activity at home before enlisting their names in preschools. Bring the box of chocolate and cut out the letters. Then ask your kids to identify whether the letter is uppercase or lowercase. Besides these, you can draw both letters on the box and ask your kids to match them. It’s a unique piece of activity that can develop your child’s thinking ability.

15. Numbers Recognition

Numbers Recognition

Bring a few boxes of chocolates and write a few numbers on it. You can also cut out the boxes and give them the shape of any numbers. Then ask your kids to match the number you give them on the paper. For example, if you wrote 9 on a piece of paper, ask your children to pick up the chocolate that has the number 9 on it. This activity can assist your toddler in absorbing knowledge about numbers before entering elementary school.

16. Letters Matching

letter matching

Buy a pair or two solid chocolate sets and give them the shape of English alphabets. Besides these, you can create alphabetical-shaped chocolates at your home. Then arrange a playful activity with your toddler. It’s a fun and joyful activity for kids that may help them in letter recognition. Give your kids a piece of paper consisting of a few alphabets and ask them to find that letter-shaped chocolate. For example, ask your kid to find an ‘A or B-shaped’ chocolate. You can also do this activity with the chocolate boxes.

17. Color Matching

Color Matching

Purchase a set of colorful or flavorful chocolates like strawberries, blueberries, grapes, watermelons, cranberries, oranges, etc. Besides these, you can bring a few colorful boxes of ordinary chocolates. Then, give your children a few colored papers or crayons. After that, ask them to find a chocolate or box that has a similar color. For instance, if you give them blue and green color paper, ask them to find a blue and green chocolate or a box. This activity may help them in the process of color recognition.

18. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt is a popular, playful activity for kids which they love to do with their parents. It can be played in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Cut a chocolate box or two and create a geometrical-shaped hole in it. You can also cut a few chocolates into alphabetical shapes or buy some geometrical-shaped chocolates. Then, give your kids a small map that shows any geometric shape or an alphabet and number. After that, your child will find a particular piece of chocolate.

19. Cloud Shapes

Cloud Shapes

A few chocolate boxes consist of a few white foam wrappers that protect the chocolate’s quality. Apart from the box or chocolates, you can arrange a playful activity for kids with that wrapper. Give your kids that wrapper along with scissors and other stationary items, such as glitter, tape, and markers. Then, ask your kid to make a cloud shape design. At first, do it by yourself, and your kid will imitate you. After preparing the cloud shape, ask them to decorate them if required and paste them on the wall.

20. Bubble Wrap Painting

Bubble Wrap Painting

Aside from white foam paper, a few chocolate boxes are covered with bubble foam wrap nowadays. It protects the quality of the chocolates. Thus, you can arrange a playful activity for kids with the bubble foam wrap. Provide your toddlers with a few bubble foam wrap with liquid colors. Make sure you cut the wrappers into a few pieces. After that, ask your kids to enhance their creativity. Allow them to create art or any shapes or designs that reveal their creative skills.

Summing It Up

All in all, not only kids but adults also love eating chocolates. So, arranging a playful activity for kids with chocolate boxes isn’t a bad initiative. They can learn so many things while playing the shape-matching activity. Generally, kindergartens engage the kids in these types of activities. However, you can start the shape-matching activity with your toddler at home. Before entering preschool, your kid may develop early math skills and alphabets.

There are several shape-matching activities you can do with a box of chocolates. It includes number recognition, letter matching, color recognition, etc. Besides these, you can try geometry with marshmallow candies and try creativity with the bubble wrap of the chocolate box. Shape-matching activities enhance your kid’s creativity, thinking abilities, and concentration skills.

In this blog, you’ve acknowledged the concept, benefits, and a few examples of shape-matching activity with chocolate boxes. Do you have any queries? Let us know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can This Activity Help Your Kids to Develop Any Skills?

These activities can help your kid in lively and numerous ways. It can assist your kid in gaining early math skills, numerical skills, letter recognition, shape sorting, and various other learning activities.

What is the Appropriate Age to Start This Activity for Kids?

Generally, the teachers started doing this activity with four-year-old kids in a kindergarten. However, you can start doing this activity with your kid from the age of 1 before they get admitted to a preschool.

Does This Activity Have a Negative Impact on Your Kid?

No, the shape-making activity doesn’t have any negative impact on your kids. Instead of it, these activities help your toddler to enhance several learning skills along with thinking, creativity, and concentration abilities.

Which Activities Are the Best for Your Kids?

The letter recognition activity can help your kids to learn about the alphabet. Similarly, number recognition helps them to develop early math skills. Creating geometric shapes is also one of the best shape-making activities for a toddler.

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