Making a brochure for a school project can be a fun and engaging activity. A brochure is nothing but an informative document about a topic.

While there are many invention ideas for making a brochure, usually the brochures you will see are window or z-fold.

The most important thing to remember while making a brochure is to place the contents in it meticulously. The contents of the brochure should be crisp, clear, and engaging.

In this blog, we will help you make a perfect brochure for your school project that stands out from the rest.

Let’s get started!

What Will You Need?

What Will You Need?

The materials needed to make a brochure will depend on your desired brochure.

If it is purely an informative brochure, the things you will need to make it will be different from a rather creative one.

But this doesn’t mean that an informative brochure can’t be creative. You must combine the best of both worlds to make it interesting and informative.

Here are the things that you may need to make a brochure.

  • A heavyweight paper or cardboard (size 8.5 inches x 11.5 inches)
  • Scissors
  • Pictures (of the topics related)
  • Colors (of your choice)
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Glue
  • Decorative items
  • Paintbrush (If you are using watercolor)

Steps for Making a Brochure

1. Choosing the Topic and Collection of Materials

Choosing the Topic and Collection of Materials

It is a significant step in the making of the brochure. Ideally, choosing a topic you are interested in or want to learn more about would be best.

This will make the process more exciting for you. You can make an overview of the topic and note it down in your notebook. Please keep all the information handy by collecting it from various resources.

Make a blueprint of how it would appear in your brochure and which content will go in which section. Keep the picture cuttings ready if you want to add pictures to your brochure.

Finalize the font size, size of the pictures, placement of the pictures, and the overall appearance of your brochure.

2. Making the Content for The Brochure

Making the Content for The Brochure

A brochure can be divided into three main parts: the front, back, and middle (interior) panels.

The front panel contains information about your topic, an image of the topic, and general information such as your name, standard, section, etc.

The first interior panel and the middle panels contain information about the topics and subtopics of the project.

The first interior panel is concerned with introducing the topic and a bit about what this brochure offers.

The middle panels, namely panels two, three, and four, provide in-depth information.

The back panel provides an overview of the whole brochure concisely yet interestingly. Just like the first panel, it shouldn’t be cluttered. You can also add references to this section.

3. Putting Everything Together

Putting Everything Together

Now that the content of your brochure is ready, it’s time to put everything together and give it the final touch. You can take as much creative liberty as you want to make your brochure.

If you want to start with painting your paper and making designs, go ahead. It’s suggested to use light colors for the background and dark colors for the writing part to make it stand out.

You can also make a watermark of the picture related to the project topic and write above it. The possibilities are endless here, and they depend greatly on your interest and chosen topic.

Things to Keep in Mind

Things to Keep in Mind

Here are a few things you should remember to avoid the hassle of redoing your entire project.

  • Measure your brochure properly and divide it into three equal parts using pencil and scale.
  • The design on the background should not overpower the content. The content should be the focal point of your brochure.
  • The content of the brochure should be interesting, informative, and engaging.
  • The content should appear in an order, and it should not look clumsy.
  • Choose a clear font that can enhance readability.
  • Choose high-resolution and attractive photos. Good photos can make a lot of difference.


A brochure can be a wonderful way to bring out your creative side while enhancing your knowledge. It’s a great opportunity to show off your artistic skills and learn a detailed topic.

Although making a brochure may seem like a simple project, there are a few things that, if not executed properly, can ruin your project. Some of them are measuring the size of the brochure properly and choosing the right color and font.

In the comments section below, tell us if the tips were helpful.

Good luck with your school project!

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