In every corner of the world, gifts are exchanged as tokens of affection, respect, and goodwill. The practice of gift-giving transcends cultures and has evolved significantly over centuries. But have you ever paused to consider the history behind the beautifully wrapped presents we exchange?

The Origins of Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping, in its most primitive form, dates back to ancient civilizations. The Chinese were among the first to wrap gifts, using paper to conceal tokens of fortune as early as the 2nd century BCE. Across the seas in Japan, the art of Furoshiki, using cloth to wrap and transport goods, showcased the importance of aesthetics and reuse.

Meanwhile, in ancient Egypt, presents were often adorned with intricate fabrics, signifying wealth and prosperity. These early practices of gift wrapping were not just about concealment but were imbued with deep symbolic meanings.

Cultural Significance of Gift Wrapping

The tradition of gift wrapping varies greatly across cultures, each with its own set of materials, techniques, and symbolic meanings. In Korea, for example, the Bojagi, a wrapping cloth, is used in ceremonies and as a form of gift wrapping, symbolizing protection and good fortune.

Western cultures have embraced paper as their primary wrapping material, often adorned with designs that reflect the occasion. This diversity in gift wrapping practices highlights a universal desire to present gifts in a manner that conveys respect and honor.

Evolution of Modern Gift Wrapping

The transition to modern gift wrapping can largely be attributed to the Western world in the 20th century. The Hall Brothers, founders of Hallmark Cards, Inc., are credited with the commercialization of decorative gift wrap in the early 1900s. This innovation was born out of necessity when traditional tissue paper sold out during the holiday season, and they began selling decorative envelope linings as an alternative.

This marked the beginning of decorative gift wrapping as we know it today, transforming the way gifts are presented. If you want to shop for birthday wrapping paper, ensure you head to Viola Grace. Their modern and quality designs can make a great impression on the receipt and enhance the gift-giving experience.

What You Want to See from a Wrapping Paper Company

There are many wrapping paper companies online and every one of them will tell you they’re the best. But, while some have fantastic designs, they lack customer service. Then, you have others who talk a good game, but their paper isn’t the quality you’re looking for. The key to having a good experience is spotting reputable wrapping paper companies. Here are some things you want to see that demonstrate a trustworthy company.

Prints on Demand

You don’t want to order from a wrapping paper company that keeps all of its designs in a warehouse. While this might seem like they’ll be fast at shipping, what it actually means is that you could receive damaged paper. The designs could have faded and you don’t know what conditions they’re kept in. Instead, search for a company that prints on demand. You’ll know that your paper has been created new and fresh just for you.

Fast Shipping

Nobody wants to be waiting forever for their wrapping paper to arrive. This is particularly true when you have an upcoming party or special occasion. You need the paper to arrive in plenty of time so you can choose your gift and have it all wrapped and ready to hand to the recipient.

Therefore, you need a wrapping paper company that’s going to print and ship your order promptly. Take a look at their estimated shipping times so you know whether this is the right company for you. It might be possible for you to choose your shipping to ensure it arrives on time.

A Regular Newsletter

Wrapping paper companies want you to stick around. Consequently, they can allow you to sign up for their newsletter. This can be useful for several reasons. First, you can read useful and interesting information that can help you improve gift-giving. Second, they can send you warnings about sales and special discounts. Third, they can even give you a special discount for signing up. Therefore, look for a newsletter and enter your email. Then, you can take advantage of the benefits.

Various Themes

Most people like to buy all of their wrapping paper in one place. It’s easier to collect ahead of time and can be cheaper to ship. Thus, you want to find a wrapping paper company that varies its designs and offers several themes. Whether you’re searching for anniversary paper or something special for a birthday, there are specialist companies out there that offer it all.


The history of gift wrapping is as rich and varied as the cultures that practice it. From ancient traditions to modern innovations, the way we wrap gifts is a reflection of our values, creativity, and the joy of giving. As we continue to wrap and unwrap presents, let’s remember the long history and significant cultural heritage behind this beloved practice. Next time you’re wrapping a gift, consider the story you’re continuing and the joy you’re wrapping up inside.

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