We understand the significance of birthstones and zodiac signs and how they help better understand people’s personalities and lives.

But, there is also a birth flower associated with the month we are born, and it supposedly reveals a lot about our personalities.

The history of birth flowers goes back to the Victorian era when people’s interest in botany was at its peak and collecting and pressing flowers was fashionable and cool.

Birth flowers offer insights into people’s personalities according to the month they were born. There is a flower or two for each month.

You can even make a legitimate birth flowers chart to know more about the personalities of your loved ones.

Here, we will understand which flower is associated with people each month and what it tells about them.

1. January: Carnation

January Carnation

The carnation is the flower of birth for people born in January. Carnation is referred to as “the flower of gods.” It symbolizes love and fascination.

People born in January are believed to be passionate and strong-headed and, hence, cannot be easily influenced. They are not afraid to be original. You can rely on them as they are loyal lovers and friends.

2. February: Violet

February Violet

Violet is the birth flower of people born in February, symbolizing modesty, innocence, and faith.

People born in February are slightly reserved, but once you befriend them, they are the sweetest friends you will have as they are very thoughtful of people and are loyal and honest.

They are also quite intuitive and knowledgeable.

3. March: Daffodil

March Daffodil

Daffodil symbolizes creativity and prosperity. Daffodils are the first flower to bloom in spring. And just like these pretty flowers, people born in March are full of sunshine.

It doesn’t take much to make them happy; it’s just simple things. They are creative, calm, and organized but must work hard to succeed.

4. April: Daisy

April Daisy

Daisy is the birth flower of people born in April; it symbolizes purity and innocence. People born in April are people’s best friends; you will find your confidence in them.

They are the life of the party, full of fun, and there is never a dull moment around them because they are adventurous and have a positive outlook on life.

5. May- Lily of The Valley

May- Lily of The Valley

Though the flower is quite toxic, it symbolizes humility and sweetness. The people born in May are very practical; they will know how to handle a bad situation.

But they are also very tender and sweet; they care for people around them, and this can go to an extent to make their loved ones feel safe.

6. June: Rose

June Rose

Rose symbolizes passion and love. So, if you find a hopeless romantic person, chances are, their birth flower is a rose. They are passionate lovers.

They value their tradition but are not adamant; they adapt easily to situations and fit in with everyone. People born in June are strong and confident but cannot hide their grief when hurt.

7. July: Larkspurs

July Larkspurs

Larkspurs are as beautiful as they are poisonous. They tower above other plants in their vibrant shade of purple and blue. People born in July are free-spirited and joyful.

They can be focused on their personal growth constantly. They are known to form deep connections with everyone and are quite a protector of the relationships they are in.

8. August: Poppy

August Poppy

Poppy is the birth flower for people born in August. Poppies signify imagination and remembrance and reflect strength and success.

People born in August are strong-willed and have clear goals; they will achieve them despite obstacles. These people are quite funny, and they prefer the company of optimists.

9. September: Aster

September Aster

Asters are graceful, and they are a symbol of elegance and endurance. People with aster as their birth flower are very stable and patient. They do not talk much but are very good listeners.

When you first meet these people, you may find them a little distant and not as an emotional being, but they wear their hearts on their sleeves.

10. October: Marigold

October Marigold

Marigold is one of the brightest flowers, symbolizing creativity and joy. People whose birth flower is marigold are the ones who usually think out of the box and will have a creative take on everything.

They have a unique way of dealing with problems. They are not selfish and often put others before themselves.

11. November: Chrysanthemum

November Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum is the flower of birth for people born in May. It signifies bravery and cheerfulness as It blooms at the start of winter.

The people born in November have an eye for beautiful things; they will find something positive in each situation. They appreciate and are grateful for good things in life and are full of grace and elegance.

12. December: Poinsettia

December Poinsettia

The birth flower of people born in December is the poinsettia. This flower symbolizes success and cheerfulness and is often used in festive Christmas decorations because of its vibrant color.

People born in December are great motivators and are natural leaders who are self-driven to success and can make the most out of their potential.


Each flower is believed to have some meaning, representing or saying something by their being. Still, birth flowers are special as they connect to an individual and tell about their personality.

You can discover yourself or know and understand more about a person by finding their birth flowers. Now that you know your birth flower, you can incorporate it in your home garden or home decor to make your surroundings more reflective.

You can also find birth flowers of your loved one and gift them bouquets made of them to give a personal touch and meaning to your gifting experience.

Now that you are gripped by tales of birth flowers and this newfound knowledge, flaunt yours with pride!

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