Don’t you all love watching movies together as a family? It is so exciting and fun, after all. Watching movies together as families also strengthens a sense of bonding and adage between families as you get to spend real quality moments with your loved ones.

You must rekindle those moments of love and care by getting together for family movie time, lunches, or great get-togethers.

Movie watching is an experience, and kids’ animated movies bring a larger-than-effect vibe to expressing feelings of love, affection, laughter, anger, disappointment, and so on.

Let me showcase the top 7 animated kids’ movies that have overtaken the world. You shall also take a sneak peek into fun follow-up activities post-movie time.

1. Inside Out 2015

repeated multiple times, representing the concept of "Inside Out".

You get a storyline that is as exciting as it can get. The film is one of the most creative themes brought to you by the Pixar house. Your family can have a power-packed roller coaster ride of emotions.

The story’s plot revolves around a little girl swished with feelings of happiness, sorrow, anguish, and disappointment.

The story tale has also been narrated to the audiences in a funny and grit-wrenching style. Nearing the climax, the director narrates how the girl travels from the Midwest to the West Coast.

Fun Movie Time Activity

Allow your Disney Princess to enact the girl’s character in Inside Out. Capture the moments on your video cam and enjoy the family bonding amongst all of you.

2. Frozen- Part 1 and Part 2

Elsa sitting on the Frozen Throne in Frozen 2, a scene from the movie series Frozen- Part 1 and Part 2

Set against a backdrop of snow and the castle theme, this story revolves around the story of two mystical sisters- Elsa and Anna. However, Else realizes she has magical powers and can convert anything into snow.

Due to circumstances beyond Elsa’s control, she separates herself from Anna. She leaves Arandelle Kingdom. Anna is the younger sibling who missed Elsa so much.

How the sisters reunite is what the story is all about. The 3D movie is a loved one that families can watch with their kids.

Fun-Loving Post-Movie Time Activity

Post the movie, each parent can narrate snowman jokes for kids in a way Elsa would have done. Ask your kids to replicate their favorite character in the movie.

The post-movie time can help you relive the movie and helps the whole family bring a larger-than-effect feel to the same!

3. Ratatouille

A cartoon mouse from 'Ratatouille' holds a cheese slice, showcasing the iconic scene in the film

Does your teeny-weeny kid love cooking? Then, this is one of the best 3D animated movies you must watch together as a film. A rat is fond of culinary delicacies and gets a French cookbook.

It then amazes the hotel’s customers by cooking dishes to the chef’s standard. With oodles of fun, excitement, and laughter, this is 2 hours of merriment you would have with your kids and family.

Fun Time Post-Movie Time for Kids and Family

Allow your son to dress up using tailormade rat costumes. And allow him to make a delicacy dessert or dish that can be a showstopper for the family.

The Ratatouille movie moments can be captured on a video cam while your kiddo cooks.

4. The Boss Baby

A professional-looking Boss Baby seated in a chair, exuding confidence and authority.

The movie was made in 2017. Some of the babies fit into the typical stereotypical genre. And they pass the test. There is this one kid who doesn’t fit into the genre.

This is the boss baby we are talking about. Racing and exciting, this is a movie your kids will fall in love with. This is a 3D animated movie you can enjoy with kids and family.

Fun Post-Movie Time

Choose which of the two is a bossy one. It can either be your daughter or son who is the bossy one. Allow him/her to wear Boss Baby clothes and capture the moments of your child giving orders via a Motion picture camera.

You can watch those moments on your laptop or TV.

5. The Lion King

the Lion King, stands proudly with his adorable cubs by his side. A majestic family portrait.

This movie is based on the Disney story ‘Lion King.’ Young Simba has to take over the throne after his father’s death, Mufasa. The uncle, however, is evil and doesn’t want Simba to capture the throne.

He wants the cub to win. Against a racy, emotional, and exciting backdrop, this animated 3D kid’s movie is set out to win the hearts of children and adults alike.

Fun-Loving Post-Movie Time

Allow your daughter to wear lion clothes, and try getting a customized Lion King Cake. Capture the moments on a camera and share memories while distributing the cakes to friends and family.

6. Coco

Two skeletal characters in the movie 'Coco' strumming guitars, adding a musical touch to the animated film

Ernesto De la Cruz idolizes his singer, Miguel. He loves his music show and then gets into a frenzy ride into the world of the dead.

What happens next revolves around the exciting and award-winning climax of the story. Family-oriented, emotional, and funny, this 3D animated movie captures the hearts of kids and families.

Fun Time Post-Movie Activity

Just dress up your son and allow him to play the guitar. Take a printable of the Coco movie poster and capture moments while your kid sings and plays tunes on the guitar.

Share the videos with friends and family.

7. Finding Nemo

Nemo and Dory swimming together in the ocean, reminiscent of the movie 'Finding Nemo'.

This movie is based on the Disney book titled ‘Finding Nemo.’ You have a clownfish named Marlin. He is friendly and liked by all. However, his only weakness remains his son Nemo.

And Nemo gets lost in the sea. The thrilling climax revolves around how Marlin brings Nemo to safety. This is a must-watch 3D animated movie kids must watch with their parents.

Fun Activity Post-Movie Time

The dad can dress himself just like Marlin. You can face paint yourself like a clownfish to add vibes and real-movie effects to your fun time post-movie activity.

Let your daughter or son dress as Nemo. 

Summing It Up

These are the top seven 3-D motion animation kid’s movies you will love. Fun post-movie time activities help families enact good and creative scenes inside the movie.

Plus, you allow your kids to use their imagination when you dress them in the character’s costumes.

Post the fun movie activity, you can distribute cookies, chocolates, and cakes to friends and family. Theme birthday parties are also conducted based on animated English movies.

This way, the movie’s wonderful memories linger in your mind forever! You can make popcorn to watch your movies streamed via Netflix or Amazon.

So, which is your favorite movie? Do let us know!

Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson, is a child entertainment and activities coordinator with a decade of experience creating educational activities for children. Angela has worked extensively in various settings, including schools, community centers, and private events. Her approach towards children's entertainment is informed by her extensive research in child psychology and her previous role as a primary school teacher. Her passion for work is paralleled by her love for storytelling and writing children's books, alongside activities that inspire her creativity to connect deeper with the young audience.

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