Universities are more than just centers of higher education. The Latin word “universitas” means “the whole, the universe”. Each university is a cultural phenomenon and beacon of enlightenment. They have educated people over the course of hundreds of years and hold a high international ranking. People who attend university not only get degrees. They also enjoy the vibrant student life and learn such important life skills as time management.

Well, we all know how tough it is to find a balance between friends, playing video games, www.woocasino.com/en-CA, and learning, don’t we? Founded in 1868, our Oregon State University has a long standing reputation for undergraduate education.

However, it is not one of the oldest universities in the world. Do you want to know more about the oldest alma mater in the world? Then continue reading this article! Here we have brought you a list of the four oldest European universities.

University of Bologna (Bologna, Italy, Year Of Establishment: 1088)

University of Bologna

Founded in 1088, the University of Bologna is the oldest university in the world. The nine-century-old university was the first place to study in Europe. The University of Bologna is also the first-ever degree-awarding institution in higher education.

It gained the reputation of being the “Nourishing Mother of the Studies”. Originally the university was founded by a society of foreign students for exegeting the Roman Digest. Notable alumni of Bologna University were Nicolaus Copernicus and Francesco Petrarca.

The university gracefully made its way through the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Modern Age and is still thriving today as a home to more than 80,000 students. In 2021 this university became the 160th best university in QS World University Ranking. This university has never been out of operation. Today it offers students a diverse range of educational programs.

The University of Oxford (Oxford, United Kingdom, Year Of Establishment: 1096 – 1167)

The University of Oxford

It is hard to find somebody who doesn’t recognize this name. The history of the University of Oxford began somewhere between 1096 to 1167. The university was founded by Alfred the Great of England. In the 13th century, King Henry III granted the institution a Royal Charter of foundation.

Later this institution became one of the most reputable and widely revered universities in the world. The building of the university consists of 39 colleges. One of them is iconic Christ Church College, one of the Harry Potter movie locations.

The University of Oxford is a well-known center for education and research. The University of Oxford frequently ranks in the top 10 of the world’s best universities. The list of alumni includes 28 UK Prime Ministers, 20 Archbishops of Canterbury, Oscar Wilde, and Sir Stephen Hawking. The institution consists of more than 70 departments. The University of Oxford is also famous for the world’s largest university press.

University of Salamanca (Salamanca, Spain, Year of Establishment: 1134)

University of Salamanca

Spain’s oldest institution, the University of Salamanca dates back to the 12th century. In 1134 King Alfonso IX of Leon established the university. In 1218 the institution got the Royal Charter of foundation from the king. The university played a big role during the Renaissance.

The University of Salamanca has been an alma mater for famous Spanish poet Fray Luis de León and the President of Panama Aristides Royo. Christopher Columbus even made his case at Salamanca for royal support before his expedition to America. Today University of Salamanca is a renowned educational center with 9 campuses and 26 faculties.

University of Cambridge (Cambridge, United Kingdom, Year Of Establishment: 1209)

The University of Cambridge is the second oldest university in England. In 1209 the group of scholars left the University of Oxford because of political conflicts. Then they established Cambridge. Since that, the university has evolved into one of the most renowned higher education institutions. And the healthy rivalry between Cambridge and Oxford became iconic.

There is even an annual competition between the two institutions, a Boat Race event. The University of Cambridge is home to more than 20,000 students. It is also a collegiate public research institute with the world’s oldest publishing house. The university consists of 31 autonomous colleges and 6 schools.

Special Mentions (Some Of The Other Oldest European Universities)

  1. University of Paris (Paris, France, Year Of Establishment: 1160 – 1250).
  2. University of Padua (Padua, Italy, Year of Establishment: 1222).
  3. University of Naples Federico II (Naples, Italy, Year Of Establishment: 1224).
  4. University of Siena (Siena, Italy, Year of Establishment: 1240).
  5. University of Coimbra (Coimbra, Portugal, Year of Establishment: 1290).
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