Do you want a break from the daily chaos of busy schedules? Well, it’s time for a fun-filled game night together! Everyone agrees that family game nights are fun. It is time to switch off your gadgets and summon your army for an exciting time to bond better.

A night of staying awake a little late, giggling together, winning and losing, storytelling, enjoying board games, munching on snacks, and making memories. The plus point? You also get to keep your children away from computers.

Take a break from busy work hours and connect with your family with these top 40 family game night ideas. Whether you want to bring your family together, plan a stress-free night on a family trip, or host your friends over, these family game night ideas are for everyone.

Take a look at the carefully curated list below and have some fun.

Amusing Family Game Night Ideas for All Ages

A family that plays together stays together. Here are 40 family game night ideas that will allow you to have fun with your family members and have a good time together.

1. The Classic BINGO Game

The Classic BINGO Game.jpg

No one hasn’t played this classic game as a kid. You will need a set of bingo cards for this game, a pack of markers, and a bingo spinner. Once everyone is seated in a circle, distribute the bingo cards with a marker in the center. Select one person as the caller who will spin the spinner and call out the number.

Everyone is supposed to put a marker on that number if it appears on their cards. The first person to get five points in a row wins. Bingo! Pick bingo if you are looking for family game night ideas that would be fun for everyone.

2. The Ever-Interesting Dumb Charades Games

 The Ever-Interesting Dumb Charades Games

Dumb Charades is another one of those classic games that most of us grew up with. The only thing you would need to prepare for this game is a list of movies. To play dumb charades, you need to divide everyone into two groups. Choose one member from a group and let the other group whisper the name of a movie in their ear. This member will explain the movie name to his group without uttering it.

If you are looking for family game night ideas that will make everyone share a lot of laughter, this is it.

3. Monopoly


If your older kids are interested in mathematics and economics, monopoly would be a fun game for them. It is a dice game in which the players buy and trade properties. They can also collect rent if the opponent is in their area. The players are supposed to try to drive each other to bankruptcy so that they can have a monopoly.

Playing this game can help kids improve their logic and sharpen their intelligence.

4. LUDO Family Game Night

LUDO Family Game Night

Most of us love Ludo. If we were to compile a list of family game night ideasthat would be perfect for the whole family, Ludo would take the first spot.

All you need for the game is a basic Ludo set. It is a game that four people can play simultaneously. Each player gets to roll the dice and move their game pieces according to the number on the dice. Whoever is the first to get all their pieces to cross the finish line wins.

5. UNO Game Night

UNO Game Night

In recent years, UNO has become a fan favorite. A UNO set is a deck of 108 cards. One member needs to shuffle the cards and divide them into a pile of seven for every member. The remaining cards are kept aside, face down, in the center of the draw pile.

Then one card is drawn from the pile, and the player needs to take out a card from their seven cards that match the drawn card. If they can’t, they need to add a card to their set.

6. Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders .jpg

Snakes and Ladders is a fun game to play with young children or grandparents. If you are looking for family night game ideas that don’t require much mental work, go for this one. What you will need for this game is a snakes and ladders board, a few colored discs, and dice.

Players are supposed to roll the dice and move their discs accordingly. If a disc lands on the mouth of a snake, the player has to drag it down to the tail. On the other hand, if a disc lands on a ladder, it can climb closer to the winning point.

7. Balloon Tennis

Balloon Tennis .jpg

Who doesn’t love to play with balloons? A list of fun family game night ideaswould be incomplete without balloon tennis. Get a packet of balloons and inflate them. Once they are big and round, you can use them to play tennis with everyone. You can use rackets, cardboard, or your bare hands.

Hit the balloons to keep them floating in the air. Whoever lets a balloon fall to the ground loses.

8. A Traditional Game of Cards

A Traditional Game of Cards

Are you planning a get-together with the adult members of your family? If yes, then family game night ideas that promote a relaxing atmosphere are something you must pick. Well, a traditional game of cards may work very well for you.

People often enjoy playing cards while chatting, drinking, or relaxing together. There are also multiple ways to use a traditional card deck.

9. The Telephone Game

The Telephone Game

“Telephone” is a classic game that always generates a lot of laughter. When playing this game, all the players sit in a circle. The first player whispers a phrase in the ear of the person sitting next to them. This person is then supposed to whisper the phrase in the ear of the person beside them, and so on.

When the telephoned phrase, which has gotten distorted along the way, finally comes back to the first player, they are supposed to reveal the original phrase. It always makes people laugh to see the difference between the two phrases.

10. Scrabble


If you have kids and you want to make learning fun for them, scrabble is the way to go. Instead of going for other family game night ideas, plan to play Scrabble with your family. To make it more interesting for kids, add rewards.

Say, if a player gets 50 points, they get a lolli or a snack. The kids will not only have a fun time with their parents but will also get to learn new words. Now that is a win-win situation!

11. The “Would You Rather” Family Game Night

Family Game Night

Would you rather eat a piece of broccoli or have a 10-second stare-down with a spider? Would you rather be 14 years old or 40 years old? “Would you rather?” is a fun game that people can play together, irrespective of their ages. All you need to do is come up with funny or tricky, age-appropriate questions.

If you are looking for family game night ideas to help you get to know your family even better, go for this one!

12. The “Post It Notes” Game

Game .jpg

The “Post-it Note” game always makes people laugh. One member needs to prepare a stack of Post-it notes with different things written on them. Then give each player a written message that they cannot see. Now, all the player needs to do is wait for their turn.

On their turn, the payer will have to stick the note on their forehead and guess the word written on it. Everyone else can help them guess the word by acting it out. However, no one is allowed to utter the word aloud.

13. An Indoor Treasure Hunt Game Night with Kids

An Indoor Treasure Hunt Game Night with Kids

An indoor treasure hunt would be one of the best family game night ideas for Christmas, new year, or birthdays. Hide small gifts like chocolates, toffees, pencil cases, or cute trinkets around the house.

Give the kids some hints, and let them go and have fun finding the treasures.

14. Indoor Bowling Game Night

Indoor Bowling Game Night

You don’t need to be athletic to enjoy this bowling game. The player needs to get a ball and collect a few empty plastic bottles to ace this game.

Then arrange the collected bottles on the floor to resemble the set-up of bowling pins in a bowling alley. The players will now roll the ball and hit the bottles. A player who performs well wins.

15. Solving Riddles Family Game Night Ideas

Solving Riddles Family Game Night Ideas .jpg

Solving riddles together is an age-old way of passing time while having fun with family and friends. It is one of our favorite family game nightideas.

Players can share a riddle that they have prepared, and everyone else can try to solve it. The one who solves the most riddle gets a special snack as a reward!

16. Funny Tongue Twisters Game Night Ideas with Kids

Funny Tongue Twisters Game Night Ideas with Kids

Who doesn’t love to watch people twist their tongues while trying to repeat tongue twisters? Prepare a list of funny tongue twisters beforehand.

Once everyone is ready to play, whip out your list and start giving each player a funny phrase to repeat. It would be hilarious to watch as people started to mess up their words and phrases.

17. Paper Plane Game

 Paper Plane Game

Are you looking for family game night ideas that would help you spend a creative and relaxed evening with your family and kids? Try the paper plane game! All you need to do is get a stack of old papers. Get everyone seated, and then start making paper planes.

Once it is ready, everyone can fly their planes to see how far they go. The planes that go the farthest win! Using different colored papers would make the game even more fun.

18. Playing with Nerf Guns

Playing with Nerf Guns

You don’t need to be a kid to love Nerf guns. If you or your family members love Nerf guns, plan a fun activity and use these guns. One can create DIY targets for Nerf guns using paper or empty plastic bottles. Arrange all the targets in place and make a scoreboard.

Each player gets to shoot several rounds, and the one with the most hits wins a small prize! That would be one of the most fun family game night ideas!

19. Lego Family Game Night Ideas for Kids

Lego Family Game Night Ideas for Kids .jpg

Legos are loved by children and adults alike. Using Lego sets to build structures is quite fun. If your family members or children love Legos, dedicating a family game night to building Legos together would make them very happy.

You can even surprise them with a set of brand-new Legos.

20. The Trump Card Game

The Trump Card Game

The Trump Card Game is one of those amusing family game night ideas to play and enjoy with your family. One can find a variety of trump cards, like WWE trump cards, baseball trump cards, and even Pokémon trump cards.

Choose something that interests you. Rewards for winners and tasks for losers would make the game more interesting.

21. “The Floor Is Lava” Game

The Floor Is Lava Game

“The floor is lava” is a game that children love most. If you have a large house or living space, it would be easier to play this game. As soon as the caller shouts, The floor is lava’, all the players are supposed to immediately climb on top of whatever piece of furniture is near them.

The one who doesn’t get on a raised surface gets stuck in the “lava” and loses. If you have a lot of kids in your family and are looking for family game night ideas to keep them busy, this would be great.

22. Fun Fact Quiz Game

Fun Fact Quiz Game

If you have a lot of family members who are still in schools or universities, a fun fact quiz game may work out very well for a family game night. Prepare a list of fun facts about different things, animals, space, food, movies, and historical events. When all the players are ready, start the quiz.

Whoever gets the most points wins! This game is one of the best family game night ideas for everyone to learn new things while having fun.

23. Jenga Family Game Night Ideas

Portrait of an african american family having fun playing jenga at home.

Jenga is a game where Jenga blocks are arranged on top of each other to form a tower. Each player is supposed to pull out a Jenga block using only one hand to place it on top of the building.

The last person to successfully place a block on top without the tower crashing down wins. Jenga is a fun game to play at a family get-together.

24. “A Minute to Win It” Game Challenge

A Minute to Win It Game Challenge

“A minute to win it” is a range of games that need to be completed in one minute. How many paper cups can you stack together in a minute?

How many balloons can you inflate in 60 seconds? These games will be your cup of tea if you are looking for quick and easy family game night ideas.

25. A Cooking Game Challenge

Shot of a family of four cooking together in their kitchen at home

Snacks are a crucial part of game nights. What if we turn making snacks into a game? Adult family members who are good cooks can take on the challenge of cooking something delicious for everyone within 30 minutes.

It would make cooking fun for the people, and it would also make sure that the party doesn’t run out of snacks. This cooking game would be a delicious addition to our list of family game night ideas.

26. Truth or Dare Friends Game Night

Truth or Dare RF

Truth or dare may not be a game that you can play with your parents or children. However, if you are meeting up with your siblings and cousins, a truth or dare game seems like one of the best family game night ideas.

You can add punishments like drinking bitter tea for those who lose.

27. Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Since the previous game wasn’t for children, here is something that kids would enjoy: hide and seek. If you have a large house with multiple rooms, you can allow the kids to hide and seek while you catch up with the adults.

The children would love it, for sure. Children would probably put hide and seek on top of their list for family game night ideas.

28. The Twister Game

The Twister Game .jpg

If you are looking for family game night ideas to test everyone’s flexibility, Twister is the game for you. You would need the Twister game set to play this game. Before the game starts, the players stand in opposite corners with one foot on the twister mat. Now, a player rotates the spinner, and the referee calls out a hand or foot and a color.

All the players will have to find the color and put their hands or feet on it. In the end, everyone ends up in weird and funny positions, causing a lot of laughter.

29. The “Never Have I Ever” Family Game Night

The Never Have I Ever Family Game Night .jpeg

The “never have I ever” game is fun and allows people to get to know each other better. It may be a fun game to play with your family members, especially if you have a large family. You may discover secrets about each other that you may not have imagined possible. This game is a good one to add to the amusing list of family game night ideas.

30. Two Truths and a Lie Fun Game Night

Two Truths and a Lie Fun Game Night

How well do you know your family members? Can you spot it if one of them lies? Two Truths and a Lie is a game where each player says three “facts” about themselves, and everyone else has to guess which one of the three is a lie.

It is a fun game to play with family members because it can help you learn a lot of funny truths about them.

31. Musical Chairs Game with Family

Musical Chairs Game with Family

Who doesn’t love musical chairs? If your party consists of youngsters who would like dancing and singing, musical chairs would be a delightful addition to family game night ideas.

Arrange the chairs in a circle and play some fun music. Let everyone dance and go around and play musical chairs.

32. Passing the Pillow Game Night

Passing the Pillow Game Night

Passing the Pillow Game is similar to musical chairs, but it is for people who would rather sit down than go around. Everyone sits in a circle, music blasts, and a pillow goes around. When the music stops, the person found with the pillow is out of the game.

However, when playing with family members, it would make more sense to make the loser tell a secret or complete a task instead of being removed from the circle. It is one of the more relaxed but fun family game night ideas.

33. “You Laugh, You Lose” Family Game Night

You Laugh, You Lose Family Game Night

“You laugh, you lose” is one of our favorites on the list of family game night ideas. What is a better way to spend quality time with your family than to try and make each other laugh?

Each player gets 5 minutes to make the entire group laugh. If anyone laughs, the player wins!

34. The “Most Likely To” Game

The Most Likely To Game

Who is most likely to bunk a class? Who is most likely to get a parking ticket? Who is most likely to cry while watching a movie? The “most likely to” game is for siblings and cousins to play together during family game nights.

After all, who knows our quirks better than the people we grew up with? Add this to your family game night ideas if your siblings and cousins are coming over.

35. Paper Telephone Game Night

Family having fun playing with string phones at home

The paper telephone is another variation of the classic telephone game. The first player writes down a phrase on paper and shows it to the next player. The next player has to draw the phrase and show it to the third player. This person would need to understand what the drawing means and write it down as a phrase to show it to the next player.

By the time the drawing or the phrase comes back to the first player, it will have become hilariously distorted. This game is one of the must-try funny family game night ideas.

36. The Classic Stone-Paper-Scissors

Three children, boy brothers, playing rock scissors paper game in blooming park

Stone-paper-scissors is a fun game to indulge in. It is a fun method to determine who goes first or takes the first pick in other games. Or you can play stone-paper-scissor on itself.

The winner gets a small snack every time! This game is a mandatory addition to family game night ideas.

37. An Origami Contest

An Origami Contest

If your family is full of people who love arts and crafts, an origami contest may be a fun idea for your family’s game night. All family members can draw lots to choose a topic and then make origami related to the topic.

It would be fun for everyone, and you would also have a beautiful set of origami pieces by the end of it. It is one of the more unique family game night ideas.

38. The Mafia Game Night

Multi-generation family playing a board game on the floor at home

The mafia game is a pretty well-known game. To start, the game coordinator secretly assigns different roles, like mafia, police officer, or civilian, to the players. There are two modes in this game.

During the night mode, everyone has to put their heads down, and the mafia can ask the coordinator to kill a player. During the day mode, the detective has to find who killed who.

39. The “Heads Up” Game

The Heads Up Game .jpg

“Heads Up” is an app that makes the “post-it note” game easier. Instead of going through the trouble of writing things down on paper, the players can hold their phones on top of their heads, and it will display a word or a phrase that they would need to guess.

It is a fun game. You can add this to your list of family game night ideas if you are not against using phones during family time.

40. 20 Questions Game Night

20 Questions Game Night

20 Questions is a game in which the whole family can participate together. The player who goes first must think of something in their head. Then the rest of the party tries to guess what they thought by asking 20 yes-or-no questions.

Add these family game night ideas if you know your family members well!

Summing It Up

All in all, life is fun with your family and friends gathering together for fun times. Spending quality time together strengthens familial bonds and helps family members know each other better. It is no wonder why families make game nights a weekly tradition in their households.

If you are planning a family game night, let us help you. There are countless fun-filled, engaging activities to indulge in. If you have kids in your pack, go for family game night ideas like paper plane making, Lego building, and treasure hunting. If there are elders or grandparents, they will enjoy playing Ludo and Snakes and Ladders.

Which family game night ideas would you pick from the above list? Let us know in the comments below.

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