In a world where our lifestyles have completely slipped into a state of rush and chaos, there’s a different peace and appeal to living in less clutter as it gives us space for good organization and evolution of ideas.

Anything kept cluttered makes much less sense than anything kept in a clear area because of the easiness of reaching out.

The method of decluttering isn’t just about tidying up; it’s a lifestyle change that encourages you to embrace what’s important to you and let go of unnecessary clutter, whether physical or mental.

Some Minimalist decluttering methods enhance simplicity and promote better living standards.

Identify What’s Important

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It is really important to ask yourself what’s important and what’s not and how much value everything carries.

You can put out things that are not important and have no usage.

The ideal way is to donate it to needy people and keep the important ones in an organized way.

Adopting this practice lets you easily find all your needs in one shot.

To better understand how you can take up the approach of decluttering, we have listed a few ways that will be of immense help and can give your space a finished look.

1. Use 90/90 Rule

Use 90:90 Rule

Using the 90/90 rule is a good way to clean up the mess. Pick out the items you have not used in the last 90 days and analyse if those items will be used in the next 90 days.

If not, dispose of it as it can be useless to you. And it’s always better to dispose of things in a way others can use.

This 90/90 rule can make one feel at peace because you get to realize the value and usage of the things that you have.

2. KonMari Method

KonMari Method

KonMari method is one of the best methods to declutter a space in a minimalist way, which Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant, created.

This method includes asking yourself if something sparks joy when you see it. This whole method focuses on keeping things that ‘spark joy’ when you see them.

And if the answer is a resounding yes, you can have it; if not, you should let it go, either by helping others or disposing of it.

You’re creating a clutter-free and happy living space by surrounding yourself with items that bring you joy. This way, one can live a more fulfilling life.

3. One-In and One out Policy

One-In and One out Policy

To maintain a clutter-free space, adopt a One-in and One-out policy.

For every item that you bring into your life, be it a piece of clothing, decor item, gadget, or house essentials, commit to letting go of some other item that is no more use to you.

This policy makes sure everything is balanced well and utilization of the items is done in the proper way.

4. Create Multi-Functional Spaces

Create Multi-Functional Spaces

Using multifunctional spaces can be a great idea to have a minimalist, decluttered space.

The space can include options like hidden toy storage ideas, hidden closet storage space in different areas, etc.

These multifunctional spaces can ensure that your place appears minimalist and looks simple with the least clutter.

Such practices also make the place appear more organized, leading to good peace of mind and a better lifestyle.

5. Quality Over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity

Minimalist decluttering is all about choosing quality over quantity.

Rather than getting absorbed in an ocean of stuff, focus on the things that matter.

Stick to the principle that “less is more.” By investing in quality items, you surely reduce your need for extra.

You’re creating a peaceful and meaningful living space where every item serves a purpose.

Quality items get through the wear and tear of time, so you don’t have to worry about the endless cycle of discarding.

The joy of fewer but significant possessions weighs more than having extra.

6. Let Go of Oldies

Let Go of Oldies

Sometimes, our old stuff is something we hold onto that doesn’t even make sense in our personal lives.

Saying goodbye to the old things that are useless to you and can be useful to others can be one of the best ways to live clutter-free.

Go to contribution events where you can donate your clothes, gadgets, or anything to needy people; this way, you can help others and also, at the same time, make your life clutter-free and sustainable.


In this hustle of life and career, it is essential to look for a minimalistic approach to life that not only helps you live with freedom but also allows you to express yourself peacefully.

Letting go of unnecessary things and focusing on having things that truly matter helps you create a soothing environment around yourself.

This also helps enhance your impression in the best possible manner in front of your guests, who applaud the overall home setup, which gives a tidy and decent look.

So start today with the above minimalist decluttering methods and make your life more meaningful and sensible!

Please drop in your thoughts on our detailed guide and let us know different strategies on minimalism that can help others.

Zoe Harrison

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