Naming your girl child can be a challenging task, and naming with a particular initial can be even harder. So, if you are blessed with a baby girl, then stick with us as we have suggested some of the most amazing and handpicked girl names that start with S. A name hold utmost importance in the life of an individual as it stays with the person forever. It gives a unique identity and adds meaning to the personality.

Discover the names starting with S that are fun yet meaningful in this intensive list of baby girl names that start with S. Welcome your baby girl into this world and add a unique touch to her personality with a beautiful name.

Let’s go through this article as it may help you to pick a wonderful name for your girl child. Read on!

Unique Baby Girl Names that Start with S

The popular girl names that start with S are listed below for you to choose the one for your little one.

  • Saba — a woman of Sheba (Greek)
  • Sabah — The morning (Arabic)
  • Sabelle — A form of Elizabeth, meaning consecrated to God.
  • Sabia — The sweet one (Irish)
  • Sabina — The Sabines were a tribe living in central Italy during the time of the establishment of Rome. The Romans kidnapped the Sabine women to provide brides for the citizens of Rome. (Latin)
  • Sabira — The patient one (Latin)
  • Sabirah — patient (Arabic)
  • Sabra — A thorny cactus, or to rest. (Hebrew)
  • Sabrina — A legendary character. (Celtic)
  • Sacha — The defender or helper of mankind. A boy or girl’s name. (French)
  • Sachi — Joy (Japanese)
  • Sachiko — bliss, child of Sachi (Japanese)
  • Sade — honor confers a crown (Nigerian)
  • Sadie — The wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac in the Bible.
  • Sadira — A lotus. (Persian)
  • Saffi — Form of Sophie. Wisdom. (Danish)
  • Saffron — From the name of the spice. (Arabic)
  • Safia — The confidante, or pure one. (Arabic)
  • Safiya — pure (African)
  • Sage — Wise. Also, the name of a herb. A boy or girl’s name. (Old French)
  • Sahar — Dawn. (Arabic)

Unique Baby Girl Names that Start with S

  • Saida — fortunate one (Arabic)
  • Saidah — happy, fortunate (African)
  • Saige wise, prophet, or refers to the herb (English)
  • Sailor — the occupational name for a person that worked on a boat
  • Sakari — sweet (Native American)
  • Sakikox — child of Saki (Native American)
  • Sakinah — god-inspired peace-of-mind, tranquility (Arabic)
  • Sakuko — child of Saku (Japanese)
  • Sakura — Cherry blossom. (Japanese)
  • Sakurakox — child of Sakura (Japanese)
  • Salal — a plant (English)
  • Salihah — correct (African)
  • Salima — Safe, secure. (Arabic)
  • Salimah — safe, healthy (Arabic)
  • Salina — Solemn. (Latin)
  • Sally A princess. The wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac in the Bible.
  • Saloma — peace (Hebrew)
  • Salome — Peace. A biblical name. (Hebrew)
  • Salvia — A plant name. (Latin)
  • Salwa — solace; comfort (Arabic)
  • Sam — She, who listens, is also an achievement.
  • SamanthaAramaic — She who listens.
  • Samara — Guarded by God. (Hebrew)
  • Samicah — Samika (Hebrew)
  • Sammi — She who listens.
  • Sammie — She who listens is also an achievement. A boy or girl’s name.
  • Sammy — She who listens is also an achievement. A boy or girl’s name.
  • Samuela — Asked of God. The feminine form of Samuel. (Hebrew)
  • Samularia,sweet one forever — Sammy, Lari, larva
  • Sana — The radiant one. (Arabic)
  • Sanako — child of Sana (Japanese)
  • Sancia — Sacred. (Latin)
  • Sandi — The defender or helper of mankind. From the name Alexandra and Sandra.
  • Sandia — watermelon (Spanish)
  • Sandie — The protector and helper of mankind. A boy or girl’s name. (Greek)
  • Sandra — The defender or helper of mankind. From the name Alexandra.
  • Sanrevelle — San, Rev, Revelle, Revla (Portuguese)
  • Sapphira — Deep blue. A gemstone name. (Greek)
  • Sapphire — Deep blue. A gemstone name. (Greek)
  • Sara — A princess. The wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac in the Bible.
  • Sarah — A princess. The wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac in the Bible. (Hebrew)
  • Sarai — quarrelsome (Hebrew)
  • Saraid — excellent (Sanskrit)
  • Sarala — Honest. (Sanskrit)
  • Sarea — the name of an angel (Hebrew)
  • Saree — most noble (Arabic)

Unique Baby Girl Names that Start with S

If you want your girl’s name to stand out, then have a look at this amazing curated list of baby girl names that start with S. You can create a wonderful impact by giving your girl an interesting name from this list.

  • Saffron – Name your daughter after the beautiful yellow flower, Saffron.
  • Sage – A name that means “wisdom,” Sage is also a purifying and fresh-smelling herb.
  • Serendipity – This name comes from the word for a happy accident and would be a charming choice for a surprise baby.
  • Sidra – This lovely name has its roots in Latin and means “like a star.”
  • Silvana – This Italian name means “of the trees.”
  • Siobhahn – This beautiful Irish name has an uncommon pronunciation; say it like “shi-vawn.”
  • Sonnet – A poetic name, this is a form of poetry favored by Shakespeare and many other important writers.
  • Storm – This name has a fierceness that may perfectly fit your little girl.
  • Story – Choose this name for a girl who will live a remarkable life.
  • Sophia – Sophia is all the rage, coming in high on the top 100 list.
  • Sofia – An alternate spelling of Sophia, Sofia is another very popular choice.
  • Stella – This name, which means “star,” is a lovely S name for baby girls.
  • Savannah – Savannah is a popular but less common choice.
  • Skylar – Skylar is another gorgeous option that stands out from the crowd.
  • Sophie – This name is yet another variant of Sophia and is just as cute.
  • Sadie – Sadie is an adorably playful name for a little girl.
  • Serenity – This name evokes peacefulness, which explains why it’s so popular.
  • Sarah – Sarah is a classic option that never goes out of style.

Cute Girl Names that Start with S

Unique Baby Girl Names that Start with S

Add a cute element to the name of your little one by choosing one of the names from this late, as these names are handpicked and may give a super cute touch to the personality of your little one.

  • Selia – Selia can have several meanings but usually relates to the moon or heaven.
  • Shari – Meaning “princess,” this name couldn’t be cuter.
  • Shayla – This name can mean “of the fairy palace” or “little mountain,” which are both adorable.
  • Shiloh – Give your little girl a name that means “tranquil” to embody peacefulness.
  • Shyla – Meaning “daughter of the mountain” or “goddess,” this name brings power.
  • Sia – This cute-sounding name has a strong meaning: victory.
  • Sparrow – Name your baby after a bird that can represent positivity and creativity.
  • Spring – If your girl symbolizes new beginnings, name her after the season of renewal.
  • Suri – This name can mean “princess” in Hebrew or “red rose” in Persian.
  • Suzy – A word that means “lily,” this name will make you think of the beautiful flower.
  • Sylvia – Perfect for nature lovers, this name is rooted in the Latin word for “forest.”
  • Sasha – Your little cutie might become a tough “defender” with this warrior-inspired name.

Old-Fashioned Girl Names that Start with S

Old-Fashioned Girl Names that Start with S

Do you want to keep it traditional while selecting the name for your baby girl? Then check out the names mentioned in this list and pick up a perfect name for your little one. From subtle elegance to a cute, classic sound, traditional names from the past can open up a whole new world to discover when it comes to naming your little lady.

  • Sallie – This unique spelling was one of the most popular girls’ names in 1880, according to the SSA.
  • Salome – This name was in the top 1000 for the year 1880, but it’s rarely heard now.
  • Selma – This beautiful name harkens back to a long-ago time.
  • Shirley – Popular in 1920, according to the SSA, this name has a distinctly retro sound.
  • Sophronia – This old-fashioned name is a beautiful alternative to the popular Sophia.
  • Sula – This has always been a unique S name for girls, but it was more common in the 19th century than it is today.
  • Susan – A classic and old-fashioned name, Susan is ready for a comeback.
  • Susanna – This name is not commonly used right now, but it was popular around the turn of the 20th century.
  • Sylvie – This old-fashioned name for baby girls is a great choice if you want a classic.

Girl Names that Start with S from Around the World

Girl Names that Start with S from Around the World.png

Get inspired to give your little one a unique name that starts with S. Consider these pretty, strong, and unique options from across the globe.

  • Sabra – This Hebrew name means “cactus plant” and has a distinctly modern feel.
  • Sachi – A Japanese name, Sachi means “baby girl.”
  • Sahima – This is a Hindu girl’s name that starts with S and means “snow.”
  • Sanne – A Dutch name, Sanne means “lily.”
  • Sarita – This Italian or Spanish name is a variation of Sarah.
  • Sela – This Hebrew name means “a rock.”
  • Severine – A French name, Severine means “stern.”
  • Signe – This name has its roots in Norse mythology.
  • Soledad – A Spanish name, Soledad refers to the Virgin Mary.
  • Suki – This Japanese name for girls means “beloved.”
  • Suha – Another Hindu girl name that starts with S, Suha is the name of a mythological star.

Baby Girl Names that Start with S and Have Deep Meaning

Portrait of a cheerful little girl with white feather wings eating heart-shaped cookies, a symbol of Valentine's Day

Who doesn’t want a name that has a deep meaning to it? Certainly, we all do. In the names mentioned below, we have made sure that the names have a good meaning attached to them. So, without further discussion, let’s dive in!

  • Sadia – This is a name that means “princess” and also “lucky or fortunate.”
  • Salem – A name that means “peaceful” is perfect for your daughter.
  • Sapphira – Let the gorgeous blue gemstone known as the Sapphire inspire your girl’s name.
  • Sarai – A name that means “princess,” this would fit any precious girl.
  • Sariyeh – This name can also mean “princess,” or it can mean “night rain.”
  • Sevyn – Based on the number seven, this name could bring extra luck to your little girl’s life.
  • Sienna – Name your daughter after Siena, the Italian city which is also how the earthy color “sienna” came to be named.
  • Solara – Brighten up your day with this girl’s name, which means “of the sun.”
  • Sophelia – Give your girl a name that means “wisdom” and “helper.”
  • Starling – The Starling bird symbolizes communication and relationships, which gives a unique but special meaning to a girl’s name.
  • Salve – This name means something soothing.
  • Selene – Based on a Latin word, this name means “of the moon.”
  • Serafina – This beautiful name for a baby girl means “angelic.”
  • Serena – This S name means “calm and peaceful.”
  • Shelter – This name is a word that means a place of safety.
  • Shila – A beautiful Irish baby name, Shila means “heavenly.”
  • Sincerity – This name means being honest and genuine.
  • Solace – This S name is another word that means comfort.
  • Sonora – This Spanish S name means “a beautiful sound.”
  • Sybil – This Greek name means “wise one.”

Summing It Up

In the end, we would like to say that naming your girl child will not be an easy task as it may require a lot of research, discussions, and confusion. But with this intensive list of unique baby girl names that start with S, your job of finding a perfect name has been made easy. Whether you like your girl’s name to be short and decent, or you want to go for a dramatic and impactful name, we covered it all.

We have made sure that the list contains all the possible baby girl names that start with S, as it can give you endless options to choose from. So, relax, as half of your job of searching multiple names has been done. Now all you have to do is pick up a name for your little darling and add meaning to her existence.

Comment down below and let us know which baby girl’s name that starts with S is a show-topper for you.

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What if Your Name Starts with S?

If your name starts with S, then you enjoy expressing your feelings and are often very affectionate with your partners. You are also known for your loyalty and commitment, and you value honesty and open communication in your relationships.

What is the Power of The Letter S?

In numerology, the numerical value of alphabets A and S is 1. A is the first letter of the English alphabet, and S is the 19th alphabet. This makes A and S influenced by Number 1, the number of might and power. Number 1 is ruled by the sun.

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