Father’s Day is just around the corner; it is time to start finding those perfect gifts. If you are looking for something full of heart and sentiments, get into crafting something because there is nothing more lovely than handmade presents.

If your father has a newfound passion for golfing, cooking, or gardening, you can play around the theme while crafting something special to appreciate and make him feel special.

The best thing about handmade gifts is that you can involve the kids in making them and make the celebration truly special for Dad.

Here are some great ideas if you are here for some easy Father’s Day crafts that suit the dad who loves cooking.

1. Father’s Day Apron

Father's Day Apron

You need a white apron and some paint colors, and let the kids paint it for their father. Let them get creative with fingers and palm prints.

You can add funky text on the paint with a marker, like “My DAD is the best CHEF” or “ KING of the GRILL.”

A personalized apron looks cute, but the father feels proud every time he wears it while Barbequing in summer in front of friends and family.

2. Handmade Recipe Book

Handmade Recipe Book

If cooking is his thing, there can be nothing better than a personalized recipe book on Father’s Day. Please start by selecting his most cherished recipes.

Start writing them down neatly on pages and add pictures or write the memories associated with each recipe to make it more special and interesting.

You can make a creative book cover that reflects your dad’s love for cooking before binding all of this together in a book. This will be the most treasured recipe book for your dad and the best Father’s Day gift.

3. Hand-Painted BBQ Plate

Hand-Painted BBQ Plate

It would be best to have a white ovenproof plate, ceramic paints, and a ceramic paint pen. Let your kid write a fun message on the plate with a ceramic pen, like “ Grill Master” or “My daddy’s grilling plate.”

After writing, kids can draw or paint and make the plate colorful with the design. Bake this cake in the oven for 35 minutes to get the paint set.

Now, this plate is ready to be used to serve barbecues made by Dad or can be used as a showpiece in his kitchen to flaunt.

4. Chef Theme Handmade Card

Chef Theme Handmade Card

Collect all your paints, sketches, and colorful papers, and sit down with your kids to make a Father’s Day card. There is no rule to follow; everyone can make their own unique card, or you can all work together on one.

Write personalized messages because dads love that and will probably save these till he gets old. It’s ok if the card is not perfect, it is the feelings that matter.

You can take inspiration from the internet to craft something related to cooking.

5. Hand Printed Oven Mitt

Hand Printed Oven Mitt

Oven or grill mitts are perfect handmade gifts for dads who love cooking, but what if we make them personalized? That Would be great! You need a pair of grill mitts and some fabric paints.

You can dip your baby’s tiny hand in paint and press it on the mitt. Further, write a message with a brush and paint like “grill hand” or “Dad is grilling.”

These are perfect for new fathers whose kids are too small to craft something on their own.

6. Paper Chef Hat

Paper Chef Hat

A paper chef hat to honor the chef of the house is the cutest thing you can craft with your kids this Father’s Day. You need some white paper, glue, scissors, and markers to complete this.

It will take just a few minutes of folding and cutting to make the hat, and you can also follow an online tutorial to get it right.

Make your dad wear the cap while celebrating, and let him know how proud you are of everything he does

7. Kitchen Wall Quote Frame

Kitchen Wall Quote Frame

Kitchen wall quotes are the coolest trend and make the space very pleasing. If the father spends a lot of time in the kitchen, you can get your kids to paint a quote on a piece of paper, decorate it with colorful hand impressions, and get it framed to make the kitchen more appealing.

Use a quote like “Our dad is flipping awesome” or “This is Dad’s Kitchen.” You can also paint it on cardboard and hang it on the kitchen wall without framing it with the help of a string.

8. Personalised Wooden Spatula

Personalised Wooden Spatula

A personalized wooden spatula is useful and looks beautiful among all other kitchen essentials. You need a wooden spatula, which you can get from the dollar store, some painting pens, and a Mod Podge.

Personalize the handle with a message and colorful art with paint pens and let it dry for 10 minutes, then apply a Mod Podge layer to protect the paint, and it is ready to go!

Your dad can use it during his next cooking or grilling adventure.


The point is to get creative and create something honoring your house’s culinary master. No matter how good or bad your craft is, it is more about the feelings and efforts you try to put in.

Handmade gifts go beyond the tangible; it is a heartfelt gesture to appreciate your father for everything he is. Not only are these crafts easy to make, but they also promise a fun family time while making them.

May these ideas inspire you to create something to express your love for your father. These are just some ideas you can play around with in your imagination and create something beautiful.

There is no rule to follow or limit what you can create. So, Let’s get crafting to celebrate our in-house chef who turns ordinary meals into extraordinary!

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