Kids are always interested in playing new games now and then. They usually want to indulge in something fun involving a group.

Hence, a treasure hunt must be on your list if you are also looking for some fun field day games for kids.

Treasure hunt is a versatile group activity that involves not only fun time but learning as well.

You can either choose a basic treasure hunt for your kid’s field day or amp up with some fun tools or equipment.

Several ways can be used to make treasure hunts more fun and interesting.

Therefore, if you are also looking for fun ways to have a treasure hunt, here is a list of the 12 best ways to plan a field day.

Different Treasure Hunt Games for Kid’s Field Day

Let’s look into 12 ways to make a treasure hunt a better and more fun play for the next kid’s field day without wasting further time.

These options will surely help your kid get some knowledge as well.

1. Road Trip Treasure Hunt

Road Trip Treasure Hunt: A checklist of items to find during a road trip, adding excitement and fun to the journey.

Whenever you go on a trip, indulge your kids in this playful activity involving nothing but printed paper.

Try to think of animals, creatures, or monuments you can find while traveling, get them printed on the sheet, and give them to your kids.

They have to tick whatever creature they find as per the treasure hunt.

2. Backyard Treasure Hunt

A group of boys sitting on a log in the woods during a Backyard Treasure Hunt

This one is probably the easiest and most common one.

You can easily grab a printed sheet of paper with certain things found in your backyard.

Plants, flowers, benches, or anything that comes to your mind can be printed. This is a fun way to teach small kids about various things.

3. Insect Treasure Hunt

A close-up photo of a colorful butterfly perched on a flower, surrounded by other insects in a garden

If you want something that teaches your kid about various insects, this one is perfect.

Create a sheet with various insects that can be easily found in your backyard.

Ask your kid to take a magnifying glass, find a particular insect through that, and count wings, legs, and more.

4. Word Treasure Hunt

A man's jacket with a card displaying words. The card reads 'Word Treasure Hunt

Kids who love playing word games will ace this one.

Forget about board games and make some chits with various alphabets.

Hide the chits in your house and ask your kids to find them and make suitable words with them.

This will ensure that they make more new words and improve their vocabulary.

5. Number Treasure Hunt

Black and white numbers in the middle, part of the Number Treasure Hunt

In this one, make chits with various numbers starting from 10.

Ask your kid to pick one and find things in that quantity. It can be in pairs for two, three, and four as the list goes on.

This activity will help them determine quantities and learn basic mathematic calculations for better understanding.

6. Art Treasure Hunt

Two children excitedly hold up a map and a pirate hat during an Art Treasure Hunt

Now, this particular one is loved by almost all kids as they love painting and drawing.

Give some paper and pens to your kid and ask them to draw and color things they see around the house.

This fun activity will indulge your kids for a longer period.

7. Secret Code Treasure Hunt

Code maker bookmarks for kids - Secret Code Treasure Hunt

This activity comes in two formats; firstly, they have to find the clues you gave or hidden by you in the house.

Once, that this is done, your kid is supposed to use those clues and find the hidden message in it.

It will help them understand clues better and learn problem-solving skills.

8. Different Alphabet Treasure Hunt

Font composed of diverse symbols. Join the Different Alphabet Treasure Hunt

If you want your kid to learn the difference between capital and small letters, this one is perfect for you.

All you have to do is make chits with small alphabets and capital letters.

Hide the chits around the house, let your kid find them, and determine what form of alphabet it is.

9. Colour Treasure Hunt

Color wheel coloring pages for kids. Join the Colour Treasure Hunt and explore a world of vibrant hues

Next on our list is a color treasure hunt. All you have to do is list the colors you want your kids to learn about.

They can be as simple as red, yellow, or blue or in hues, neutrals, and more.

Ask your kids to find things in a particular color family or category. Doing this will help them learn in detail about color.

10. Five Senses Treasure Hunt

Visual representation of the human body's four stages during the Five Senses Treasure Hunt

The five senses are one of the most essential parts of a kid’s learning.

Every kid must know the five senses and how to determine them.

Start by making chits of all five senses and ask your kid to react accordingly.

For example, if the chit says taste, they must get various ingredients.

11. Movement Treasure Hunt

A woman and child joyfully playing in the park during a Movement Treasure Hunt

Motor or advanced motor skills are also part of a kid’s growth pattern.

You can help them learn about various movements like crawling under, jumping around, and running by this activity.

Create a list of movements you want your kid to do. One by one, let them figure out those and perform accordingly for movement.

12. Shape Treasure Hunt

Shape Treasure Hunt: Find square, triangle, heart, and star shapes among various shapes and words.

You have to make circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles and ask your kids to gather materials from your house in those particular shapes.

For instance, they can get a clock, an orange, a ball for a circle, and other things for other shapes.


Apart from this, treasure hunt games can be customized per the needs and requirements of kids. If you want to teach your kids about the alphabet, you can construct a word treasure hunt.

For numbers, it can be numbered treasure hunt and many more.

In conclusion, we would like to state that a treasure hunt is a beautiful and fun-loving game that can be easily modified in various forms and types.

You have to implement new ideas to it and see how your kid responds to them. It will teach them various things and help them develop various skills.

Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson, is a child entertainment and activities coordinator with a decade of experience creating educational activities for children. Angela has worked extensively in various settings, including schools, community centers, and private events. Her approach towards children's entertainment is informed by her extensive research in child psychology and her previous role as a primary school teacher. Her passion for work is paralleled by her love for storytelling and writing children's books, alongside activities that inspire her creativity to connect deeper with the young audience.

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