The global freight and logistics market increased from $15.65 billion in 2022 to $16.52 billion in 2023, equivalent to a CAGR of 5.5%. Amazon, Bosch, Uber Freight, and other global brands are among this solution’s enterprise customers, who receive critical shipment information.

Project44 automates inefficient manual processes and ensures reliable data by providing a modern digital infrastructure for visibility throughout the supply chain. It has a deep network of connected logistics providers, shippers, and carriers across all TMS systems, modes of transportation, and IoT devices and apps.



This solid delivery management platform allows delivery companies to cut costs and modernize their day-to-day operations. Its top-notch technology suite enables seamless communication between managers and delivery drivers.

The solution gives administrative teams full control to track real-time operations automatically, allowing for a comprehensive overview of the field force’s workload and efficiency.

Businesses utilize Tookan to track fleets and optimize routes in real-time, digitize last-mile delivery, and automate delivery operations via an API.


Maptive is a reliable, web- and cloud-based mapping software system that provides external sales teams with a functional solution, particularly those who want to improve their routing and territorial management efforts. According to Harvard Business Review, automating field sales operations increases productivity by 23%.

Maptive is built on Google Maps and can transform logistics and delivery data into a custom map in minutes. It makes it possible for sales leaders to assign sales territories to reps effectively. The reps can see new sales opportunities within their areas easily using the tool.

One can use route optimization capabilities to find quick routes to work as well as integrated tools that give detailed directions. This way, reps have more time to dedicate to interacting with customers. Time is of the essence because, as of 2024, it’s estimated that it takes five follow-up calls to generate 80% of all sales.



E-commerce, retail, and third-party logistics companies use this solution’s unique combination of real-time visibility, arrangement, and excellent customer experiences to simplify complicated last-mile logistics. In 2022, just 31% of logistics companies said they used real-time data often.

The FarEye platform helps its clients cut costs and improve operational efficiencies by meeting their customers where they are. It offers all kinds of delivery options and provides visibility throughout the delivery process in real-time, avoiding delays and disruptions.

It doesn’t lag behind in execution, accelerating driver and cross-dock operations, which speeds up operations at warehouses and delivery hubs.

The final choice offers a suite of API products designed to address last-mile delivery and other complex logistical challenges. Convenience, speed, and friendly delivery matter the most to 70% of consumers. A poor delivery experience would make 84% of consumers decide to stop working with a retailer, and last-mile delivery accounts for 53% of shipping costs.

Nextbillion ensures realistic schedules and highly accurate ETAs and has the capabilities to handle all kinds of workflows. The software solution optimizes routes for a wide variety of vehicles and leverages historical data with AI-powered APIs.

The provider places an emphasis on technical expertise. Its experienced staff helps the company deliver cutting-edge solutions to complex logistical problems.

How to pick the best mapping software

Most importantly, the mapping software should offer the features you need. Some common features include route planning, geocoding, GIS capabilities, data visualization, custom markers, and mobile compatibility.

Check if the software provides access to reliable and up-to-date map data. Look for solutions that integrate with popular mapping services like Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, or proprietary map data.

Ensure that the software is compatible with your devices and operating systems. If you need to access maps on the go, consider options with mobile apps or responsive web interfaces.

Your software of choice should match your skill level. Some mapping software may require advanced GIS knowledge, while other software is designed for beginners.

Determine how much you can customize maps to fit your needs. Can you add custom layers, markers, or annotations? Flexibility in customization can be crucial for businesses or projects with specific requirements.

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