The human mind has always been fascinated when it comes to giving a unique name to their newborn. Isn’t it? But at the same time, it’s also quite a tough job.

While some people give a very common name, others go with the trend of creating a name by merging both parents’ names. This has been a new norm nowadays.

But, there are some people who truly believe in magic and religion and prefer to give their little ones mystical names.

When we talk about magical names, then it is a fact that they have been initiated from folklore, traditions, or cultures. Right!

So, here, we have curated a list of some common names that would give you a sense of joy, mystery, and wonder, but for more, you can check out the complete list of 100 mystical names for better reference.

List of Origins of Popular Mystical Names

A baby surrounded by names on the floor, representing a list of origins for popular mystical names

1. Aurelia

This name has a Latin background and has been derived from the word aureus. Aureus is associated with brilliance and radiance. The mystical names are most common with girls since they are soft, fragile, and beautiful.

2. Luna

This is the most common name that you will find being used everywhere. This name has great significance since it takes to Roman times when it was used to denote the goddess of the moon.

3. Phoenix

If you have watched Harry Potter, you must have encountered this name several times. The mystical name symbolizes a bird that has been reborn from its ashes. So, this name gives you hope that you have the power to rewrite history.

4. Cassandra

In geek mythology, Cassandra is associated with women known to entangle men. She was the daughter of Troy, and God Apollo fell in love with her. God gave her the power of prophecy, but when she did not accept the advances from Apollo, she was cursed that no one would believe her prophecy.

5. Merlin

The term merlin has a Latin and Welsh origin. In mythology, this name is associated with a wizard regarded as the Arthurian legend. The name gives you a sense of magic, wisdom, and foresight.

6. Isolde

This is a name that has Celtic origin. In a medieval romance, Tristan and Isolde are lovers and have a deep affection for each other. When Tristan died due to a tragic incident, Isolde died too, and their graves grew trees that intertwined with each other.

7. Orion

Orion has a background story of the constellation and hunter. The name is closely associated with Greek mythology. This name symbolizes courage and strength. He was banished from the sky for he was too proud of the animals he had killed.

8. Moranna

When hear about Moranna, we are immediately taken back to Slavic legend. This name is closely associated with enchantments, which create magic and mystery in the air. The name aslo means goddess of death and marks the end of winter.

9. Thalia

Thalia’s background, originating from Greek mythology, is checked. This name is associated with abundance. The name also holds a place in Greek mythology that represents poetry and comedy.

10. Oberon

In resistance, literate Oberon means the fairy king. The name became popular when William Shakespeare mentioned it in his Mid-summer Night’s Dream play. In this play, he is Titania’s husband.

11. Athena

Athena has a background in Greek mythology. The Greeks used to believe that Athena was a goddess of mathematics, civilization, inspiration, arts, and warfare. According to the Greeks, she was the daughter of Zeus and was born with armor on her head.

12. Osiris

According to Egyptian legend, Osiris was a god associated with rebirth and the underworld. It is believed that if you prayed to Osiris to make your loved one come to life, you could do so, as people during that time believed this god had the power of rebirth.

13. Selene

This name is also Greek and was associated with a Goddess with beauty and serenity. She was believed to be the moon good and was rumored to be the lover of the mortal man known as Shepherd Endymion, who had 50 daughters with her.

14. Ezra

whenever the people of Egypt lost their way and did not know what to do, they prayed to the god Ezra. This God was known to help people who have lost their way. Through the spiritual guidance of this god, people used to find their purpose in life.

15. Lucious

This name is derived from Latin, and it signifies light. People prayed to this mystical creature to receive knowledge and enlightenment. This name is also significant as it is associated with a Greek hero, Firespawn Sparta.


People worldwide love being associated with mystic names because they create a sense of fashion and magic.

In this fast-paced lifestyle where one is suffering from depression and anxiety, the mystical names mentioned on our list give the readers a quick escape from their problems by enlightening them of mystical creatures where magic is common and time travel and eternal beauty are real.

With the help of this digital information, we hope our readers would love to know the deeper significance of these names and why people loved them during their time.

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