One newly built house always looks more or less like every other, even accounting for differences in shapes and sizes – those neutral white walls and fresh floorings are the right choice for finding buyers but what happens once you move in?

It’s easy for a new house to feel a little short of soul when you first take ownership – but here are a few tips and tricks for making it feel like home.


The good thing about most new houses being blank canvases is just that – you can paint over it with total freedom. You can put your own unique spin on each room and design them to be in conversation with each other from the word ‘go’. As different rooms will have different purposes, you’ll want them to feel different – so mixing up your colours between rooms is a good decision.

However, you could keep a general palette in mind with each room using certain parts of that palette, to make the whole house feel of a piece while still evoking different emotions in, say, the lounge and the kitchen.



The power of smaller touches should not be underestimated – after all, what is a room if not what’s inside it? There are all kinds of minor additions that you can bring into a space to give it some personality, like cushions and throws to accent your existing furniture.

Plants are also great choices for livening up spaces – not only do they make a room feel more alive but they also offer documented health benefits.



How you light a room – and how many ways you have to do so – can change its feeling considerably. You could look into pendant lighting to bring the light more into the middle of the space from the ceiling but don’t forget to consider smaller options as well, like cosy table lamps for living rooms or bedrooms.

Personal Touches

Personal TouchesPerhaps the best way to make a house feel more like yours is to fill it with things that are recognisably yours. Make rooms feel more personal by hanging or placing photos of you, your family and loved ones, or artwork that speaks to you or reflects your interests.


A living room with a fragrance diffuser with mist evaporating from it

If you’re worried that your new build feels a little bit sterile, then adding a more satisfying smell to it might help. You could use scented candles, perhaps with a different fragrance for each room – vanilla is the world’s most popular choice, but find anything that makes you feel relaxed – or just install a diffuser or two in the rooms which see the most day-to-day use.

While tasks like painting and picking out lights can take some time, it’s almost always worth the investment to make sure that your new house is somewhere you’ll want to spend lots of time.

Dr. Aisha Khan

Since 2020, Dr. Aisha Khan, a distinguished alumnus of the Parsons School of Design with a focus on environmental design, has been guiding our readers in home and office furnishings. Her professional journey, spanning over 20 years, includes working with renowned design firms and teaching design principles. Dr. Khan's articles blend practical advice with creative design ideas. A strong advocate for eco-friendly living, she enjoys urban gardening and DIY home projects in her spare time.

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