Don’t you think kids may be involved in entertaining and instructive activities at home without breaking the pocketbook? Well, there are many fun and inexpensive ways to keep kids engaged and stimulated without having to leave the house, provided you employ a little ingenuity and resourcefulness. Budget-friendly at-home children’s activities provide parents and carers with a cost-effective option as well as a wonderful chance for binding and educational opportunities.

You don’t need expensive toys to keep your kid entertained. Instead of insisting on a new toy every day, teach your youngster to play with items that are lying about that are not being utilized.

We will look at a variety of free or inexpensive activities in this guide that parents, teachers, and other carers may use to keep youngsters amused and foster their physical, social, and cognitive growth.

1. Rainbow Rice

Rainbow Rice

Get yourself a sandwich bag and fill it with about the same quantity of rice for each type of food coloring you have. Each of the several bags should be filled to the brim with a single color and then tied. Get your kids engaged in evenly dispersing the color throughout the bag by squeezing it. Discuss the texture with them and get them to observe how it changes when the bag becomes wet.

2. Cupcake Case

Cupcake Case

Really easy to do, but it looks wonderful and creates a sweet small craft project if you want to switch things out. Place the cupcake there and tell your kids to be as creative as they can with the shapes they produce. It is remarkable how much joy and excitement even something as basic as a cupcake box can elicit from your young child.

3. Make a Personal Art Gallery

Make a Personal Art Gallery

Try out various mediums, colors, and textures to build your own personal art gallery. Trim the paper after your child paints or draws anything, attach it to a piece of paper that is a different color, and hang it on the wall. If you’d rather not hang things on your walls, you may tie a thread over your curtain rod and use clothespins to hang the photos.

4. Read Books

Read Books .jpg

Have the children choose a book with a particular topic, such as sharing, money, or anything about sleep, and take turns reading aloud. This will change the way children read books. If your children are older, you may all relax on the couch together while drinking tea or hot cocoa and reading all day long! We propose this as one of the inexpensive indoor activities for adults and as a family activity.

5. Sandwich Bag Paintings

Sandwich Bag Paintings

You stick several zip-lock sandwich bags to the wall or a window after filling them with various colored paints. It is a terrific approach to get children thinking about how letters and shapes are made; We used ours to make little drawings with our fingers. When the purple and orange colors combine to create what Evie jokingly referred to as blood, she thought it was especially humorous.

6. Science Experiment

Science Experiment

We enjoy creating volcanoes and magic milk. Even easy science experiments can be a lot of fun and sometimes just require household supplies. One inexpensive activity for kids that is also instructive is doing science projects, which, in our opinion, is a win-win situation.

7. Play with Tape

Play with Tape

Painters tape is affordable and may be entertaining for hours. Make lines on the floor using tape for youngsters to leap over, around, or take enormous steps. You can easily make five distinct games out of six lines of tape. A single line of tape? What an inexpensive activity!

8. Salt Dough Hand Prints

Salt Dough Hand Prints

Simply combine your salt, flour, and water in a big basin to produce salt dough. The water should be added gradually. The ingredients will begin to bond together and take on a doughy consistency that you may shape whatever you desire. May begin in the morning, go play something else, and return to it later in the day because it takes a long time to cook.

9. Use the Surroundings

Use the Surroundings

If you don’t care too much about keeping your couch spotless, utilizing your surrounding has its benefits. For example, you can make a ton of games; the Floor is Lava is one of them and is the most popular. It’s wonderful occasionally disregard safety and just have fun to relieve stress.

10. Make a Fort

Make a Fort .jpg

The classic indoor pastime is making a Fort out of a table or chair and some blankets. It does not require any materials that you have to be purchased, and it may be a great way to keep the kids occupied while you make some soup or do a quick online survey.

11. Colorize Small Toys

Colorize Small Toys .jpg

Although it might not appear thrilling, kids like this. Any toy will do, but clicks, Lego, or magnetize work particularly well. Have them arrange everything in heaps or towers and according to the color. It takes a while, but it’s an excellent exercise in color classification.

12. Make a Birdfeeder

Make a Birdfeeder

Create a DIY bird feeder to attract summertime birds to your yard. Simply spread sticks with peanut butter and roll them in birds to make it. It is the ideal chance to educate youngsters about wildlife and nature.

13. DIY Chalk Bombs

DIY Chalk Bombs

This creative concept comes from Chalk on the wild side author and mother, Laurie King. Fill water balloons with a washable chalk paint mixture which includes One Cup of water, 2 tablespoons of cornflour, and a few drops of food coloring. Mix them using a clean soap dispenser pump. Chalk the ground with targets for your youngsters to draw, or just let them go free. Shoot away!

14. Analyze a Plant

Analyze a Plant

Pick a plant outside Where everything is inside activity, but the plant is from outside. Bring it inside and dissect it. Use Twizzlers to take it apart and reveal what is within by placing it on a white piece of paper or a white tree. Older children might try to identify the various components and give dumb paper labels as a fun visual assistance.

15. Learn Cooking Food

Smiling young mother and her little daughter cooking salad

Teaching young children to cook is another useful goal of this entertaining kids’ activity. Make a favorite dish with your child, such as grilled cheese or biscuit. As they taste the completed dish, they will feel proud.

16. Make a Pirate Ship

Make a Pirate Ship

At your home, you can make pirate ships frequently, and it is among the favorite kid’s activities. You can frequently put the sofas together and create the sale by vertically penning an old curtain pole and curtain. This game is wonderful for truly igniting your child’s imagination, especially if you play the sound of ocean waves on your phone or tablet in the background. Make them feel like Johnny Depp.

17. Learn a Dance

Learn a Dance .jpg

We all like dancing, so learning a dance together is a lot of fun. There are TikTok dances that get popular because of this activity. One of those dances can be learned, or others can be choreographed by various children and taught. Even more fun if you video it and share it with your loved ones.

18. Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

A large-scale game of hide and seek with kids and adults throughout the entire house? Please, yes! Kids love hiding from their parents and discovering them in unexpected places. Each family member may locate intriguing hiding locations with a variety of family members of varied sizes.

19. Small Challenges

Small Challenges

Each child should choose a task that others must do. It might be straightforward, like crawling to the opposite side of the room, or more challenging, like a series of hops, jumps, and just walking on the white tiles.

20. Make a Calm-Down Jar

Make a Calm-Down Jar .jpg

It is a lot of joy to make and use these carving jars. You may use your creativity to modify the materials that are specified to fit Whatever you have because they are rather simple. The one is this.

21. Stone Painting

Stone Painting

Have your kids gather rocks the next time you go on a walk. They may embellish the stones at home with paint, stickers, markers, glitter, and other creative materials. Use the completed goods as paperweights, display them about the house, or present them to family members!

22. Make Homemade Goop

Make Homemade Goop

Oobleck is a fascinating substance That children may mold into balls or let seep From their fingertips. Prepare a dish of it. One Cup of water should be added to a large mixing basin. Drops of food coloring in any color should be added. At two cups of corn flour, gradually, sharing with a spoon at first but maybe switching to your hands later. One of the enjoyable kid’s activities may be done indoors or outside with your kids.

23. Ripped Paper Project

Ripped Paper Project

Children adore pulling things apart. We adore tearing stuff, like, a lot. You may take a variety of tone paper crafts using various types of paper, including scrap paper, old wrapping paper, Construction paper, magazines, and circulars. The project here made on the planet turned out beautifully.

24. Create Sea Foam

Create Sea Foam

This is wonderful and exciting but messy. Do not claim that we did not warn you. We began in a large pool in the living room and eventually moved to the path to try to control the masses. It’s a ton of sensory enjoyment! For added enjoyment, mix in some washable bath toys or other objects.

25. Let’s Bake

Let’s Bake

In terms of baking, mixing a few ingredients from a packet is a touch lazy, But your munchkin might not be worried about a snowy bottom and, to be really honest, never eats them anyhow! The best method to inspire young learners who are naturally interested is to spend time with them while they discover how to produce things, even with the help of practical packet-based shortcuts.

26. Make Animals with Yogurt Containers

Make Animals with Yogurt Containers

Recycling-based crafts are the favorite! Yogurt containers may be taken, thoroughly cleaned, and decorated to resemble little animals to stop using construction paper, googly eyes, pipe cleaners for hands, or anything else you have on hand. Try using animals if possible, or have each child create their own and then explain it to the group.

27. Guess the Object game

Guess the Object game

Give each youngster a pillowcase or bag in a dark color. They must search the home and choose a piece of property that might be anything or something associated with the theme. After placing the thing inside, they distribute the bag. Everybody can touch the object and must make a guess as to what is within.

28. Go Through Old Clothes and Kinds of Stuff

Go Through Old Clothes and Kinds of Stuff

You might have old clothing and toys in your boxes and closet. It has to be cleaned out! Decide what you should retain, what can be used again, and what can be donated or sold after going over the goods. Enjoy it and let the kids decide certain things.

29. Create and Embellish Cookies

Create and Embellish Cookies

Making cookies is a no-brainer! When we prepare this dish, we like to use sprinkles on top rather than within. Children can rule out a piece of dough on their own, Dip it in sprinkles, and then eat it. Won’t it create a lot of fun! Another option is to create a DIY cookie decorating kit and let the kids go at it with icing, sprinkles, and anything else you have on hand.

30. Ice Creams and Hot Chocolates

Ice Creams and Hot Chocolates

An ice cream sundae with all the toppings or a hot chocolate bar with all the extra is always welcome, whether it is winter or summer. Anyone may add however many or few toppings they choose.

31. Clean Toys While Bathing

Washing plastic kids toys from microbes and dirt. Children hygiene concept

This activity is great since it’s entertaining for the kids and relaxing for the parents. They can take the kid’s swimming suits and bath toys and give them sponges with soap to play with in the tub. The next thing they should know is their kids are content, and the toys are clean! Your plastic toys, huge riding toys, or even giant plastic toys like a toy kitchen may all be used.

32. Toy Swap

Toy Swap

Unique and enjoyable kids activities for youngsters are a toy swap. How to arrange it is as follows: draw numbers to determine who gets to choose a new toy first after inviting friends and neighbors to bring any unwanted toys that are in excellent shape.

33. Family Gathering at Home

Family Gathering at Home

Plan a family gathering where members of all ages can participate in enjoyable activities. You may either do this once every two weeks or during your child’s vacation time. They will be able to develop closer ties with their relatives thanks to this as well.

34. Creating Shrinky-Dinks

Creating Shrinky-Dinks

Who can forget those Shrinky Dinks manufacturers? With hard plastic, you may create them at home. Use Sharpies to add color to a plastic plate, bowl, or cup. Your oven should be set to low. Since we lack the proper material, we were forced to use a cheap plastic cup, yet everything turned out just great. You may hang them or link them together to make a whimsical necklace or window decoration.

35. Write About Me Book

Write About Me Book

Write a book titled about me Which is a creative project that is enjoyable and instructive. Make an about me book with the kids, and have them illustrate a different aspect of themselves on each page. To make it a little bit simpler, you can use a template.

36. Make an Obstacle Course

Make an Obstacle Course .jpg

Use materials from your home to create an indoor obstacle course. After cleaning a large space of all unrelated toys, a table and chairs are placed there. The children climb on the seats and crawl under the table while you create obstacles with jump ropes or pool noodles. Think creatively!

37. Transfer Water

Transfer Water .png

Transferring water is really easy but also a lot of fun. It is beneficial for youngsters in that it also helps them develop their fine motor abilities. Kids can move water between various containers by putting it in them one at a time. You may use bigger containers or other transferring tools to make it more challenging.

38. Dirt Painting

Dirt Painting

Gather the sand, water, paint, and dirt. Although some outside access is required, this may be completed indoors. Put the dirt you collect in a container. Have the youngsters smooth it out by sifting it through a sieve to remove any papers or sticks. Use the soil to paint images by combining it with water.

39. On The Floor Picnic

On The Floor Picnic

Eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the floor is just as entertaining as anything novel. Have a lovely inside picnic by bringing a blanket or tablecloth and spreading everything out on the floor. Insects or breezes won’t ruin this picnic!

40. Fun with Pompoms

Fun with Pompoms

Use straws to blue pompoms over the table or table. Use various tools, such as tongs or spoons, to arrange pompoms according to their color. This is great practice for developing fine motor skills.

41. Send Letters to Those You Love

Send Letters to Those You Love

The new authors will benefit from the practice. For added fun, they may personalize the letters and envelopes. It’s a great pleasure to give it and great joy for the recipient to receive it. These goods are especially popular with grandparents.

42. Make Free Art

Make Free Art

Take anything and everything you can. We will prefer to let this student or the youngsters use their imagination to make anything they want using various art supplies, scraps, and some recycled materials like cartons, paper towel rolls, magazines, containers, or anything else. You will be astonished by how interesting and thrilling these exercises are. The best part is that you can use whatever you have!

43. Melt an Ice Block

Melt an Ice Block

Find some little objects around the house in a transparent container, such as a Lego, magnet, or a toy animal. Put it into the container, then fill it halfway with water to cover the contents. Freeze, repeat the process once it has mostly frozen, but the scheme goes until the water is at the top of the container.

44. Make Magic Art

Make Magic Art

The kids refer to this as magic art, as the name suggests. Make lines roughly every inch on a piece of paper. Each line should have a distinct color, giving the impression of a rainbow. Then, on a sheet of white paper, make a pattern by pushing firmly with the pencil on top of the colored paper. When you are done, the opposite side will have a really vibrant pattern.

45. Lily Pad Jumping

Lily Pad Jumping

Make huge circles out of colored construction paper. Based on the age of the child, distribute them strategically across the space. To navigate the room by simply walking on the construction paper is the object of the game. You forfeit if you leave it. This is excellent for developing children’s gross motor abilities.

46. Use Old Crayons Again

Use Old Crayons Again

Gather all of the worn-out crayons that are too short or crushed to be used for coloring. You may use them to create fresh crayons or a candle if you have the necessary tools.

47. Play Follow the Leader

Play Follow the Leader

Play music while you are circular. Everyone must imitate the movements that each individual makes with their hands and feet in time for the music.

48. Play UNO

Play UNO

It is quite recommended to play a card game; why not Uno? The game is so simple and so attractive that every youngster and adult will involve in this game and give their best to win the matches.

49. Keep the Balloon Aloft

Keep the Balloon Aloft

Play balloons, then launch them into the air. The goal of the aim is to maintain the balloon in the air for the longest amount of time.

50. Try Board Games

Try Board Games

Great family activities are playing board games. Open a bag of chips or pop some popcorn, and start having fun!


All in all, budget-friendly at-home kids’ activities present a plethora of chances for parents, teachers, and carers to give children valuable experiences without spending a fortune. Adults may create a stimulating and pleasurable atmosphere where children can learn, play, and grow while living at home by utilizing their creativity and ingenuity.

There are a variety of low-cost activities to keep youngsters occupied and engaged, including indoor challenges, educational games, and art and crafts projects utilizing common household items.
The concept that the happiest moments in life are sometimes the simplest ones is demonstrated through inexpensive at-home kids” activities.

In order to make priceless memories that will last a lifetime, let’s embrace the beauty of these affordable activities.

Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson, is a child entertainment and activities coordinator with a decade of experience creating educational activities for children. Angela has worked extensively in various settings, including schools, community centers, and private events. Her approach towards children's entertainment is informed by her extensive research in child psychology and her previous role as a primary school teacher. Her passion for work is paralleled by her love for storytelling and writing children's books, alongside activities that inspire her creativity to connect deeper with the young audience.

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