Don’t you think your teens love engaging themselves in some of the coolest outdoor activities than catching up on movies or web series on Netflix? As a matter of fact, outdoor activities are so much more fun and exciting as they stimulate the body, mind, and soul. We have loads of fun-filled activities for your teens that can literally keep them on their toes.

We have hiking, river rafting, swimming, weekend drives, and sunshine activities your teens would love and enjoy. This way, your teens will have opportunities for plenty of recreation and outdoor fun, after all. And parents get to accompany their teens as you would want to strengthen the physical and emotional bond between you and your children.

Outdoor activities promote breathing in the fresh air, socializing with kids of their age, trying out local culinary delicacies, and a lot more.

1. Flying Kites

Flying Kites.jpg

You can organize exotic kite flying events at outdoor locales with your teen kids. This is because kite flying can be such fun and outgoing activity for your teenager who is bubbling with energy at all times. When your teen kids explore the in-and-outs of kite flying, events and contests can be held amongst all of you. Above all, this is a wonderful outdoor activity that stimulates the nerves of the brain with respect to your teen kids and thereby enhances their level of concentration to a considerable extent indeed.

2. Bungee Jumping

Bungee jump

Bungee jumping is an adventurous activity that can keep your teen kids on their edge. It is because of the adrenalin rush that gushes down their spines. Again, if you have a look at it, your teen kids need something exciting and adventurous to hang on to. And, a sport like bungee jumping is what is called for. You can arrange for bungee jumping as recreation rides during a holiday with family and friends. This is one of the best teenage activities near me, the local searches on the internet lend you with.

3. Try Bicycling


Does your teenage daughter go cycling to her school every day? Well, then, you can convert it into a fun and engaging outdoor activity too. Not only is cycling fun, but also highly energizing indeed. And an hour of cycling can boost up the overall metabolism for you and for your teen kid too. Do you have a bunch of teen kids who love cycling? Then, you better be geared up for a fascinating cycling race up or down the hill. This is one of the best outdoor stuff under the ‘teenage activities near me’ category.

4. Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing

Well, who doesn’t love that adrenaline rush into the spine? All of us right? Your teen kids would surely want to go on a mountain expedition and have hands-on to rock or mountain climbing. And this is an outdoor activity that can keep your teen kids on their feet plus, this is a highly stimulating physical activity that touches the body, mind, and soul. You can organize mountain climbing at exotic locations with friends and family.

5. Trekking


Trekking is another outdoor activity that goes well with your teen kids. Why do you think so? This is because trekking is a kind of walking on treacherous surfaces like river beds or valleys. And, you can trek with your teenage sons and daughter, too, when you organize family excursions or adventure outdoor trips. It can be entirely stimulating for you as a family. Look for ‘teenage activities near me’ searches on Google or online directories, and find a trekking camp closer to where you stay in.

6. Hiking


Allow your teenagers to hike up picturesque trails at outdoor locales. Apart from testing the endurance of your teenage son or daughter, this is an outdoor activity that can also help them appreciate nature at its best. Again, you can set up a hiking trail or a pinnacle point wherein your ambitious teen daughter or son reaches out there first. You could either allow your teen kids to go out for outdoor excursions with friends of their age. Or, you can plunge into the hiking expedition yourself. Either way, this is an outdoor activity that is totally worth it. Look for attractive hiking camps when you look for ‘teenage activities near me‘ lists.

7. Star-Gazing

Star gazing

Star gazing can be another outdoor activity for your teen in whom you find an astronomer indeed. Here, you allow your teen son or daughter to count the number of stars or point to galaxies and constellations. And you can allow the activity to go on for hours on end. This is an activity that doesn’t necessarily require you to go outdoors, and you can do it in the comfort of your home terrace too. Gift your son or daughter with a high-end telescope so that their fascination to learn the secrets of cosmic space reaches an all-new high.

8. River Rafting

River rafting

River rafting is one of the most exciting activities that tops the ‘teenage activities near me’ lists. The level of excitement you get as you paddle through a high-current river is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words. And river rafting is a great outdoor activity for your teenage children when you allow them to go out with their friends or go for drives as extended families since this is an activity that is best enjoyed as a group. For more suggestive ideas, you can try river rafting sprees through canoeing getaways, wherein your teenage kids will never say no to. Above all, the activity builds team building and concentration amongst your teenage children.

9. Dodgeball


Well, what is your understanding of what playing dodgeball is all about? This is a game wherein a denner throws balls at others, and the one who dodges the maximum number of ball throws is declared a winner. Since the game involves a high-intensity level of energy, it can be really fun for your teenage sons or daughters to be a part of.

Plus, this is an outdoor activity that is fabulous when played in a team. Through this game, your teen kids learn how to be good team players after all, and being able to fit into a team is a much-needed skill in today’s world. So, search for ‘teenage activities near me’ hubs online and get hands-on with dodgeball camps for your teenagers right away.

10. Gardening


When your teenage kids get hands-on with gardening, it can be fun and engaging. Since this is an outdoor activity that requires a green thumb, your kids are going to learn to appreciate nature at its best. And, you allow your teens to learn about different species of plants and help them become environmentalists or nature conservationists too.

To make the activity even more exciting, allow your teen children to plant saplings and grade them each time the plant grows up that little extra notch. And, you gift them goodies or hampers every time; they excel growing their gardens, and this way, your teens can feel happy and motivated about the gardening activities they sign up with. Look for exotic gardens or nurseries while you hunt for ‘teenage activities near me campaigns.’

11. Frisbee Fun

Frisbee Fun

Frisbee throwing can be fun and engaging for your outdoor-loving teenage children. This is because the kids expend a lot of energy as against sitting on a couch playing video games or watching movies on television. You can allow them to play at your outdoor gardens or at family-oriented excursive trips and drive-in locations.

As a fun-loving parent, you can play frisbee in groups of two’s or as doubles. This way, you allow frisbees to become a family-oriented game wherein all of you are involved. Again, you have yet another fabulous teenage activity that keeps them on their feet all day long.

12. Nature Walks

Nature trailing

Quite a lot of holidaying camps organize nature trailing or nature walk activities; teen kids or adults can get hands-on too. Through this outdoor activity, you appreciate the plants, trees, and birds chirruping. In other words, you learn to appreciate natural surroundings in their best elements after all. The trailing path is already drawn up, and your teen kids just cover the pathway.

And they can walk or hop at their own pace. As a mom of your enterprising teenage daughters or sons, you can also join them along. Well, nature trailing or nature walking can be a soothing and relaxing activity for all of you as a family.

13. Sea Surfing

Sea surfing

For your hyper-active teen kids, sea boarding or sea surfing can be a great outdoor cum water activity too. Using the surfer boards, your teenage son or daughter treads through the waves. Wow! It can be so much exciting and adventurous on the whole. And encourage them to go sea-surfing with friends of their age to add up to that elevated level of fun and enigma.

This is meant for the more adventurous nerve and not for weaklings. Henceforth, if your teen daughter or son is really up to the challenge, allow them to enjoy fun-filled sessions of sea surfing.

14. Theme Parks

Theme park rides

Disneyland is what comes to all of our minds when it comes to visiting theme parks. Here, you have car bumping, sea surfing, paragliding, zorbing, 180-degree rides, roller coasters, and a whole lot of them. Your teenage sons and daughters are going to have the maximum levels of fun out there. So, why not purchase tickets for you and your teen kids?

Or, allowing them to go out with friends for theme park excursions again isn’t a bad idea at all. After all, your teenagers require a sense of freedom as against constant adult supervision. So, there is nothing wrong with letting them be and allowing them to enjoy their moments at their best. Look for the best theme parks when you hunt them down, then find more teenage activities near me.

15. Organizing Games


Organizing games like spud, bear hunt, slam dunk, on safari, and finding the treasure can be ones that keep your teenage children on their feet for an endless number of hours in a day. This is because they form groups with kids of their age, frame rules on how the games have to be played and keep the momentum going. These are outdoor games that can be organized near your gardens or home terraces. Else, you have dedicated parks or playgrounds you can enroll your teenage kids with so that their weekends are spent playing outdoor games in all their spirits.

Summing It Up

All in all, we have discovered 15 super cool ‘teenage activities near me’ games and ideas that you can capture for yourselves. Some of your teen daughters enjoy playing tea parties or fancy dress competitions. Ramp walking or doing fashion shows can also be events you can enroll your kids with.

Outdoor activities boost the metabolism of your children, and the teenage remains the formative or growing years of your children. You must never allow them to be sedentary or gorge on food 24/7. You must provide ample opportunities for them to remain outdoors so that their reflexes or muscle movements improve.

So, which is the most exciting teen activity you are going to allow your son or daughter to take part in?

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