Are you expecting a baby girl? Nervousness, excitement, and a little stress are common among parents, especially mothers. And when it comes to giving the name to your little one, the pressure gets doubled. There are plenty of names available on the internet that are cute and adorable. But if you are looking to give your baby girl a meaningful name, then you have come to the right place.

A baby girl’s name, which means green, is also popular among people these days. The reason behind its popularity is the significance of the color green in our fast-moving lives. Green is not just a color, but a symbol of growth, a source of life as nature is all green, and it gives peace in its own unique ways.

So discover this list of girl names that mean green and select a charming name for your daughter to add meaning to her identity.

Girl Names that Mean Green Starting with An Initial “A”

1. Aneeza: An Arabic girl’s name that means “happiness” and “green valley.”

2. Apple: Like the fruit. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin famously named their daughter Apple.

3. Ardena: Celtic – Lofty; Eager; Latin – Warm; Green Forest; A variant of Arden.

4. Ariey: They have a long and green field; clever-minded.

Girl Names that Mean Green Starting with An Initial “B”

5.Beryl: This is a Greek name for a light green, semi-precious gemstone.

6. Blerina: Blerina is a Swiss name. It means “fresh greenness.”

7. Blerta: Blerta is an Albanian name that means “green” or “blossom.”

8. Berrie: Noble and Shining; Pale Green Gemstone.

9. Berry: Celtic – Fair headed; Spear; Mound; Dune; Noble and Bright; Pale Green Gemstone; A variant of name Barrie

10. Beryl: Green Jewel

11. Binda: Australian Aboriginal – Green Place; Deep Water

Girl Names that Mean Green Starting with An Initial “C”

12. Calla: Like the Calla lily. This Greek name means “beauty.”

13. Charelle: A popular Christian girl’s name in America, Charelle means “green gemstone” and “cherry fruit.”

14. Chartreuse: This name refers to a French liqueur produced by the Carthusian Monks of the Chartreuse monastery. It also refers to the yellow-green color of the liqueur.

15. Chloe: Chloe is a girl’s name of Greek origin. It means “young green shoot” and “blooming.”

16. Clora: An American name, Clora has several meanings, including “fresh and green” and “goddess of flowers.”

17. Cherlyn: Green gemstone

18. Cloe: A green shoot; a sign of growing or developing

19. Chlorinda: Greenery; vegetation; growing plants or shrubs

Girl Names that Mean Green Starting with An Initial “E”

20. Emerald: Like the green gemstone, which is a variety of the mineral beryl. As a name, it has both English and Persian origins.

21. Esmeralda: This Spanish name for emerald makes for an enchanting girl’s name.

22. Eelisi: Greenlandic spelling of Êlise, which means pledged to God

23. Erwyna: a feminized word that has the meaning of a beautiful friend or fresh and green water

Girl Names that Mean Green Starting with An Initial “G”

24. Giada: An Italian name, Giada means “jade.”

25. Greenlee: This English name means “green clearing.”

Girl Names that Mean Green Starting with An Initial “H”

26.Hadassah: A Hebrew name, Hadassah means “myrtle tree.”

27. Harita: Harita has Indian roots. It means “green.”

Girl Names that Mean Green Starting with An Initial “I”

28. Irati: This Spanish name means “fern field.”

29. Ivy: Like the plant, Ivy refers to the English name for this climbing evergreen

30. IIuna: Greenlandic variant form of Iluna, meaning moon.

Girl Names that Mean Green Starting with An Initial “J”

31.Jade: Jade is a semi-precious green stone that has become a popular girl’s name.

32. Jaida: A slight variant of Jade

33. Jadagrace: A combination of the names “Jada,” which means beautiful green stone, and “Grace,” which means goodwill

34. Jadie: A form of the name Jade, which means green gemstone

35. Jady: A jade of a gemstone, the beautiful green color

Girl Names that Mean Green Starting with An Initial “M”

36. Makala: This Hawaiian name refers to the Myrtle tree.

37. Midori: This Japanese name means “green shoot.”

38. Myrthe: This Dutch name also means “myrtle.” It’s pronounced Meer-ta, not Mirth.

39. Myrtle: A Greek name that means “evergreen shrub.”

40. Meralda: A transparent and green color piece of precious gem, Emerald

Girl Names that Mean Green Starting with An Initial “N”

41. Nana: In Hawaiian, it is the name of a spring month. In Japanese, it means fresh or green vegetables. In Africa, it signifies the status of a monarch.

42. Narcisa: A transparent and green color piece of precious gem, Emerald.

43. Nanami: Seven seas or beautiful green vegetables

44. Natsuki: Green color fruits or plants or vegetables or bright moon

Girl Names that Mean Green Starting with An Initial “P”

45. Phyllon: Phyllon is the male equivalent of the female name Phyllis. It’s a Greek name that means “leaf.”

46.Peridot: Birthstone; Yellow Green Gem; Precious Stone

47. Phillis: Greek – Loving; Leafy Foliage; Green Bough; A variant of Phyllida

48, Phillidia: Greek – Loving; Leafy Foliage; Green Bough; A variant of Phyllida

49. Pixie: A tiny, green, pointy-eared fary

Girl Names that Mean Green Starting with An Initial “R”

50. Riaz: Beautiful gardens with green grass and flowers

51. Rina: Greens from the Village; Song; Joy; It has a Sanskrit meaning as melted or dissolved

Girl Names that Mean Green Starting with An Initial “V”

52.Vardon: This French name means “green knoll,” which is a small hill or mound.

53. Verdi: This Latin name means “green.”

Some of The Other Girl Names that Mean Green

Some of The Other Girl Names that Mean Green

Names for girls that mean “green” often reflect the beauty and vibrancy of nature. These names will give your daughter a unique and meaningful name that celebrates the natural world.

On the list below, we have some of the most popular choices.

  • Kiana – Ancient Hawaiian name meaning “green.”
  • Chloris – Greek name meaning “green bud.”
  • Verde – Spanish for “green.”
  • Virdi – Sanskrit for “one who is green”
  • Verdandi – Norse for “forever green.”
  • Teal – English word for a type of green color.
  • Luana – Hawaiian meaning “happy, enjoyment and contentment; the color green.”
  • Viridian – English shade of emerald green.
  • Greer – Scottish surname derived from the old French word meaning green.
  • Viridiana – Latin feminine version of Viridine (green).
  • Minttu – Finnish from an old Finnish word meaning “emerald.”
  • Jade – Spanish/English/French origin relating to the stone of the same color.
  • Leaf – English floral name with reference to the leaf’s usual hue.
  • Clover – Irish reference to four-leaf clover.
  • Fayola – Nigerian Igbo language name connected to fertility and freshness.
  • Viridis – Latin referring to something being “green.”
  • Israka – Arabic variation on Israa meaning Israel (the Green Land).
  • Danica – Often refers specifically to nature or the outdoors.
  • Myrrha – Greek mythological figure also associated with natural greenery.
  • Nihaal – Sanskrit for “sprout of a new plant”
  • Olwen – Welsh name linking to holy track and hinting at other green hues.
  • Greenly – English reference to the light color of grass.
  • Verity – Latin for “truth,” also connoting verdancy.
  • Isra – Arabic from ancient Israa’il, meaning Israel (the Green Land).
  • Jemima – Aramaic meaning representing peace & fertility associated with greenery.
  • Gwilt – Cornish unisex form meaning “shining,” indicating lush, flourishing greenspace.
  • Chloris – Greek mythological spirit related to flowers and plants.
  • Fiora – Italian for “blooming,” hinting at the freshness and life of foliage.
  • Urvi – Indian for “earth,” connecting to the natural world and expanses of greenery.
  • Oran – Celtic name meaning “pale green. “

Last Names that Mean Green

Last Names that Mean Green

Last names have always been a great way to trace family history. Searching for last names that mean “green” can take you on an exciting journey of cultural exploration.

The list below has some amazing green-inspired surnames to Consider.

  • Oaks – English origin, derived from an oak tree or sanctuary full of gorgeous greens.
  • Wald – German origin meaning “forest” and related to an environment full of lush vegetation.
  • Avishai – Modern Hebrew origin, meaning “father of a gift” or “splendid greenery.”
  • Pieper – Dutch for “bird keeper,” often symbolized with shades of vivid spring greens.
  • LaFollette – French for “little leaf,” linked to light foliage on trees and emerald hues.
  • San Juan – Spanish which means “God is gracious” and is associated with green trees.
  • Bergman – Germanic, meaning mountain dwellers.
  • Fetter – German origin connected to abundant flora and fauna.
  • Forrest – An Anglo-Saxon term referring to royal forests typically featuring dark green tones.
  • Kiley – Irish representing forests covered by thick green layers.
  • Greiner – Anglo-Saxon surname associated with ancient pathways filled with vibrant greener.
  • Grandjean – French words representing vast lands in different shades of green.
  • Groen/Groninger ‑ Dutch for “greenfield” or “greened landscape.”
  • Wadley – English surname derived from woodlands weaved in shades of celery greens.
  • Aidenn – Old English origin signifying paradisiacal nature sceneries brimming with jades.
  • Falkner – Germanic word meaning worlds filled with lustrous greens.
  • Himmelreich – German origin standing for heavenly kingdom engulfed by bright greens.
  • Cooper – Relates to beautiful grassy fields decorated by shades like sea foams.
  • Greenspan – Old English surname that implies dwelling near lush vegetation.
  • Naturi – Hebrew for paradise akin to divine rising sunrays & fern emeralds.
  • Verda – Latin resembling life-giving nature such as emeralds & jades.
  • Murphey – A Celtic name that represents virtuousness among greens.
  • Krug – Welsh origin name that stands for encircling mountains.
  • Deveraux – French origin synonymous with blooming gardens comprising evergreens.
  • Fernwood – Old Norse name loosely translated as trees donning varying shades of viridian
  • Lyndon – A place name meaning “linden tree hill” in Old English.
  • Grünberg – From German grün meaning “green” and Berg meaning “mountain.”
  • Holt – From Old English, Old Dutch, and Old Norse, holt means “forest.”
  • Zieliński – From Polish zieleń meaning “green”
  • Villaverde – Spanish origin meaning a green settlement.

Japanese Names That Mean Green

Japanese Names That Mean Green

Japanese names are some of the most beautiful in the world. Their meanings can be highly emotional and sometimes relate to nature. Here are a few Japanese names that mean “green” to give your child a meaningful name with strong emotional ties:

  • Midori – “beautiful green bird.”
  • Aoiko – “Blue/green child.”
  • Aogan – “blue/green eye.”
  • Midoriyama – “green mountain”
  • Chidori – “one thousand birds (symbolizing greenery)”
  • Midorimatsu – “green pine tree”
  • Midorisawa – “green marshland or swamp.”
  • Kobai – “reddish/pinkish green or apple green.”
  • Akebono – “dawn; the lushness of nature awakening to life anew.”
  • Momiji – “red maple leaves; vibrant red hues associated with autumn foliage in Japan.”
  • Ikuta – “life; a reminder that nature is reborn every season in all its verdant glory.”
  • Kaede – “Maple leaf; an autumn favorite as far as trees go in Japan.”
  • Rayon – A space where nature flourishes and breathes life.
  • Daichi – An abode of flourishing flora, teeming with life and prosperity.
  • Sakura – “cherry blossom; symbolizing the ephemeral beauty of nature.”
  • Ran – “A captivating aquatic plant boasting deep emerald-hued blooms.”
  • Ryuma -“Dragon’s summer; evoking images of lush green fields.”
  • Yoki – “gratitude that the earth receives enough rainfall to nourish a variety of plants.”
  • Hinata – “sunny field; suggesting warm sunlight over vast meadows dotted.”
  • Sayaka – “verdant forested mountainside, implying wild, untamed beauty.”
  • Kumiko – “conveying a peaceful stillness in forests of evergreen coats.”
  • Hiroko – “abundant children or descendants; invoking greenery akin to thick vines.”
  • Ryuunosuke – “flowing riverbank lined by tall reeds swaying in the breeze.”
  • Mitsuru – Mitsu, meaning threefold, and ruri, meaning lapis lazuli blue/green gemstones.
  • Keiichiro – a compound character made up of kei, meaning bright/clear.
  • Fuujin – composed of fuu (wind) + jin (natural person)
  • Umeko – contains ume (plum) + ko(child), implying a delicate tree.
  • Naiki – break down into tai (large/bold) + ki(tree)
  • Komachi – “beautiful imperial princess”: suggests spritely adolescent flowers.
  • Iroha – comprising elements iro(colorful)+ ha (leaf)


In the end, we can say that naming your girl can be a tricky task. But we have tried our best to give you numerous options for your baby girl a meaningful name. The article takes you through an intensive list divided into sections based on alphabetical order to make your process of selecting names seamless.

It is safe to consider green color as a symbol of prosperity and freedom of growth. Giving your girl a name that means green is an incredible idea. The addition of meaning to your child’s name can be a trendy and cool way to add character to the personality. And choosing a name that is cute yet meaningful can be a tedious task. But we are sure you must have found the perfect name that means green for your girl from this list.

Comment down below and let us know which name you found interesting for your baby girl!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Japanese Name Means Green?

If you’re looking for a name that celebrates a baby’s Japanese heritage, consider Midori, a feminine name that means “green.” In Japanese culture, colors symbolize particular characteristics or qualities.

Is Green Lucky in Japan?

Green, another color considered lucky in Japan, symbolizes fertility, growth, youth, eternity, vitality, and energy. The Japanese are nature-loving people, and on the 29th of April every year, which is the birthday of Emperor Shōwa, who loved nature, they celebrate Greenery Day.

What is the Name of Bright Green?

Emerald is a brilliant, deep green, like the gemstone from which it takes its name. Early evidence for the use of. Prior to that, the term, which comes to us from the Greek smaragdos meaning “green gem,” was connected to the precious green stone called beryl.

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