We are living in a country where one in eight households does not have access to a private garden. That’s a good 12% of people – with a high number of children being included in this. But even though there are an estimated 27.000 parks and green spaces all across the UK, the number of available playgrounds for them is continuing to decline. A recent study by Aggregate Industries has shown that 794 playgrounds have been closed off in the past 10 years, there have been a staggering 28,734 reports of vandalism, and – if that wasn’t enough – a terrible 2,786 injuries that happened in the play parks across the UK.

In a place that is meant to support the physical and mental well-being of families, these numbers are way too high. Playgrounds are meant to be a source of joy and laughter, but when accidents happen, it’s essential to understand who holds the responsibility. Is it us parents, the local council, or a combination of both?

What Are the Parent’s Responsibilities?

Of course, we as parents play a vital role in ensuring our children’s safety. And while it may seem like common sense, it’s incredibly important to keep a watchful eye on our little ones as they navigate swings, slides, and climbing frames. Accidents can occur in the blink of an eye, and our supervision is often the first line of defence against potential injuries. However, it doesn’t end there. It’s also our responsibility to educate our children about proper playground etiquette and the importance of following safety rules. Teaching them to share equipment, wait their turn, and use age-appropriate areas can significantly reduce the risk of accidents.

What Are the Local Council’s Tasks?

Everything regarding the facilities themselves, however, is what the councils are entrusted with. Their task to maintain public spaces, including playgrounds, is a legal requirement. An obligation to ensure that these areas are safe for use by children. This responsibility encompasses regular inspections, addressing potential hazards promptly, and providing clear signage about safety guidelines. If a playground is poorly maintained, equipment is damaged, or safety measures are neglected, the council may bear responsibility for resulting injuries. And it is a crucial thing for us to do in those cases – holding them accountable. Accountable for their duty to create a secure environment for our children to play.

If your child sustains an injury due to do negligence of the local council – for instance, poorly maintained equipment or lack of necessary repairs, that resulted in slips, trips, or falls, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim. If you can, gather as much evidence as possible – such as photographs or eyewitness accounts. If the playground lacks proper supervision, for example, due to a failure to enforce safety rules, you may also have a valid claim.

What Can Be Done?

In the end, it’s a collaboration between both us parents and local councils – a paramount one. Of course, it’s on us to remain vigilant and educate our kids on responsible play, but we can only do that if their councils also fulfil their duty and we can rely on the remaining playgrounds being maintained safely and securely. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child. And part of that lies in creating a safe and enjoyable environment for them to thrive. Stay safe, stay aware, and let’s work together to make our play parks the joyful places they are meant to be.


Jasmine Patel

Jasmine Patel, with a Master’s in Sports Science from the University of Texas, has been a key contributor to our sports and fitness content as a freelancer since 2020. Her experience as a fitness trainer for over 15 years, working with athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, brings a practical and motivational aspect to her articles. Jasmine is also a certified yoga instructor, adding a unique perspective on holistic fitness. In her free time, she enjoys marathon running and coaching local youth sports teams.

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